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How To Choose Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel & Use It Appropriately

Nowadays, hand sanitizer gel or hand rubs are used to get rid of common pathogens, which develop on our hands and might cause certain diseases.

Hence, when there is no soap, water, or cleanser nearby, you can rely on hand sanitizers. Now, how to decide whether to select alcohol hand sanitizer gel or stick to alcohol-free hand rubs.

I find many people still confused while choosing between hand sanitizer in gel or liquid form. Also, the majority of them can’t tell the exact significance of using alcohol-based hand sanitizers over the other.

To end your doubts and help you pick the best hand sanitizer gel, I am writing this post.

What are the Types of Hand Sanitisers Available for you?

Due to the rising demand for hand sanitizers during the COVID-19 crisis, the brands and varieties have raised exponentially. Also, the majority of the population is stepping outside for various reasons post lockdown.

Hence, an effective alcohol-free or alcohol hand sanitizer gel or liquid is your biggest defense to avoid risks of infection.

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If you visit any local store or browse the catalog on an eCommerce website, hand sanitizers usually come as:

  • Liquid
  • Gel

This classification can be further categorized into two types again, which are:

  • Alcohol-based
  • Alcohol-free

As per scientific research and survey, I came to know that both hand sanitizer liquid and gel offer equal protection. However, you must apply them properly on the surfaces that are exposed like hands, nails, fingers, and palms.

Hand Sanitiser Gel vs. Hand Rub Liquid

According to studies, liquid hand sanitizers act faster as compared to gel for removing bacterial components from your hands.

Some consumers feel gel is too slow to dry if you compare it with liquid. Some health experts might also suggest that liquid hand sanitizers work best, as the residue it leaves on the skin is quite less.

How to use hand sanitizer gel?

If you want to know my point of view regarding this comparison, the effectiveness of hand sanitizers depends on manufacturers as well.

As many customers find handling and dispensing of hand sanitizer gel easy over liquid one.

If I am asked to pick between hand sanitizer gel and liquid, I would prefer the former without any doubt.

The reason is, you can easily carry and dispense disinfectant gel and moderate the quantity before applying it to your hands.

How Alcohol Hand Sanitiser Differs from Alcohol-free Handrub Gel?

As per my observations, the comparison between with and without alcohol hand sanitizer gel arise due to the Corona pandemic.

However, if you consider guidelines from health specialists, your hand rub gel should contain above 70% ethanol.

Whereas, alcohol-free hand rub gels can’t alter the chemical structure of bacteria on your hands. Moreover, it can cause more damage instead of preventing pathogens from entering your body.

Therefore, hand sanitizer gel containing alcohol should be your preference to remain healthy.

Now, most alcohol-based hand sanitizers available in the market either use ethanol or isopropanol. Sometimes, you might find a product that contains both these types of alcohol in a specific proportion.

Hence, it is best to rely on hand sanitizers that are manufactured by following the instructions of CDC or WHO.

Points to Remember when you Use Alcohol-based Hand Sanitiser Gel

Here, I am providing some easy-to-follow points while using alcohol hand rub gel.

  • Apply the gel on your fingers, hands, nails, and then rub it until these surfaces are dry.
  • Make sure your eyes, nose, or mouth never comes in contact with this hand rub gel.
  • Always store the sanitizer in a cool and dry place, also out of sight and reach of kids.
  • Try not to wipe off or rinse the hand rub gel before it dries.

If you find alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel effective over liquid hand rub, there are a wide range of products from Suntask to choose from.

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