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5 Best Selling Books for Personal Development of all Time

Your Journey to Personal Development is Incomplete Without These Books.

Congratulations to you. You are willing to spend a little bit of time to know the best books for personal development. That means you are on the way to self-improvement. Which is great!

The concept of personal development is evolving day by day. People, especially the youths are becoming more conscious regarding this. As a result, this demand is making space for hundreds of personal development books per year.

This situation puts you under millions of choices to start from. So, in order to help you to get rid of this clutter, we are presenting the top 5 must-read books for personal development of all time which is simply miracles.

Let’s get started.

It was very tough for us to choose only 5 best books for personal development as there are hundreds of good books out there. But we think these particular 5 books would be the best for young professionals. Here they are-

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1. “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

Personal development book

Author: Dale Carnegie.

Type: Non-fiction.

Skill level required: Beginners.

It got published in the year 1963. Since then, it is considered to be one of the best books for personal development of all time.

Dale Carnegie has written a lots of books on personal development but it was his best work. More than 15 million copies of this book had been sold worldwide.

So, the question is what does this book tell about? Irrespective of the era, human beings have some common cravings in their life. Such as- to receive respect, to get love and affection, and also to influence people around them.

This precious teaching of this book is about the ways to attain them.

Why we found this book to be valuable?

Would you dare to deny the effects of effective communication? Look for any job requirements and you will find this one quality common everywhere. Because, honestly speaking, effective communication is the key to success in both personal and professional life.

Dale Carnegie in the very beginning draws our attention to the fact that, great communication skill isn’t something people are born with. Rather, it’s something which can be learned.

Why should you read this book?

You certainly can’t imagine how much a good communication skill can pay you in life. Research has found, people with effective communication skills ride to the aiguille very easily compared to them with poor skills.

The tactics that Carnegie illustrated in this book might add a new dimension in your life. By applying the rules properly, you will be a better communicator and a better companion.

Suddenly, you will notice how the atmosphere around you gets changed. Give it a thorough analysis first, I bet this book will find a permanent space in our life.

2. “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”

Rich dad, poor dad books
Best-selling book on Finance

 Author: Robert Kiyosaki

Type: Non-fiction.

Skill level required: Intermediate.

We as normal human beings can hardly think about efficient money management. This book is a wonder when it comes to handling personal finances and acquiring money management knowledge.

This principle that the author mentioned can play a vital role in living life to the fullest. The writer uses two imaginary characters known as Rich dad and Poor dad to depict various financial principles.

Why do we find this book to be valuable?

Well, the main takeaway from this book is most of us, we actually work for money. But the situation should have been the opposite. Money should work for us. This statement might seem bizarre. But you will get to know more in detail after reading the book.

Why should you read the book?

It will teach you the mantra of living a happy life without financial worries. This book is a full package of tips and tricks to control and manage finances.

3. “The Alchemist”

5 Best Selling Books for Personal Development of all Time

Author: Paulo Coelho

Type: Novel

Skill level required: Intermediate

This is the only fiction book on our list.  A fiction and personal development might seem like a mismatch to you. But let me inform you, here through unique characters’ the author has spoken about personal as well as spiritual development.

This book is all about the story of a young shepherd boy who goes on a trip in a search of treasure but ultimately achieves his own ‘personal role model’.

Throughout the journey, he had to face many obstacles and the journey ultimately turns into an adventure.

Why do we find this book to be valuable?

The hidden fact of this book is to pursue one’s dreams by listening to what one’s heart says. A person with desire in heart, passion in soul, and courage in mind discovers such a decisive outcome which is beyond imaginable.

Why should you read this book?

You will learn that life has its twist and turns. Life doesn’t move like a straight line. To pursue your personal role model, you will have to fight obstacles. Each obstacle will provide you learnings to find your true self.

4. “Eat That Frog!”

Author: Brian Tracy

Type: Non-fiction

Skill level required: Beginners

When it comes to any books of Brian Tracy, my answer is always yes. Trust me, he is an amazing author. You will fall in love with his writing if you just read any single book of him.

He chooses words very carefully. His demonstration, interpretations are very transparent and easy to read and to understand.

Why do we find this book to be valuable?

This book is all about organizing your life. It teaches you how to become more productive. We all put a lot of works into our to-do list to accomplish. But how many of us can end up doing them properly. Might be only a few.

This book tells us that we should perform the most important work of our goal at the very beginning of every morning. If you carry on doing every day, the rest of the day will be easy in comparison.

This technique is what Brian Tracy calls “eating your frog”. To find out more about these productive techniques, you will have to peruse the book itself.

Why should you read this book?

It will help you to become more organized in life, to perform your duties on time. Procrastination is one of the main reasons for some people to stay always behind the line.

But with this book, you will be able to break the vicious cycle of procrastination and move ahead in life.

5. Think and Grow Rich

Author: Napoleon Hill

Type: Non-fiction

Skill level required: Intermediate

It is a bestselling book by Napoleon Hill. In the case of this book, you have to pay a little bit of attention to the edition you are reading. For acquiring the best knowledge, you have to collect the first version of 1937.

Because most of the modern versions have omitted important sections of this book. By the word “Rich” Hill doesn’t mean the material gains only, he means much more than that.

Why do we find this book to be valuable?

Hill has mentioned 13 remarkable principles of success here in this book. These principles can be applied in any line of work. As a result, He wrote these after interviewing hundreds of millionaires with vast wealth.

This book will take you to a journey; a journey that unfolds the law of success and teaches you to make your dream alive.

Why should you read this book?

You might have a burning desire to do something in life. But you are not sure where to start. This book will guide you step by step to find ways to transform desire into dreams and dreams into a destination.

“Success” is the name of mystery to some people; but not with this book in hand.

This book is considered to be a masterpiece by thousands of people out there. So, give it a go and you will find out everything by yourself alone.

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