How to make a good video resume for a job application?

Video resumes have become a great tool for attracting employers’ attention and showcasing a wide range of relevant talents. Because video resumes are currently popular. Putting together a convincing video with a competent phone camera and some imagination is achievable whether you’re doing a more professional or casual video presentation.

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HR managers and applicants used to think about conventional CVs or resumes, where a candidate had to write pages about themselves, even just a few years ago.

Many new formats followed, like the one-page résumé. People have attempted to create a CV so attractive that the interviewer is unable to look at it and ask further questions.

However, in the modern era of multimedia and the internet, video resumes have emerged, which may be used in conjunction with a standard resume to provide an applicant an advantage in the hiring process.

A video resume may help a candidate reach new heights. Candidates can sometimes portray themselves in a lovely manner, discussing their strengths and faults in a lovely manner, which offers the interviewer a good outlook.

Let’s get into the tips and process to make a standout video resume to boost your next career level.


What is a video resume? 

A video resume is essentially a short video that helps a candidate introduce themselves with a job application to the hiring manager or recruiter in order to exhibit their abilities, personality, and qualities.

Most applicants utilize a video CV to display their abilities, experiences, and talents in order to demonstrate that they are the best candidate for the job. A good video resume should be between 30 and 1 minute and 30 seconds long.

Longer than 1 minute and 30 seconds may deter the employer from paying attention to it, just as resumes longer than 1 page deter any recruiter. It may be done professionally for you or you can do it yourself. Some job search and networking services allow users to include video resumes in their applications.

Top 3 Tips to stand out in your video resume!

#Start with the introduction-

The main purpose of a resume is to introduce yourself to potential employers, and your video resume is no different. Like everything, a video resume starts with an introduction about the candidate and their name and their current post, and how it associates with the desired post.

While mentioning the desired post, throw in the company name that you are applying for, which will show the candidate’s dedication to the job.

Tell the employer why you want to work for them. If you’re not tailoring your video to individual jobs, you should still try to get as specific as possible here.

If you have time, you can also personalize your introduction with some additional information, such as where you’re from, where you went to university, or what hobbies you enjoy. However, make sure to keep your introduction concise.

#Tell your accomplishments and qualifications-

Secondly, mentioning passion for the industry is important. In this case, a customized resume for the desired post helps a lot. After that, candidates can mention their specific accomplishments related to the desired job, preferably with a recommendation letter or post photo.

What you include here, and how you choose to include it, will depend on your work experience and what exactly you want to spotlight in your resume video.

Here are some key elements to add:

  • Professional experiences
  • Key accomplishments
  • Awards or other professional recognitions
  • Education and training
  • Technical skills
  • Selected works from your portfolio
  • Links (to your portfolio, LinkedIn profile, or other social media accounts)

#Draw the conclusion and thank the employer-

Finally, thank the employer for their time and consideration. Video CV is more than just opening the camera and talking about yourself; it also incorporates interactive visuals and film, as well as the candidate’s voice, to wow the recruiter.

Many online video editing applications are available, such as InVideo, which has numerous templates. A video resume also demonstrates the candidate’s presenting capabilities, which helps to demonstrate their communication abilities.

Your conclusion should be succinct and persuasive. Begin by briefly restating why a firm should recruit you, as well as describing what you have to offer and how you might benefit them.

Tell them you’d want to have a formal interview and provide them with your contact information. This is also an excellent spot to include some clickable links to your internet profile or portfolio. Finally, make your conclusion neat, professional, and memorable.

How to make a video resume professionally?

1. Write a script

The blueprint for the actual video is your video resume writing. So, before you do anything, develop a strategy or a conceptual note of how you want the film to look.

This is when you begin picturing the video’s flow – what type of images you want to include, if you want pop-up messages, and, most importantly, what you’ll be saying.

The simplest technique to convert your video resume into an audiovisual format is to write a script. This simply implies that you will include the visuals of the film in one column, such as a person working on a laptop, creating a creative on Adobe Illustrator, and so on.

2. Organize your necessary equipment

It’s critical to examine the technical aspects of filmmaking for the most professional-looking results. Putting some attention into the preparation of your video CV can go a long way toward ensuring that it is professional and polished. So what to do:

  • Choose a recording device that can capture high-quality photos and audio, such as a smartphone, tablet, computer, or camera, to guarantee that your face and other visuals, as well as your words, are clear. 
  • Set the camera high enough to capture your face and shoulders, but far enough away to get your entire profile. 
  • If you’re using action shots in your video, make sure the camera gets you completely.

3. Shoot your video resume

Make sure to capture many takes of your video, even if you thought the first one was amazing. Don’t be scared to attempt each taken from a new perspective or with a different background.

When it comes to editing, the more material you have to work with, the happier you’ll be with your alternatives and the end outcome. Record each portion of your video resume using your script or outline.

This way you can understand your various expressions and speech tones to ensure that you look relaxed, engaged, and professional throughout.

4. Edit the video

If you’re an experienced editor, you’ll already know what to do. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to edit a video. There are many locations where you can get free editing software. This will allow you to break up your pictures and incorporate your portfolio display or other elements, as well as alter your lighting, music, and other visual effects.

These editing software programs or applications allow you to trim, organize, and save videos to put together the video. Video editing software is available on several desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

5. Get feedback

The last check is required to ensure that the video is clear and well-organized. You should also have a friend, coworker, colleague, or mentor go through your video résumé.

They can provide you with constructive criticism, so you can enhance the video and make a better impression.

They may detect something you didn’t, such as poor sound quality, anything in the background that shouldn’t be there, or anything that appears unprofessional.

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