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How to Answer “What is Your Greatest Strength” in an Interview?

One of the old age questions you will have asked to describe the greatest strength and weaknesses of almost every job interview. By asking this question, employers or recruiters want to know that you are fit for the company.

As a behavioral interview question, a candidate should consider how best to answer the question. They must reveal the ideal combination of skills and expertise for a certain position.

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The information you provide in response to that particular question should be useful to the recruiters. Consider this is your great chance to get hired. So use it effectively.

Without undermining your candidacy, you should talk about your greatest strength. To make it effective, you need just a little preparation to master the art of selling your strengths. 

Why Do Interviews Like to Ask This Question?

This is a tricky question for many candidates. You will face such the easiest question but tricky in one form or another during a job interview.

The way you respond to this question helps the recruiter decide whether you are the strongest applicant for the position.

So the answer should be aligned with the needs of the company and the job’s responsibilities.

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Employers want to hear in your own words why you are fit for the job. They want to assess your potential.

For instance, if you are applying for an accounting job, it’s not wise to tell and highlighting your strength lies in event organization. 

What’s wrong with that? You are presenting irrelevant skills that don’t match either the company’s needs or job descriptions.

So, you must relate your skills effectively and in a professional setting which may be valuable for the company.

Here’s a list of alternative versions of the “what are your greatest strengths” question:

  • “What is your greatest strength?”
  • “What is your biggest strength?”
  • “What strengths would you bring to our company?”
  • “What are three strengths that you bring to this position?”
  • “What are your greatest professional strengths?”
  • “What is your best achievement or project that you are most proud of completing?”
  • “What is your strongest area of expertise, according to your coworkers?”


1.   List your top 5 skills

Before you plan to answer about your strengths, get prepared to answer by making a list of skills mentioned in the job posting.

The best approach to respond is to describe your abilities and experiences and how they connect to the position you’re looking for.

Determine your top abilities, which may include soft skills, hard skills, prior job experience, education, or training. This will prepare you for when the interviewer asks you to expound on a certain strength, and you will be prepared to provide instances.

Hard skills

  • Technical skills
  • Training
  • Language
  • ICT skills
  • Social media skills

Soft skills

For example:

  • Communication
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Dependability
  • Flexibility
  • Adaptability
  • Teamwork
what is your greatest strength?
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2. You know what you’re good at, so figure it out.

Among the list of all your skills, pick a strength that aligns with the organization’s core values and makes you exceptional from other candidates.

Now, consider the characteristics of your job that make you feel the most efficient. What are your favorite aspects of your work? What aspects of your job are the simplest for you to do – notably those that others find difficult?

3. Be honest and prepare an objective answer

You have to ascertain that your response is genuine and relevant at the same time. While you should be confident in your abilities, you should also be honest in your responses.

If you’re looking for a managerial post, for example, you may highlight your problem-solving abilities.

Then, in a prior job, outline a problem you overcame. It’s not a good idea to bring up a bunch of unconnected qualities or information that you believe would impress an interviewer.

4. Connect core values of the organization in your answer

Exaggerating your responses will lead to irrelevant information, if not outright falsehoods. Candidates must be aware of the organization’s values.

They must reply and provide the facts that are pertinent to their objectives. You can share a scenario about how your strengths have helped you and the organization in the past.

“What Is Your Greatest Strength?” Example Answer 1

“I feel pride in my time management skill, ability to self-edit, and strong attention to detail. I had to be able to properly use my time as a writer for a local newspaper in order to meet deadlines. I was able to write legible and amusing content for a range of media because of my attention to detail and editing skills.”

“What Is Your Greatest Strength?” Example Answer 2

“ I consider myself to be a highly structured and goal-oriented individual. Because I am motivated to do so by my exceptional communication skills. With my history in leading a team during my University life, I know how important it was for me to be able to plan, distribute, connect with and listen to my teammates, and motivate them to complete the project within the deadline. Teachers, classmates praised me for this mastery of communication skills

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