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A career does not only having good jobs or path of professional life. A successful career depends on managing both personal, professional, and family life that leads people to get ultimate satisfaction.

10 work from home tips for employees

10 Work From Home Tips To Become More Productive

Many companies in the coronavirus epidemic are working voluntarily or under duress from their homes. Work from home is not easy for all. This means...
what are the top time management tips for students?

Best 5 Time Management Tips for College Students

Why Time Management is Important for Students? Time management tips for students are about being purposeful with your day. How many of you out there...
The impact of covid-19 on job loss

6 Effects of Job Loss Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Apart from the health issue, job loss has become the greatest concern of most of the people worldwide in this pandemic situation. The breakdown...
online reputation management techniques

3 Essential Categories Of Online Reputation Management

Why do you need an online reputation management company? Tons of online reputation manager is residing online that offers a comprehensive range of ORM services....
How to tap into your potential?

5 Skills to Tap into Your Potential and Take Your Career...

Most of you have skills that could tap into your potential careers, but we don’t realize just how valuable they are until it’s too...
টিমে নিজেকে মানিয়ে নেয়ার ১২ টি টিপস

12 Things a New Team Leader Should Do First!

Why teamwork is really important in today's world? How well did your teams work together before the lockdown? How was it when they had to...
Video resume tips and making process

How to make a good video resume for a job application?

Video resumes have become a great tool for attracting employers' attention and showcasing a wide range of relevant talents. Because video resumes are currently...
How to ask for career advice for students?

7 Best and Effective Career Advice for students

Students are the future candidates for dominating the job markets. Many students have the talent. But they do not succeed because they do not...
soft skills in the AI era

Learn these Soft Skills in the Era of Artificial Intelligence

Embracing Essential Skills in the AI Era In an era dominated by artificial intelligence (AI), adapting to technological advancements is more rapidly changing than ever....