Health Problems: Top 6 Health Issues of Adolescents

These Deadliest Health Problems are the Barrier to Career and Life

Because of health problems, Adolescents can not grow up properly as the assets of a country. Let’s find out the reasons.

In a word, what your answer will be if we ask-

Who are the most energetic humans or enlightened citizens of a nations? on society?

We know, you utter “Youths” and they are the hope of tomorrow. The conversion period of a teenager into youth is very sensitive.

During that time, most of them can suffer from some common adolescent’s health issues. Due to the lack of proper awareness, these issues can take a devastating form. And might even cost a valuable life.

Besides, youths are the most valuable asset for any nation. Keeping them in the darkness of despair will bring subversive results.

So, it is our imperative duty to address the main hindrance towards their growth. And to eliminate those health problems from the root.

So, let’s take a movement towards perusing the most common adolescent’s health problems and some effective ways to tackle them.

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1. Mental Health –

Adolescents are more likely to act as a victim of depression and other mental health problems.

According to WHO, suicide is the second main cause of death among adolescents. They mentioned several reasons that lead an adolescent into depression.


Such as violence, poverty, humiliation, self-abasement and etc. These facts increase the risk of depression.

Preventive Measures for Building Health for Adolescents

Educating the youth with valuable life lessons is quite essential. Problems, ups, and downs are part of life. They must be mentally prepared to handle them.

The psychological help center in educational institutions or communities can be very helpful to promote mental well-being among the youths. As another measure, strong family ties is something really important.

Research shows that children who grow up in a violent atmosphere are feasible for mental issues. Society and nations at large should promote the importance of strong family tidings.

2. Malnutrition –

When it comes to the physical health problems of adolescents, the young folks hardly pay enough attention to this.

At this particular phase, almost all of them are attracted to fast foods. And also enticed towards foods that are rich in calories and fats.

As a result, there remains a lack of essential micronutrients like iron, calcium, folic acid in their body. These micronutrients are irreplaceable.

They are inevitable for growth. And deficiencies of these can cause health problems such as dizziness, irritated mood, lack of attention on work.

And also might end up causing serious health issues like anemia (A condition marked by a deficiency of red blood cells or hemoglobin in the blood, resulting in pallor and weariness).

Follow A Balanced Diet –

youth health problems
Good food Good Life

There is no alternative to developing healthy eating habits to win again the common health problems.

It is the foundation for good health. Irrespective of the ages of people, everyone must build a practice of healthy eating.

But especially for the youths, it is more critical. At the national level, the government can take initiatives to restrict the marketing of food products. And these foods are rich in fats, bread, salt.

Along with that food that contains necessary nutrients such as iron and folic acid must be promoted.

As part of making healthy habits, An American advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners created a campaign to encourage the consumption of milk. As a consequence, in 1993 the California Milk Processor Board licensed the milk processors and dairy farmers.

This nationwide campaign adopted to advance the habit of drinking milk. At large the main purpose was to make people aware of the importance of healthy eating habits. This type of campaign would be successful in creating awareness among youths.

3. Smoking-

Smoking kills people. It is the most responsible factor of degrading youth mental and physical health problems. Apathetic yet funny fact about smoking is, the adolescents consider this to be evidence of so-called “Coolness”. A cigarette in hand is a sign of a strong personality and unique character.

This is the way they think. Most of them, especially the males get introduced to smoking by their friends, counterparts, classmates.

The main reason behind this deadly habit as we mentioned earlier the desire to get noticed. But whatever the reason might be behind starting to smoke, the outcome is tantamount to all.

How to Avoid Smoking to Battle Against Health Problems :

  • A minimum age limit should consider purchasing cigarettes.
  • Imposing a high amount of tax charges are useful.
  • The anti-smoking campaign should take place in the educational institutions targeting the youths.

4. Body image-

Young people easily get persuaded by glamorous advertising. Hundreds of people work behind the camera just to make the ads more mesmeric and appealing than they really are.

We don’t really think this to be a threat. But at the end of the day, these ads leave baleful marks on the mind of the youths.

They consider those models or actors to be the icon and start following them. Alongside this, they start suffering from self-inferiority.

Feeling no love or affection towards their own self is the worst condition. It grows hatred for their own self and much more negativity.


We strongly believe that the Lord has created every human being beautifully and with unique qualities. But this uniqueness differs from person to person.

So, it is foolish to compare one human being with another. This thought that everyone is special in their arena must be disseminated.

5. Bullying-

One of the main cause of suicide among adolescents is because of bullying.

So what is bullying? It is using superior strength which influences or intimidate someone.

Typically, it forces him or her to do what one wants. It is a very common issue among adolescents. It can occur within the institutions, community, locality, and even virtually.

The effects of bullying can be long-term, terrified. The youths most of the time get bullied by his/her classmates and peers.

The reasons might be the way he/she looks, physical appearance, cultural or social background, religion, ethnicity and etc.

6. Acceptability

This reshapes the mind-set to respect people of all classes. Irrespective of class, gender, religion, culture every human deserves to get respect. This motto should be implanted in our modern society, among the youths.

According to him, the youths are the main impetus of a nation. They will lead their nation tomorrow. So, how can we not think about ensuring a healthy environment for youth? An environment where they can grow to their level best.

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