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A career does not only having good jobs or path of professional life. A successful career depends on managing both personal, professional, and family life that leads people to get ultimate satisfaction.

How do you answer"what is your greatest strength"?

How to Answer “What is Your Greatest Strength” in an Interview?

One of the old age questions you will have asked to describe the greatest strength and weaknesses of almost every job interview. By asking...
what are the top time management tips for students?

Best 5 Time Management Tips for College Students

Why Time Management is Important for Students? Time management tips for students are about being purposeful with your day. How many of you out there...
টিমে নিজেকে মানিয়ে নেয়ার ১২ টি টিপস

12 Things a New Team Leader Should Do First!

Why teamwork is really important in today's world? How well did your teams work together before the lockdown? How was it when they had to...
what to do if your lose your job in pandemic?

What to Do If You Lose Your Job and Have No...

Don't get panic when you lose your job. It's not your fault because not everything is in our control.The world is passing a worst...
How to deal with depression in covid-19 pandemic?

How Does Depression Affect Students’ Academic Performance in Coronavirus?

What are the Causes and Effects of Depression During Covid-19? I had never experienced the unprecedented home quarantine due to the epidemic of coronavirus pandemic....
How To Master the STAR interview method questions?

How Do You Answer the STAR Interview Method Questions?

Why do employers use the STAR method? Job interviews may be nerve-wracking for job seekers, especially if they are presented with the dreaded behavioral-style interview....
সিভির সাধারণ ভুল

10 Powerful Tips to Stand Out Resume in 2022 With No...

Skills that make stand out resume Surely, like me, you wish to pursue a career in a fantastic company. But how do you go about...
Top career advice of Elon musk for students

Elon Musk Career Advice: Success Story, Tips for Students

Have you ever thought a man who bullied in school, a divorced parent would become the world's, second-richest man? Probably not. He is a...
How to ask for career advice for students?

7 Best and Effective Career Advice for students

Students are the future candidates for dominating the job markets. Many students have the talent. But they do not succeed because they do not...
Why is career counselling important for college students?

Why is Career Counselling Important for Students?

What is Career Counselling? Students all throughout the world have attracted to career counselling. Students are now more likely to pick a career path that...