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6 Important Ethics of Life You Should Always Practice

What is the ethics of life?

Ethics are the norms, and values that guide our decisions and behaviors so that we can have a good impact. The book Ethics for Life will help you to understand the importance of ethics in life thoroughly.

Six ethics of life truths
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Ethics are vital not only in our personal lives but also in our professional lives and social lives. The principles of ethics of life help us to make ethical decisions and to use ethical principles in all aspects of our lives.

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Being a part of social creatures, humans live socially along with their feelings of right and wrong, good or bad.

All these attributes have existed in human life from the very beginning. People have always adhered to some basic ethics also.

Below are 6 important ethics of life in the present era: –

1) Before you pray-Believe

Prayer or worship is a completely personal matter. How and what a person prays and even how many times a day he prays depends on his religious beliefs. We all have different ways of praying.

While external influences and attitudes might influence individual behavior, we must acknowledge that we all pray in various ways.

But we all have one thing in common: When we pray, we have the deepest belief that our desires will be fulfilled.

But if we do not have that faith or philosophy of ethics, is there any benefit in praying? So you need to learn to believe before you pray.

2) Before you speak-Listen

We all do this, and as we get older, our ability to listen seriously increases. But that only happens when we let it happen.

By giving us two ears and a mouth, the Creator may have indicated that we should strive to be good listeners.

But surprisingly, instead of paying attention to what is being said, we jump in and get busy giving our opinions.

Many people do not even have the opportunity to finish the speech completely, sitting in the middle of his speech.

It shouldn’t. We should listen carefully first. The speaker should be allowed to finish their whole speech before they should express themselves.

“Speak in such a way that others listen to you. Listen in such a way that others love to speak to you.”

3) Before you spend-Earn

It refers to people who still rely on others for their survival and continue to expect others to provide money to meet their every need.

People who work hard all day and night to make a living look down on that person and their earnings. How can you realize the true value of money if you don’t have the skills and knowledge to earn it yourself?

Experts always say that if you don’t have any money in the bank, you won’t be able to spend it. However, spending and earning are not limited to monetary considerations only. Respect, humility, faith, and connections are at the heart of this.

The same logic applies to humanity as it does to depositing and withdrawing money from a bank.

To obtain respect, trust, loyalty, and friendship, we must emotionally, psychologically, and intellectually deposit good thoughts, good acts, good words, and good words into this world, our relationships, and our souls.

4) Before you write-Think

Our words can hurt people, they can be used against us. So it is important to open your mind before opening your mouth, that is, you should always think and talk.

If you have no idea what you are about to say or if you sometimes get in trouble for not thinking, then it may be time to reconsider. In the case of writers, it is very important to consider how your words can harm other people and their dignity.

You can say that you have freedom of speech or freedom to say whatever you want, but here the word freedom is associated with the word responsibility.

There are some things that are better not to write or say. So you have to think before you say. Remember that once you come out of your mouth, you will never be able to take it back.

5) Before you quit- Try

I like it very much. I would accept the rate without trying at one point. A negative voice in the mind may whisper, “What’s the use? It will fail anyway!”

But how do you know that until you try? I am a teacher by profession, I discuss various issues with many students.

When I see any of my students giving up without trying, whether in life or in school, I always tell them, “If you don’t try, how will you know if you can succeed or not?”

6) Before you die- Live

This is the best among the ethics of life I have left for the end. This is what inspires me the most. Try to apply all the basics of ethics in your life.

If you believe that there is a way to live a happy and enjoyable but responsible life, then you should go that way. There is no such thing as life being depressing and frightening, it can be fun. Life is what you make it.

Always has been, will always be. As a result, you can keep your values upright and happiness as a reward. Because it is entirely up to you how you live it. It is up to you to decide what you want to do. 

Wrap Up

To sum up, your life will not be stressful if you apply all these philosophies of ethics. Life does not have to be stressful or frightening, rather it should be enjoyed. Experiencing your life should be embraced and cherished.

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Md. Tota Miah
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