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How to lose weight fast naturally and permanently?(10 tips)

Now people are conscious about their health. They want to lead a healthy good life. 

But for a few reasons and lack of right guidelines, people do not get a clue. They can not decide what they should do or should not. 

100% Effective ways to lose weight!

In this article, some easy but effective ways are given for you. Practice these steps regularly. You will lose weight in a very short time. Here is for you.

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1. Morning Detox Drink

The beginning of your weight loss should be started in the morning. So, make a drink for you in the morning.

These drinks contain things which help to lose weight. You have to drink these mornings on empty stomach. Then it will give you a positive result.

Morning drinks help to burn extra fat. It reduces hunger. Most of the detox water is flavorful. So it enhances your mood. These drinks are also good for your immunity. 

You do not have to buy a lot of things from the market. You can make your morning detox water with the ingredients which you have in your kitchen.

Very common detox water is lemon and honey water. Mix these two ingredients with warm water and drink it up. 

If you do not have lemon and honey, you can drink cinnamon tea. Just boil cinnamon sticks in water for a few minutes, then your tea will be ready. 

You can use cumin seeds. Take one teaspoon of cumin seed in one glass of water and leave it overnight. Drink this water in the morning. 

You have other options too. You can have cucumber and mint in detox water. 

There is another morning drink that has many health and skin benefits. it is turmeric tea.

Turmeric boosts your immunity and also helps to lose weight. it is also good for the skin.

We all have ginger in our kitchen. You use this ingredient for your morning drink. 

Take a cup of ginger tea in the morning. it is really helpful for losing weight. you can also drink lemon and chia seed water.

2. Avoid sugar

I think it should be the first rule for reducing your weight that you should avoid sugar. It means you should stop taking sugar.

Try to drink tea and juice without sugar. Initially, it will taste bad. But gradually you will like it. Because without sugar, you will get the real taste of flavors. 

Avoid sugar, but if you want to take the sweet taste you can use honey, jaggery, and sugar cube as a substitute. 

Sugar helps to increase weight. brown sugar is good for health. But the white refined sugar may harm your body.

Yeah, the body needs carbohydrates. You can fulfill these needs by taking other food. Many vegetables and fruit contain carbohydrates. So, no sugar from today.

3. Eat more vegetables

Most people do not like vegetables. But we all know that vegetables are nutritious. They are good for health. 

Vegetables contain fiber, minerals, vitamins, and calcium. These ingredients are important for your body. 

Another benefit of vegetables is how much you may eat vegetables, it does not increase your weight. So, to fill your stomach you can have vegetables. 

Vegetables do not contain calories. So you can eat as much as you want. It is to digest. 

You can eat raw vegetables like salad. You can cook them. but you should eat a vegetable with less spice. Then you will be benefited. 

Increase the number of vegetables in your meal. instead of snacks take a bowl of salad. It will help you to maintain your weight. 

4. No Fast food

We all know fast foods are delicious and look so yummy. But we also know that they are not good for our health. 

These foods contain so much oil, sauces, and processed ingredients. As a result, excessive eating of fast food invites various diseases.

Fast foods increase your weight. If you eat regularly these items you will put on weight so fast. So try to eat homemade food. Get your lunchbox from home to work. 

Fast food increases the level of bad fat. As a result, you can notice your belly fat. It also causes acidity. Sometimes you may face a digestive problem with these kinds of food.

 So, avoid fast food not only to lose weight but also for good health.

5. Be careful about drinks

Choose your drink carefully. No soft drinks when you are planning to lose weight. soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. And we all know that sugar increases weight. 

Choose those drinks which help to reduce your weight. you can have green tea. try to drink it without sugar.

 You can drink white tea or oolong tea. Black coffee is very good for health. It reduces bad fat in the body.

 Drink fresh juice. Make juice at home and drink that. 

6. Water is a must

Drink a lot of water. It is very important for our body. Water keeps your body alive.

Without water, you will face dehydration. You will face difficulty in the digestive system. Your body may become weak. So, water is like fuel for our bodies. 

Another benefit of drinking water is it keeps your stomach full. So you eat less food than before. Drink a glass of water before you take the meal.

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Drink warm water after taking the meal. it is really helpful to reduce body fat. Remember you need to drink warm water. Not hot water. 

7. Amount of food

You are losing weight does not mean that you will eat less. You will eat but you will eat healthy foods. You should decrease the amount of rice. Replace rice with vegetables and protein. 

Keep the egg in your meal. Drink milk. Try to keep protein in your every meal. Because protein takes time to get digested. So you will not feel hungry all the time. 

You should not be hungry for a long time. Keep eating every two or three hours. 

The rule of losing weight is you can eat but you cannot eat more at one time. You have to eat that food in less proportion and keep eating it every two or three hours. 

8. Exercise and Yoga

Do some exercises. Select a time for exercise and practice them regularly. Doing exercise may increase your weight at first. After some time, you will start to notice the result of exercise. 

As a beginner, pick some easy exercise. Do not pressurize your body. Just do some easy stretches. At first, you will feel pain for two or three days. But gradually it will adjust with your body. 

Exercise is very beneficial for your health. It improves blood circulation. It keeps calm our nerves. Exercise also helps to keep your body fit.

You can also do some yoga at home. Yoga is also good for health. In the morning or before sleeping you can do yoga. It will improve your sleep also. 

In yoga, You have to practice some ‘asana’. There are different kinds of ‘asana’. each of them has a different benefit. So, you can go for yoga. Try to do yoga in a calm and clean place.

9. Proper sleep

Sleeping is very important for our health. Experts say we should sleep for at least 6 -7 hours. So, sleep at night.

Lack of proper sleeping sometimes increases weight. it also affects our body. So you need to relax. Forget all your worries and go to sleep. 

Sleeping is the only time when our brain gets to rest. So, our brain should rest. Give it that time.

10. Have patience

Losing is not an overnight game. You have gained weight with time. So, this weight will be reduced with time. It will take some time to lose weight.

You have to keep patience when you are losing weight. When you start the process of losing weight, you have to maintain regularity. 

Check the weight every week. You have to keep going with these habits. Sometimes you will see that the weight has not been reduced. After seeing that, don’t disappoint. Keep practicing those habits. You will see the result after some time. 

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