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Interview Questions: How to Crack a Job Interview at Ease?

Killer Answer to Interview Questions

Peace be upon you. Hello, dear. How is your journey going on with “Youthrider”? We hope that to be exceptionally better. In this article, we have discussed thoroughly the most demanding topic that is common interview questions. These questions are generally asked during an interview. Let’s get killer answers to these interview questions.

If you have an urge to remain one step ahead of others in this hyper-competition then, you must not miss a single content of ours and keep sharing them with your near and dear ones for their betterment too.

We will guide you step by step on how to prepare some marvelous answers for these ordinary questions.

Let’s get the ball rolling.

[N.B. All the sample answers have been presented from the circumstances of fresh graduates when applying for a management position]

Q#Tell us About yourself

This is a top and common interview questions. Most of the time, interviewers or the hiring managers ask this question, in the beginning, to lay the first stone, to make the environment a bit comfortable for the candidate.

So, it’s an opportunity for you to present yourself to show your interview skills at a first impression. Now, you may be a die heart fan of “Harry Potter”, you must feel like dancing whenever you hear “Anne Marie”.

But remember, you can’t talk about your personal obsession here, this question is all about focusing on your fitness for the position.

Through this question, they want to know, whether you are a good match for the given position or not, and whether can you handle the job responsibilities or not.

So, be careful about how you express yourself. Here are our unbreakable tips (some do’s and some don’t’s) for hacking your interviewer’s mind with your skills, aptitude, and knowledge.

1. Personal Information –

Recruiters have no interest in knowing what is your father’s name, what does he do, or how many siblings do you have? So, don’t bombard the board members with loads of personal information.

The quantity of personal information should neither be too less nor too much. Just constrain your personal information in a sharp, precise, and to-the-point manner.

One idea to start answering this section is by telling stories concerning your experience, and skills that are somehow relevant to the post. This will help you to generate the interest of your recruiters towards finding out more about yourself.

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2. Professionalism –

Through your answer, you should reflect on your professional aspects, your skills, qualities, and also the experiences you have gathered. Your main aim here is to show that you are a perfect candidate for that job.

3. Recalling CV-

Some candidates when asked this question, try to recite their cv. Like seriously!!! Those guys sitting before you, are they illiterate, can’t they read? Please don’t do that.

While answering interview questions, It’s a common mistake to start reading out information from a CV. Take your interviewers beyond the CV, the piece of paper. Don’t tell them; show them who you are and why you think you are the perfect match for the character they are looking for.

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Sample answer-

“Well, thank you. My personal information has been mentioned clearly in the CV sir. So, I will let you know that part of mine that hasn’t been included there. I am an energetic youth who loves to take challenges and experience adventures in his work. Back in my campus life, I was like a trouble-easier for everybody. From arranging seminars to departmental functions, my name was always tacit everywhere. So, I do have a pretty good experience in carrying out managerial responsibilities.

Q#What are your strengths?

Common interview questions with killer answer
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One of the main reasons why companies want to know this answer is, that they want to find out the achiever of their offer. So, use some branding techniques and differentiate yourself from the rest of the other candidates while answering these important interview questions.

Answering this question might seem like an easier one, but let me warn you, it isn’t. Figuring out someone’s inner potential is always as hard as it is. So, you can take the help of others regarding what they think your true potentials are, these will give you an idea.

Things to consider while answering this part-

Through Analysis –

Read the job description carefully and pre-set your mind with the skills that might be relevant to that position.

Measurable Strength-

Whatever skills you are mentioning, make sure to keep them brief and measurable. By measurable, we mean, those skills should have some practical outcome that can be seen or experienced. Like, when you say, I have good public speaking abilities and I have won two public speaking competitions. Here, winning competitions are a measurable fact of your skills.

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Sample answer –

During my University life, I have been considered a good negotiator by my teachers and teammates. Sometimes while planning a program or event, there were conflicts between different parties regarding their different opinions. I always acted as an arbitrator in those situations. So, I believe negotiating strategy is where my biggest strength lies. This practice gives me some form of confidence over this skill which I consider very crucial for this position I applied for, in your company.

Q#What are your weaknesses?

This one is a very critical interview questions where you have to answer maintaining a mediocrity.

I mean to say that you have to align your weakness with a winning strategy, which shouldn’t seem as if you are lacking some skills.

For example, you can’t say, I am a very lazy person and I can’t finish my job on time even if I give so much effort. You should not say also that I am an all-rounder and have no weakness.

Both of these answers are game spoilers because after hearing any one of these, your interviewers might show you the door without asking any further questions.

And besides, your weakness, you must include some positive statements to let them know that you are trying to fix it.

This will show them a glimpse of your agility, promptness, flexibility, and learning attitude.

Let’s see an example –

I feel unsatisfied if can not complete my job on time. As a result, this habit sometimes leads me to oblivion. I forget about having food or taking rest properly.

I am working on it and trying my best to keep a balance between personal and professional life and not to overlap them.”

Q#Why Should We Hire You?

This is the main selling point for you. You have to be confident and bold while speaking. You can showcase your qualifications and achievements at this point to the hiring manager.

Now, interviewers or the hiring manager ask this question because they want to check whether you are the best one or not for that job.

So, try to make them believe that you are the one best suited for the opportunity.

Sample answer –

The skills and experiences that I gathered so far are the requirements of your company. They are perfectly matching with my expertise. Besides, I consider myself to be a quick learner. There are uncertainties, ups, and downs in a company, but only a quick learner with a flexible personality can handle them well.

On the other hand, I have always been appreciated in my family and my friends for being an authentic person with a good sense of responsibility. The qualities I mentioned, made me believe that I am the right person this company is looking for through this post. And I believe you will not regret giving this opportunity to me.”

Q#Salary Expectations!

Be careful. Being over-price or short-priced of them can be dangerous. Charging over-price can kill the opportunity and charging short-price is the devaluation of your qualification.

If you are a fresher, you should do some research on the salary of those kinds of jobs and if you are experienced, charge a little higher than your previous job.

Well, every job has its own structure. But these are some basic questions which are asked irrespective of the job nature.

If you can prepare a killer answer for all of them, it will pay a big price in the future.

So, best of luck and if you think this content was very helpful for you and will be helpful for hundreds of other people out there then, please share this content through any media, as much as you can, and participate in a cost-free great work.

In Conclusion-

May your Lord be with you always. Stay updated, stay connected.

Lots of love and good wishes to you on behalf of “Youthrider”.

Have a great career.

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