5 Useful Tips to Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking Anxiety

What Causes The Fear of Public Speaking?

Public speaking anxiety is a common phenomenon. Even 1 in 5 people being worried about presenting in front of a big audience. In order to overcome the fear of public speaking, You must stop thinking too much about it, just make things happen.

A good speaker should have a sense of fulfillment, purpose, and meaning. Whatever the professions are or reasons, every speaker must stay calm, more relax while delivering a speech in front of the audience. let’s start with these questions-

Listen to These Questions First?

  1. Are you a student, a businessman, or an employee, such as a banker, sales representative, doctor or NGO worker, or a housewife, a teacher, or a researcher, or none of them?
  2. Well, have you ever had to stand in front of some people and talk?
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Why You Should Focus on Public Speaking?

Public speaking is a must skill for almost all professions.

It is essential for giving class presentations or introducing yourself to a meeting, anchoring a program, in front of an audience, or in any other event. If you are not ready, how will you manage that?

Your name is announced on the speaker and you had to go up in front of everyone to say something.

Besides, in a training session in your organization, you had to present yourself as one of them.

You had to participate in a game with everyone at a social event where you get a note from a magic box. And perform according to what is written in it – say a poem, a joke, a story, any acting, singing a song, or saying any dialogue?

If you have been in a situation like or any of these previously and have been able to handle the situation very nicely i.e. enjoyed yourself and made fun of everyone and had fun, then this article is not for you.

Don’t waste time reading it, please. Thank you for reading so far. But if you’ve ever been in any of situations like these. And somehow you wanted to pass the time or thought about leaving that place, or still, you feel uneasy.

Then please read this article to the end.

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Such a situation is called fear of public speaking or public speaking anxiety. You are not the only one in the world who is most afraid to speak in front of an audience.

Honestly, I was in a situation like this. And I was so scared, I wanted to get out of that place.

How Do I Get Over The Fear of Public Speaking? (My Top 5 Techniques)

There was a time when I did not go to any event for fear. Do you want to ward off such fears? If your answer is yes, then here are five tips for you to overcome the fear of public speaking to engage the audience:

#1: Don’t Miss Any Opportunity-

Don't not miss a chance to speak in public
The author is delivering a speech

At any event, you are told to bring the microphone in front of everyone. You will never avoid it. Even if you are not ready for an event if you are asked to stand in front and talk, at least go ahead. Hold the microphone in your hand.

Take a deep breath. Look at everyone, smile a little, smile even if you are scared. Say salam, thank all, take your time, don’t rush, as much as you dare to say a sentence or say-I’m sorry, but don’t refrain yourself from going to the stage.

Don’t miss such an opportunity. One day you will be able to speak beautifully and overcome the public speaking anxiety or the fear of public speaking.

#2: Talk To Yourself-

When no one is at home or work, take some time to speak to yourself and out loud, say whatever you want. If you speak loudly, the fear will go away from your mind very quickly. Use a mirror standing from the front and talk to yourself to avoid the fear of public speaking anxiety. Even observe your eye contact whether they are communicating well or not.

Speaking in front of a mirror, you can understand the shape of your face, how you are standing, how you are making your eyes big or small, when you are giving an expression, shaking your head, how you are using your hands, etc.

#3: See If You Get The Chance-

Take the time to watch various debates on television, parliamentary sessions, news readings, presentations, roundtable meetings, discussions, interviews, etc., or a live speech, especially a political speech.

I know none likes these too much, not even I, but if you want to be a good public speaker or avoid public speaking anxiety, please be patient and watch.

#4: Make A Video

Now almost all of us have smartphones. At least we have cameras on our phones. With that, you can film any of your words or deeds. For example, make a video of how much salt you are using for cooking when you are stirring when you are lowering the fire a little, and how you are serving the food.

Remember do it just for yourself what you will watch only and no one else sees. If you dislike any, delete it if you want. And if you like it, save it. Watch it, again and again. Make new videos again and continue like this for only seven days. This is one of the most effective ways to overcome the fear of public speaking or public speaking anxiety.

#5: Share On Social Media-

Many of us don’t like Facebook very much because it has so many bad aspects. It takes a long time to get out of Facebook, which means it’s an addictive thing.

But it also has many good aspects. If it can be put to good use, it can bring something pleasant into our lives, believe me.

However, it must be used within the timeline. If you can edit the videos that you have made, such as making a video by cutting a few videos, cutting out different parts of the video, giving different effects or setting background music, etc.

You will find many websites to edit such videos online or numerous apps to do so.

If you can’t edit, then post your best video among those on Facebook or other available social platforms without thinking about who will criticize.

If you have confusion, stop looking at the comments at all. Don’t think about who liked or shared who didn’t. You just watch your video again and again. The job is then done.

Make sure the video is no longer than four to five-minute-long.
I have been able to overcome the fear of public speaking by doing these things, to be honest. You can too, of course, you can.
So, from today onwards, I hope you will speak fearlessly and live with confidence. Public speaking anxiety can be avoided by using social platforms effectively.

In Conclusion-

Thank you so much for reading this article carefully and patiently. And the day you can talk without fear, please let me know, I would feel successful.
Lastly, one day you will speak very nicely, indeed, but never hurt anyone with your words, please. Stay well!

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