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6 Reasons You Should Start Exercise and Yoga Immediately

Why Should You Practice Exercise and Yoga In Your Daily Life?

Many of us understand the importance of practicing Exercise and Yoga but we can not keep the consistency to practice it daily because of poor time management.

You should not overlook the significant role of doing Exercise and Yoga in our daily life because it not only strengthens the body but also brings harmony between body and mind.

Yoga is an ancient regimes which is getting popular now a days as an exercise system.

Generally speaking, whenever people talk about doing exercise, Gym center comes first in their mind. But this is not the only mode of keeping yourself fit.

You can choose both indoor and outdoor places where exercise and yoga can be easily done. It’s all about your will and goal in life.

Besides, those who cannot afford the cost of the gym can easily have the benefits of yoga and exercise by using the internet and installing apps by searching on Google or YouTube.

A tons of information and videos are there to self learning which costs a little amount

This is why we are going to demonstrate the reasons why you should start practicing Exercise and Yoga to yield some health benefits.

Here are the 6 great reasons we should start doing Exercise and Yoga immediately :

1. It Keeps Body and Mind Fresh

Exercise and yoga release some stress hormones from the body. It feels you fresh and brings positive energy. You know it the mindset that pushes ourselves to do any activities. If you consistently manage time for exercise and yoga, You will feel confident and charming.

2. It Controls Diseases and Increases Immunity

Exercise helps to keep fit our body and mind
Photo by Chander R on Unsplash

Regular exercise keeps your body healthy and develops the immune system. Especially it keeps diabetes in control and helps to keep other organs, lungs, hearts, kidneys disease-free.

Doctors recommend to do exercise and yoga and follow healthy lifestyle to release stressreducing physical weakness. In this Covid-19 pandemic situation one can take care of their lungs by exercises and yoga.

If you are doing the suggested exercises you will feel it’s not only beneficial for your health but also a part of a healthy lifestyle. In the very morning ‘Pranayama’ a yoga meditation is very beneficial.

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3. It Releases Stress and Depression

health benefits of exercise and yoga
Image Credit: Zen Bear on Unplash

The part of our brain controls our sleep is called the ‘Cerebrum’. Regular exercise makes our cerebrum to release some good hormones to have enough amount of sleep. Exercise and yoga require a lot of physical activity which enable our body muscle to circulate blood properly which results to have good sleep. Sometimes, it releases mental stress and depression.

4. It Balances our Digestion System

Physical exercise and yoga make our digestive system balanced but you need to drink an adequate amount of water and maintain a proper diet chart based on your age.

Enzymes, hormones, gastric juice released from our liver, small intestine, large intestine, and pancreas helps us to digest our foods. Exercise and yoga are effective ways to keep us away from indigestion and other stomach-related illness.

5. It helps to Being Fit

Regardless of age and gender, everyone admires a beautifully structured body. The fact is not being fat or skinny. The fact of the matter is staying fit and healthy. Exercise and yoga will help you to build and keep your body structure as you like to keep.

6. It Helps to Maintain Daily Routine

It’s possible to maintain a strict all day long routine if you are physically and mentally fit and healthy.

After doing regular exercises and yoga along with following a proper diet chart it’s guaranteed to have sound sleep, so that a person can be positive, enough attention to his work, and having a good outcome.

We know “Health is wealth.”

And exercise is the key. So,

Stay healthy and fit with exercise and yoga.

Thank you.

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Supprity Bonna
Supprity Bonna
The author is studying Bachelor of Science ( B.Sc) in Nursing at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Dhaka.  She has huge interests in various areas especially Psychology, Fitness, Traveling. Besides she loves to spend time gardening and reading poetry books.

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