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Work Habits: 10 Simple Work Habits to Improve Your Life

How Work Habits Can Help You to Become Succesful?

Do you spend a lot of time working on developing your work habits? To be more specific, an average human spends 90,000 hours of their entire existence working to maintain a livelihood.

What’s even more interesting is that, according to a global poll, an astronomical 85% of people don’t exactly like the jobs they are pursuing.

Which brings us to the conclusion that we’re most likely wasting a major portion of our lives. And what’s worse is that most of us actually liked our jobs at their inceptions.

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No, unlike what might seem tempting, we’re not going to sulk about wasting all the glorious moments of our life.

Instead, let’s talk about the secrets that can still turn the tables around.

It’s never too late to make it better, which is why let’s put some light on the most magical yet simplest tricks that can make our workplaces something that we’ll look up to every morning unless you work night shifts.

Here are our 10 work habits to improve your life.

1. Routine:

Derived from the French word ‘route’ denoting road, is exactly what a routine is. It’s the road to wherever we want to take ourselves.

It’s a door that opens possibilities if we can make sure to open it at all the right times.

A good routine with all the right amount of time allocations can change the patterns of our entire outcome system.

Routines are scientifically effective methods to reduce stress levels and anxiety at work.

Having a prior planned structure to work along, gives us the opportunity to stop worrying about the Hows and Whens, and actually concentrate on what we’re doing. Thus enabling us to enjoy the intricacies of our works habits.

2. Take Initiatives:

We human beings have an awful tendency to expect someone else to do what we want to be done. This delusional dependency is one of the prime reasons we lose that rush of adrenaline in our workplace.

This practice lifts our obligation to take initiatives because we know someone else eventually will.

Well, it’s high time we change that notion. Every idea we generate, every concept we develop, every disagreement we face deserves to be expressed.

Because it’s only when our thoughts are put on the table that people can actually develop a clear concept of our abilities.

The first step to being a priority anywhere is to let the person know that you want to be one. So be the change you want to see.

Take initiatives, lead meetings, develop a healthy relationship with your co-workers, compliment your boss.

Get out of that comfort zone because that’s the only you’ll know that your life is so much better outside of it. These work habits bring peace to mind and soul.

3. Think positive:

Healthy work habits need a positive mind. We often misinterpret this statement by reacting to every situation with an obnoxious amount of positivism.

There’s nothing positive about the fact that we keep missing deadlines or that we’re being late at the office for an entire week straight.

Positivism lies in owning up to our shortcomings. Accept the fact that you need to focus more on the timelines of your work and positively react to it.

Finding out effective ways to do that is actually positive thinking.

Be positive about your worth and strive to achieve everything you think you deserve.

Drowning ourselves in negativity over the facts that we’re not appreciated enough or that we’re not capable enough is going to take us further into the ocean of failure.

Our minds radiate waves of simulations basing on the patterns of our thoughts. Positive thinking when checked by reality, stimulates the positive outcomes of our actions and vice versa.

Therefore think that you deserve that promotion instead of fearing that you might not get it, life will shape accordingly.

4. Say No and Ask for help:

The greatest obstacle behind building work habits that we can tackle in our workplace is to stop being the ‘office wimp’.

We have tons of files at our desk that need to be worked on by tonight but also, how can we refuse our senior when they ask us to sort their files for them or simply ask us to bring some coffee?

We say no! The habit of saying ‘no’ is one of the hardest to develop but once we do master it, things start to fall in place in ways we never expected.

Again, this doesn’t mean we’ll say no when our boss assigns us as the head of a big project.

It implies saying ‘no’ when you’re truly incapable of doing what was asked of you. It means refusing to damage our own worth for the sake of others’ mere comfort.

At the same time, we have to let go of the superficial ego that refrains us from taking others’ assistance.

We need help, we ask for it. It’s as simple as that. Being able to fully express ourselves is one of the magical ways to feel free at work.

That sense of confinement or suffocation that we are so used to feeling, is solely derived from this inability of expression. So say what you say, someone will always listen.

