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So glad to have you here. Welcome to the blog for youth. Youth Rider is a blog founded by Md. Tota Miah with a vision to empower our latest generations. Why this blog was created? The reason is simple to provide the most effective and updated information to increase the confidence, quality of life, career, the personal life of young generation. This blog focuses the youth and the graduates around the world with a slogan "Be a career rider”. To make our youth worth in their personal and professional life, Our authors will share knowledge on lifestyle, personal development, career, higher studies and so many areas. The founder has a long vision to turn into an organization. Later on, online courses and digital skills will be enrolled to boost youth life. The author is currently working as Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration at Varendra University. Besides teaching, he involves in research on HRM, CSR, Classroom Technology. He carries a huge dream to become a famed professor and a proficient speaker. The author has also passion in writing blogs and fond of doing exercise.

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Md. Tota Miah


Passionate for career and personal development. I enjoy writing on self-imrovement, jobs and career. My goal is to inspire students and graduates by helping them a thourough guidelines in hteir career journey.

Lumyea Hossain

Content Writer

Hi, I'm Lum-Yea Hossain, a student in 12th grade in Bangladesh. If I had to describe my individuality in a word, I'd say I'm a dreamer. I like to push boundaries and step out of the box.

Shimul Mirza

Content Writer

My inspiration comes from dreaming career and self-growth. I love writing and sharing tips to mental health which I think very crucial for everyone.

Supprita Bonna

Content Writer

The author is studying Bachelor of Science ( B.Sc) in Nursing at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Dhaka.  She has huge interests in various areas especially Psychology, Fitness, Traveling. Besides she loves to spend time gardening and reading poetry books.