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5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Guava Leaves And Fruits

What Do Guava Leaves and Fruits Cure?

Guava leaves and fruits are an excellent source of important phytochemical compounds that are widely employed in the management of various diseases.

The U.S Department of Agriculture reported that 100g serving size of raw common guava contains 417mg of potassium, 22mg of magnesium, 18mg of calcium, 80.8g of water, 2.55g of protein, 0.95g of fat, 5.4g of fiber, and 68kcal of energy.

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With the above information in mind, here we are going to present the health benefits of guava.

What are the proven benefits of guava leaves and fruits for health:

Number 1: Guava Leaves May help Enhance Fertility

Guava leaves were shown to improve both male and female fertility.

According to one study made on wister rats, leaves of guava extracted using ethanol enhanced male infertility that is caused by gossypol sperm toxicity.

Moreover, another study showed that aqueous (water) guava leaves extract prevented Albino rats from reduced sperm viability, sperm count, and mortality caused by caffeine toxicity.

The study recruited thirty fertile and healthy Albino rats and they are divided into 5 groups with each group made of six albino rats.

The rats were given oral treatment with caffeine and aqueous guava leaves extract in a completely randomized design in 65 days.

Experimental analysis of the result showed that the extract of aqueous guava leaves significantly prevented the Albino rats from the effects of caffeine-induced sperm toxicity when compared with the control experiment.

So, snacking with guava and drinking guava leaves tea can provide you with the recommended antioxidants, which can help improve fertility.

Number 2: Guava leaves and Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the time where the mother is exposed to many physiological and psychological problems such as low blood cell count, failure of nerve endings to send a message from brain to medulla spinalis , and metabolic failure in both mother and her baby.

One study highlighted that supplementing pregnant women with folate increases blood cells count, improves DNA replication, and metabolism.

Additionally, it was mentioned in one study that Vitamin C increases immunity, acts as a free radical scavenger, and promotes the synthesis of neurotransmitters.

So, how guava can play a role here?

Analysis from raw common guava fruits revealed that guava contains folate (B9) and Vitamin C.

Therefore, snacking guava fruits is an inexpensive and effective way to provide pregnant women with folate and vitamin C.

Moreover, Magnesium and Potassium are minerals present in guava fruits that are required for proper nerve ending functions.

This helps prevent failure of nerve endings from delay in receiving and sending messages between the brain and spinal cord, which in turn enhances communication between the baby and mother systems.

Number 3: Guava leaves can help reduce Menstrual pain

Guava leaf tea was also shown to relief pain that comes with menstruation.

One study gotten from different clinical trials that are made on 197 menstruating women revealed that guava leaves extract pill was more effective than the conventional Ibufprofen in reducing menstrual cramps.

Another study made on rats also showed that aqueous leaves extract of guava improved menstrual pain.

In this study, it was also shown that guava leaves are a good herbal supplement for the management of menstrual cramps.

Number 4: Guava leaves may help dissolve fibroids

Fibroids are one of the common medical conditions affecting women. This condition can be explained as an outgrowth of non-cancerous tissues in and on the uterine wall of a woman.

Fibroids are also known as uterine Myomas and Leiomyomas.

And one of the most common treatments of fibroids is surgery, which comes with side effects. However, fibroids can be removed safely by a combination of two or more herbal additives.

The leaf of guava is enriched with abundant phytochemicals that work effectively in alleviating inflammation.

And so combining guava with some organosulfur medicinal plants like garlic and onion can make a perfect combo for dissolving fibroids.

Just use a handful of fresh guava leaves in a blender containing garlic and onion.

After blending the mixture, place the mixture into a boiling pot and boil for 15 to 20 minutes.

Allow the tea to chill right down to room temperature . Drink this tea two to 3 times each day . Do this for about 4 weeks.

5. Guava leaves can improve weight loss

Guava leaves were revealed to increase fat and sugars metabolism in the body. And these are among the known factors that cause excessive weight gain. If you want to lose weight, consider adding to guava leaf to your weight loss diets as a beverage with low glycemic load.

So, here are some uses of guava for health.

If you want to learn more about the health benefits guava leaves and fruits click here


Guava is one of the olden plant materials, which is used for many years to tackle different health-related issues such as weight gain, hypertension, toothache, stomach problems, and so on. In this article, I discussed in detail 5 proven uses of guava leaves and fruits for health.

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