Wednesday, December 2, 2020

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what to do if your lose your job in pandemic?

How to Recover When You Lose Your Job in Covid-19?

Don't get panic when you lose your job. It's not your fault because not everything is in our control.The world is passing a worst time than before. It can not be described as the...
The impact of covid-19 on job loss

Job Loss Due to Coronavirus and Its Impact on Life

Apart from the health issue, job loss has become the greatest concern of most of the people worldwide in this pandemic situation. Breakdown of the economy is one of the most devastating impacts of...
Take care of mental health and wellbeing during covid-19

Mental Health and Wellbeing in The COVID-19 Outbreak

Mental health and wellbeing are significant for our overall wellbeing in the COVID-19. Also, it is as essential as our physical health. When we mentally feel good, we can contribute to the community actively....
hired in online interview during covid-19

Online Interview: Get Hired With These Pro Tips in Pandemic Age

Introduction Despite decreasing the number of job opportunities in huge number, employers are moving their hiring process through virtual sessions. Most of the offices especially the multinational corporation have completely or partially moved to work...
How to deal with depression in covid-19 pandemic?

Depression and Mental Stress Among Students in Pandemic

Causes and Effects of Depression During Covid-19 I had never experienced the unprecedented home quarantine due to the epidemic of coronavirus pandemic. This has impacted hugely in our living and turned our profession down during...
when is the best time for exercise?

The Best Time for Exercise: According to Research

Introduction People of all ages can take full advantage of exercise. Especially, our young generation remains busy all day long for their piled-up duties and finds it a few times to hit the gym. But...

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