6 Secrets in the University Life That No One Tells You About

Campus Life: From a Student to a Future Employee!

University life or campus life is one of the most interesting, challenging, and empowering times for youth. Two third of people who have left university life 10 years ago or more than that rate it as the best times of their lives.

Well, let’s begin. How well can you utilize your campus life?

Karim is a student of the 1st semester in the Business Administration Department of Varendra University.

He has started his campus life journey with VU this year. Though he is very optimistic to build a successful career in the future.

But he is totally confused regarding what sorts of things he should do. Throughout these 4 years of university life how well he can prepare himself for the corporate world?

The university life secrets
Author’s University Life Moments at Alumni Association

So, let help him out to dispel this confusion. If you are confused too, just like Karim, This 3 minute – reading might prove as a blessing for you.

University is a journey, from a student to a future employee.

But this whole process of turning a student into an efficient employee is, of course, a tenacious job.

Universities are performing these jobs. But students themselves are mainly responsible and controllers of their fate.

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Now, let’s confront a horrible truth. A renowned newspaper of our country recently published a report depicting that about 4 /5 graduates in this country are worried about their career. As a result, they are getting depressed day by day.

This is a harsh reality of our job market. Though students keep complaining that there is a lack of job opportunities in this country. Besides, recruiters keep complaining about the paucity of momentous skills in graduates.

So, it is high time for you to start preparing for being an efficient candidate to seize the opportunities that lie ahead.

Well, it is true that nowadays success can be attained in various ways. For instance, adopting an unfair means or sometimes through monetary value.

But if you are someone who does not want to compromise your authenticity and self-esteem, these guidelines will definitely help you.

By remaining stick to these, Inshallah, you will reach your career goal no matter what.

Let’s get started –

1. Extra-curricular activities –

Honestly speaking, there is no shortcut to this section. The more you will participate in these types of activities, the more you will enrich yourself in campus life.

There are plenty of on-campus opportunities to perform co-curricular activities throughout the university life.

Now, we belong to an ultra-competitive world, where opportunities are so tough to get.

So, being dexterous in relevant skills will always favor you in the long run.

Now, let’s look at what sorts of activities you can take participation in your university life-

  • Debate competitions
  • Presentation competitions
  • Business ideas
  • Quiz competitions
  • Participation in seminars, workshops
  • Olympiad, MUN and etc.

These competitions are a very good way for you to judge your qualities.

Once you had attained a solid idea of your strengths and weaknesses. You can start preparing for bringing developments to those areas.

Campus life not only guides your academic knowledge, it also teaches how to participate in social welfare programs.

2. Part – time/hour based work-

Most corporations recruit and seek qualified and experienced employees. By doing part-time jobs in university life, you can gain extensive training and experience.

So, You can’t compromise with this section. Almost every corporate leader will agree with this point.

Engaging in part-time/hour-based work will not only provide you money, but will offer you something more valuable than that. Your morale, your interpersonal skills will be developed.

You will experience the taste of the work environment, learn about time management, anger management, and some other effective issues.

Lastly, not to mention, you are earning pretty much money that might increase your self-esteem a bit.

3. Networking –

Networking itself is a strategy that will help you to ride on your expected career ladder easily. Therefore, you must start increasing your network from the very first beginning at the university.

A strong network can provide assistance with your work. Mixing with a large number of people helps you to develop people management skills.

4. Association –

Association with various organizations or different clubs of your university life is very helpful. Because these voluntary organizations will assist you to gather managerial knowledge. Besides, Management is one of the most sought-after skills that corporate-level requires.

On the other hand, engagement with humanitarian organizations will help you to act as a good citizen. This makes you aware of your responsibilities towards your society.

Being experienced in social works might help you to leave a good impression during an interview or viva.

5. Basics –  

Well, without acquiring basic skills you will lag behind others. These basic skills are inevitable irrespective of profession.

For example, basic computer operations, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel, etc. Adobe Illustrator is not mandatory, but actually good knowledge of this software gives numerous benefits.

To acquire them you can either join classes at the centers or learn through online platforms. Above all, University life is the best time to take the initiative for achieving these powerful skills.

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6. Mindset –

There is a saying that,

“You are what you think yourself to be”.

You ultimately become that person who you want to be in the future. If you are constantly thinking of yourself to be a laggard, lazy, inactive person, you will end up becoming one like that.

But if you do have positive feelings about yourself and your potential, then you will end up becoming one like that.

You might have a dream role you want to perform in your career. So university life is the right time for you to start living like that person.

A firm mindset works like dormant energy that keeps igniting the desire of unleashing your true potential within you.

Best of luck.

May Allah help you to achieve what you are looking for.

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