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Adolescent Mental Health: 10 Important Things to Take Care

Why Is It Important for Mental Health?

Adolescent mental health is crucial to bring mental peace by nurturing them carefully. It turns them to practice social habits including morals, values. You must develop some healthy habits including daily workout, personal development skills, problem-solving skills, and sound sleeping to live your life as you aspired for.

Inadequate knowledge on juvenile mental health sometimes turns yourself into a negative consequences. Lets get into the fact.

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First of all, the age limit of 13 to 19 is considered a teenage period. The Psychiatric disorder or mental illness such as stress, mood swings, frustration or chronic depression, suicidal tendency, phobia, schizophrenia, hypertension are the main mental issues in this sensitive period, and the root causes are notably lack of consciousness, disagreements in family, financial instability e.t.c.

We talked about the problems so far. Now we are going to discuss the ten remarkable techniques to manage a sound mind in adolescence:

1. The Influence of the Parents in Juvenile:

The parents have to take care of the relationship between themselves first. Because of the unhealthy relationship between parents has a bad influence on the teenager. In this vulnerable phase of life, being the best friend of the teenager plays a big role.

Most of the teenagers feel hesitant to consult with their parents about the problems they are facing due to physical changes of being timid or shy. If the adolescent has a great bonding with the parents they can easily overcome these bad situations. So, Parents need to focus on friendly behavior with them.

2. Cautious Behavior From Family Members:

The family is the first school for every human being. The moral values and seeds of great thinking come from the family. The members of the family can help to avoid family disagreements, they can assist financially if it’s required to keep pace in the family.

3. The Academic Friends Should Be Observed Carefully:

In the juvenile period, uncontrollable emotions and excitements influence a person in various ways. For these reasons,

  • The elders should monitor that addicted friends don’t have any impact on the youngster’s mental health.
  • The seniors should keep guide them and keep their eyes on the teenager because they are not enough matured to understand the consequences of addiction.
  • It should be observed that with whom the teenager is being friends and the new friends of the teenager.

4. The knowledge of Self-Assurance of the Teenager:

At this specific age, people tend to because a curious cat but when they find anything inappropriate they can be frustrated. So, in this situation, they can learn from the lives of the legendary people in the world. They can form a habit of reading fine quality books and watching knowledgeable movies.

5. Effective Evaluation of Time:

The perfect utilization of time and building a habit of doing the daily chores at the right time helps to have mental and physical balance.

They shouldn’t be aloof of time and their parents have to look after these and these habits will make them mentally fit and strong.

6. Proper utilization of technology:

Nowadays, our modern life stands still without the use of technology but it has terrible effects too.

The time span of using a laptop, computer, mobile should be monitored and too much use of social media, online gaming should be prohibited because it helps to make bad friends. It has also side effects like insomnia, mood swings along with several mental issues.

7. Discussion About Towering Careers:

Adolescent mental health needs proper consulting about their career vision. Having a career map and working according to it can give confidence and inner-peace.

It helps to control unwanted tension. One can work on it by choosing one’s favorite topic.

8. Regular Work-Out:

Regular working out can help one to stay fit both mentally and physically to get sound juvenile mental health.

It’s an effective process to keep oneself problem-free mentality by exercise and yoga in the teenage.

9. Good Food Habit:

Teenage is a vital growing up period for human beings. So, in this time one should intake the right amount of protein, fruits, vegetables, and other nutritious foods to take care of adolescent mental health. It will help to keep a sound body and a sound mind.

“It’s up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind.”

Steve Maraboli

10. Positive Thinking:

The human brain works as it is directed to work. There are times when the situation isn’t favorable but one has to keep a positive attitude. Adolescent mental health needs to build a positive mindset to grow.

To sum up, let’s have a close eye on the research outcome of the World Health Organization (WHO) about some negative consequences of Adolescent mental health disorder:

  1. Approximately 16% of Adolescence who are aged between 10 to 19 suffer from physical and mental diseases.
  2. In most cases, these problems arising from adolescent mental health can not be detected or even treated properly.
  3. As result, these turn youth to live with frustration, fatigue, poor confidence, physical disability.

Therefore, you must acquire knowledge on how to manage sound mental health in order to bring peace to your soul and mind and to develop your personal life.

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Supprity Bonna
Supprity Bonna
The author is studying Bachelor of Science ( B.Sc) in Nursing at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Dhaka.  She has huge interests in various areas especially Psychology, Fitness, Traveling. Besides she loves to spend time gardening and reading poetry books.

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