5. Choose Your Stress:

Your co-worker is going through a hard time so you’re hesitant about how to work with them.

Your boss is having a really bad day so you don’t know how to bring up the fact that you didn’t understand some of his directives.

These are the kind of stresses you don’t need.

Stress about how to make your presentation better, about how to crack that deal you’ve always wanted.

Sometimes, we get so concerned about the simplest things in life that we forget their solutions are equally simple.

So next time you find yourself worrying, ask yourself the question, “Is this worth my stress?” If your result doesn’t produce any good value then it’s definitely not going to work.

6. Keeping an Open Mind and Be Respectful:

There is a huge difference between working for our betterment and being self-centered.

Striving for our goals brings with it respect for others’ goals. Having great ideas means keeping a liberal mind for that of others.

We need to give what we want. Therefore, in order for us to be heard and respected it is crucial that we extend the same maneuver towards others.

Besides, it is most likely that if we start giving importance to others’ views and perspectives, we’ll end up polishing our own concepts better.

Everyone has something to offer, all we need is the sight to see and a kind hand to receive.

7. Take a Break:

Take a break. In this world of constant enhancement and consumerism rivalries, being a ‘workaholic’ is depicted as an achievement on our wall of fame.

This is one of many proofs that consumerism isn’t just affecting customers but also the manufacturers.

We’re so bent on appreciating who works more extra hours that the disastrous mess of our mental health almost always goes unnoticed.

The reason why breaks and holidays exist is that we need it.

Not only so we can stay sane but also because it’s the healthiest, most effective way to increase our work efficiency.

Our brains need that recharge to keep the flow of creativity active.

However, even if we could work perfectly without intervals, is it really worth neglecting all the values and relationships you love and cherish?

Chances are, you started working so hard in the first place in order to provide for them.

So take that 5 minutes break and call your partners just to check on them, grab a full cream, steaming hot coffee, ask the person next to you how he/she doing. If you don’t want your work to eventually bore you to death, anticipate these fun breaks. Work hard and then reward yourself for it.

8. Evaluate Your Progress:

Evaluate your progress. This is probably the most important thing you can do in the journey of your career success.

In order to build work habits, Don’t just work, keep records of your work.

Set a timeline, at the end of which you’ll have to brutally evaluate your effectiveness. Like it was mentioned before, don’t be afraid of getting a poor evaluation.

Be positive about it and make sure the next week is better. Don’t sugar-coat the assessment because it’s just you.

If you can be raw honest about your own evaluations, there’s nothing you can’t achieve.

The stupidest thing a human can do is be ignorant of their own characteristics. So constantly challenge yourself and focus on the scores.

9. Be Consistent:

Be consistent. Yet another fundamental factor to make our lives better. Most of us are so indifferent to our progress at work because we’ve already given up.

We don’t care about our development because we’ve lost consistency and the thrill of being appreciated.

Bring that stubborn determination back in business and you’ll see the magic happen. But for that, we need to process that every day won’t be something we can put on our track record.

There will be boring assignments, no appreciation days even days when we’ll be mercilessly criticized.

But if we can just get past those phases, we’ll see
that our dream position was right ahead, waiting for us all along.

10. Fall in Love with Your Work:

Fall in love with your work. The best thing you can do for yourself when you’re having a midlife crisis is fall in love again.

With your work habits! Love your creativity and your potential. Admire and respect the services you provide for society and the world through the work that you do.

Fall in love with what you’ll do for one-third of your entire life.

In Conclusion:

Instead of blaming our moody bosses, our egos, the annoying co-workers, or perhaps the congested cubicle, for our lack of engrossment, We should focus on building some work habits that lead us towards the best lifestyle.

Remember, It takes only 21 days to build a habit. If you can do that, it will take the life that you desired for.

Therefore, give this another read and start over. It’s never too late and never too much to be happy. Get a quick read again!

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Lumyea Hossain
Lumyea Hossain
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