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Self Improvement: 5 Practical Ways You Can Do in Your Daily Life.

Why Is Self Improvement Important?

Self improvement is a lifelong process and the idea of ‘complete’ self-development is a scam. Every moment we spend, every action we take, every word we read is either a step forward or a step backward. But the process is always in motion.

The trick here isn’t to strive perfection or success; it’s to simply achieve the power of choice!

We have to learn to choose our steps. We have to choose to step forward in this phenomenon of self-refinement and the start should always be with the smallest unit of change.

According to some studies conducted on business interpretation, it is shown that entrepreneurs who start their businesses from scratch are 15% more likely to succeed than businessmen who inherit a perfectly established company.

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My point here is, there are no shortcuts or epiphanies that can change our lives overnight. Even if you win a lottery, the lack of a pre-planned expenditure can bring you back to zero in no time.

We need to learn to climb the ladder of self improvement and we need to take it slow. One step at a time will feel nothing different but one step every day is what will make the difference.

Even what would seem like an insignificant change like, drinking 8 glasses of water a day or practicing being grateful, or reading a good book will take us higher.

Once we start to make these little changes, each difference will generate a reaction from our brain that will biologically encourage us to keep going.

Top 5 Self Improvement Tips and Techniques

Get started with these 5 tips for self improvement

1. Nominate a Mentor

Here the first thing we need to capitulate is the fact that your mentor isn’t the perfect human being for self improvement. So it will not be a wise choice to look up to them for literally everything.

Your mentor should be someone you truly respect, a personality that you admire and a person who, despite being flawed, is willing to be better every day.

In short, your idol should be someone you want yourself to grow up as and someone you know isn’t unreachable. That leads us to our second milestone.

Reading books for self-improvement
Image credit: Austin Distel on Unplash

2. Choosing the Right Values and Metrics

How will you know which values and beliefs are the right ones to hold up for self improvement? How do you even define ‘right’? It’s crucial in our life that we pick aside. It’s even more important that we pick the right side.

The ideal metric to judge ourselves should be something that is constructive to our skills in a beneficial way and impacts the social structures around us positively.

For example, the practice of being honest to one’s own self is an excellent metric to live up to. Or perhaps animatedly evaluating ourselves at the end of each day so we can work on our shortcomings while owning our faults at the same time.

There are a lot of other similar values out there that are hard to start but once we do, it becomes an invincible spell of self improvement.

3. Thorough Practice

Once we know what we want to polish about ourselves, we need thorough practice. It shouldn’t surprise us if we’re just averagely good at something we want to be the best at.

It simply means we haven’t practiced enough or we aren’t as dedicated as we are supposed to be. So push yourself for self-improvement continuously!

Set up multiple alarms, bribe your siblings to annoy you to death until you’ve completed all your assignments, tempt yourself with chocolates that you can only have after you’ve done your daily practice, find joy in the hard work.

Practice until you’ve grasped every possible outcome of the goal. Until nothing really surprises you anymore.

4. Reward Yourself

Set mini-milestones that are to be achieved over a week or a month. Focus all your energies on nailing that subgoal.

Here are the things you can do for enhancing personal development skills-

  • When you finally accomplish the milestone, treat yourself,
  • Buy yourself your favorite ice cream or watch that good movie you didn’t have time for with all that work to do.
  • And the best part about this process is that when you divide your big plan into all these little sub-goals, you won’t even realize when you’ve gone way ahead of what you planned on accomplishing in the first place.

5. Stay Consistent

Last but not the least, Stay consistent! This is the trick really matter for self-improvement. If you master the power of never giving up, then you undoubtedly have the potential to do whatever you want.

Because not giving up is the hardest thing to do. Fixate all your desires and determinations into achieving your plans. Scratch out all the backup plans! There is no second option. This is the one that will make you count. Do not back out!

In Conclusion

In the end, it’s not nearly as hard as it might sound. We need to swallow the pill that says ‘We’ll fail’. We’ll get rejected, life will drop bombs of tragedy on us whenever it likes, we’ll suffer and our hearts will be broken multiple times.

But that’s okay because we can always choose to be greater than our pain. And once we truly realize all the risks, we’ll start to love the thrills of the journey and not the goal.

The best part about self-improvement is not the development we’ll achieve but the experience that will take us there. And the best method of self-refinement is to not try so hard to fix ourselves.

It’s to accept ourselves the way we are and understand that we always have the power to be better “ourselves”.

If we can just get past the habit of constantly blaming ourselves for everything, we’ll automatically start to see all the constructive works we need to do to keep climbing that ladder of personal development.

Good Luck!

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Lumyea Hossain
Lumyea Hossain
Hi, I'm Lum-Yea Hossain, a student in 12th grade in Bangladesh. If I had to describe my individuality in a word, I'd say I'm a dreamer. I like to push boundaries and step out of the box. This inclination in me to aim for the stars and think in an unconventional method was fueled by all the wonderful books I've read. Discovering the enigmatic world of literature and finding a part of it inside me was the best thing that happened to me. It's what has made me who I am and who I want to be in the long run.

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