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The Best Bumper Plates Set For Your Home Gym

Are bumper plates worth it?

Bumper plates sets are excellent equipment for weight loss training. When selecting the bumper plate set, considering the rubber quality, its durability, appearance, cost, warranty of the material, and noise made by the plate, are essential.

Here, to help you select the best Bumper plates, we have mentioned the best five bumper plates.

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Our recommendations are based upon years of use with an outsized sort of brands and make. Bumper plates sets are a perfect tool for a home gym because of their safety features, bounce nature, and lower noise production as compared to iron-weight plates. 

What are Bumper Plates Set?

Bumper plates belong to a category of weight plates and are made with rubber covers. These plates are convenient to use and are an accessible tool. Most gyming people use bumper plates set for their fat-burning exercises. Bumper plate exercises are really helpful because:

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  • Muscle stressing causes a breakdown in muscle tissue resulting in more vital muscle creation.
  • An honest bumper plate strength training session causes constant fat burning.

Every gym trainer highly recommends bumper plates for any kind of workout routine related to lifting, like CrossFit. Bumper plates set is a great gyming tool for beginners. As a beginner, you will possibly not be able to lift and handle larger loads, but bumper plates are a convenient tool to start with.

Benefits of Using Bumper Plates For Exercises

Following are the benefits of exercising with the bumper plates:

  • Reduces (Almost No) cracks on the floor

Bumper plates set protect your gym floor as the rubber coating makes it bounce on the floor. Heavy weight lifting such as deadlifting, high pulls, or other exercises requiring lifting requires bumper plates to avoid cracks in gym equipment and foundation.

  • Safer for Heavy Lifts

You need to bring weights high for some fat-burning movements, including overhead squats, jerks, and snatches; bumper plates are an excellent option for such plates.

  • Durable

Rubber-coated bumper plates are highly durable. Iron or steel plates are not stable due to the threat of rusting, while bumper plates are wrapped in high-density rubber, which protects the iron.

  • Versatile

Bumper plates are a far better option than iron plates in terms of cost, use, and durability. The versatility of the bumper plates is the most affecting benefit of using them. They last longer even if used for high-impact lifting. There will be no damage to either plate or floor if you inevitably drop one.

  • No Noise

Bumper plates do not clang like iron plates. These are a great choice if you prefer a home gym where your other family members might be focused on other work, and you don’t want to distract them with crashing noises. 

Although weight plates do not fully able to reduce the noise they make less noise than iron plates and steel plates.

The 5 Best Bumper Plates Set For Home Gym

Choosing a group of bumper plates is often tricky due to the variety available on the market. Let this be your guide.

1. One More Rep Hi-Temp Bumper Plates

The Rep Hi-Temp rubber bumpers are reliable and sturdy, also providing a solid look on any barbell. The Hi-Temp rubber bumper plates are the most recent and best evolution of bumpers. They are constructed with chrome steel inserts that are designed to last.

They are made to require abuse and have had great success altogether in all sorts of settings, including commercial, cross-training, and residential gyms.

The great news is that they are offering a reasonable price. Find here “BIGSALE.”

2. Fringe Sport Black Bumper Plates

Fringe Sport bumper plates are durable and thin plates that allow you to add bigger loads to the bar.

These bumper plates feature high are, Rubber-coated, durability, and low bounce hence, they can be safely used in closed spaces, and also they do not see chipping due to brittleness. 

Fringe Sport bumper plates are available in various styles, and different weights including kilograms or pounds,  and possess a high Shore A Durometer Rating. They offer a 3-year warranty on the plates. 

3. Urethane Bumpers Top Pick

For most people, we do not recommend urethane bumper plates because of their cost. However, if you wish for the colorful colors, durability, and low bounce of urethane, the Titan Urethane Bumper Plates are what we propose.

Out of the bumpers we’ve tested and reviewed, these from Titan offer the most straightforward value. 

Practically all urethane bumpers are equivalent and made in similar factories (you can tell by the middle hub.)

The sole company that creates urethane bumpers that look different from Rubber-coated American Barbell, which we prefer. Still, they’re costlier, and we don’t think it’s worthwhile for many.

4. Crumb Rubber Plates

Crumb rubber is reasonable to form. That’s why crumb rubber bumper plates are the most cost-effective. This kind of rubber is essentially rubber pellets pressed and glued together, like pressboard wood sheets.

You could use these as landmine weights. Other uses include presses, curls, and rack-based lifts. Just don’t drop them. If you’re on a decent budget and do not do only lifts, you’ll be ready to save a bunch of cash with crumb rubber plates.

5. The Rogue Competition Bumper Plates

The Rogue Competition Bumper Plates are our Upgrade Pick for people who do tons of Olympic Weightlifting or just like the look and feel of a high-end plate.

These have incredibly high weight accuracy, are built to IWF specs, have raised lettering, and are utilized in the highest of varied events, including the CrossFit Games and the USA Weightlifting National Championships. 

If you do not mind spending a significant amount of cash on weight plates, these are an excellent option.


Bumper plates sets are essential if you’re doing explosive lifts like the snatch and clean & jerk. But even home gym enthusiasts who are very careful about their floors and don’t want the heavy plates to crack the floor always opt for Bumper plates. 

Heavy lifts are more accessible with bumper plates. Initially, bumper plates used to be very expensive, but with a wide variety of affordable and pro-grade options now available to consumers.

Go for the best bumper plate set, and enjoy your fitness journey. 

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  1. I had a really good experience with FringeSports. Good quality plates and good pricing. If you use their online chat feature and ask for better pricing you’ll probably get a sales rep who will give you a modest discount. If you’re considering Fringe Sports now I’d say just pull the trigger. Plates arrived in 2-3 days after shipping.


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