How to be happy when you are sad? (8 Tips)

In our childhood, being happy was not a difficult thing. If we get a  favorite toy, we became happy.
If we get to eat our favorite food, that would have been the most amazing thing for us.

But as we grew older, our life became big. And so our worries. For this reason, we have more worries than happiness.

If there is life, there will be worries, this is the rule of life. But should we forget to be happy in our life because of this? No, right? So, how to be happy, and what should we do? We have to just take care of ourselves.

What are 8 things that make you happy again?

So let’s see, how to be happy again in life even if we have worries.

1. Acceptance

Acceptance is a big word with a big meaning. We ignore it. But, indeed, many of us can not be happy in life because of lacking acceptance.

There are many things in our life we can not accept. Sometimes, this becomes the reason for our suffering. Life is a set of different types of incidents. Some incidents will be good, and some will be bad. But we have to accept these things.

We have to accept that,” Okay, this happens, I accept it. Oh, today was not for me, no problem, let it go.” This is how we have to live.

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Sometimes, you may go through a bad experience, and you may not succeed. But remember, your life will not stand still because of that incident.

Yes, there will be some change in your life because of that incident, but yet your life must go on. So, accept that and go ahead.

Say to yourself,” I did not get this job, okay, fine. I just could not make it.” Do not overthink bad things. Accept them and move on. This should be the principle of your life.

2. Self-care

By the flow of time, we get busy in our life. We are always in a rush to achieve. But did you notice that, in this rush, you do not give some time to yourself?

Go in front of the mirror, and notice your face. It has become dull, you look tired. All of these are the result of a lack of self-care.

In this busy life, we walk up in the morning and rush for work. After returning home, we just think about taking a rest. But this is not done. You have to take self-care. It is very important. Self-care is not difficult. Just a few steps for yourself.
At night,

  • You can apply some face packs to your face. You can take a warm shower. Give some nourishment to your hair.
  • Give half an hour to yourself twice a week. Take care of your skin.
  • Eat something which you like to eat. If you can cook, then cook something special for this weekend.
  • Give some priority to your likes.
  • If you like chocolate, then buy a bar of chocolate for yourself and enjoy it.
  • If you love ice cream, then eat this. I am not telling you to do these things every day. But you can do this twice or thrice in a month, right?
  • Okay, give yourself a treat with a chocolate bar once a month. Do not share it with anyone. Eat the whole thing alone.
  • It will give you happiness. Stole a moment for yourself. This is also necessary.

3. Forgiveness

Forgiveness is easy to pronounce. But it is not easy to do. At this point, I am talking about self-forgiveness. Yeah, you read it right.

We all do mistakes in our life. Some mistakes are big, and some are small. If we harm anyone with our deeds, or we do anything wrong, we seek forgiveness.

If somebody does wrong with us, we forgive them. But sometimes we do not do the same with ourselves.
Suppose, we have a mistake. We feel guilty about that. Okay, it is good that you have realized your mistake.

But what is not good is to live with that guilt. You have to admit your fault and forgive yourself.
Believe me, this one small step will make your life easier.

Your mistake may be very big, but your realization and repentance prove that you feel your mistake. You know that you have hurt someone.

Forgive yourself. Do not make it difficult for you. Say to yourself today,” Dear me, I forgive you.”

4. Proper sleep

Proper sleep is very important for our health. Sleeping is the time when people take complete rest.
Lack of proper sleeping makes you weak and sick.

So try to sleep properly. Experts say that 7-8 hours of sleep is enough for our body. But in this busy life, we hardly sleep 7 hours. And this harms us.

Most people are becoming mentally depressed now. They get irritated easily. They can not find mental peace. All of this is because of lacking proper sleep. So sleeping at night is important.

You will notice when you have 7-8 hours of proper sleep, you feel fresh. Your tiredness has gone. You feel good. It also boosts your mood.

Proper sleeping keeps your mind fresh and also keeps you energetic. So, try to have a proper sleep. By sleeping, your body will be ready for tomorrow.

Lack of sleep makes your body weak. You will doze all the time. Your mood will be down. So, sleep properly. Do not neglect this step.

5. Communicate

This is one of the most important steps for being happy. You should keep in touch with people.
Communicating with others diverts your mind.

For sometimes you can ignore your sorrows.

You may notice that you are mostly hurt by something when you are alone. When you stay alone, your mind always thinks about negative things. That is why you get hurt, and sometimes it leads to depression. Communication means connecting with people. There are many mediums to connect with people.

You can phone one of your good friends. You can chat with your mom, dad, your partner. You spend time with your family members.  

It will be good for you. By this, you will not get to know about life, the difficulties of life. And sometimes you will see the beauty of life.

6. Help others

We are being taught to help others from childhood. But by the flow of time, this lesson has disappeared.
Helping others is a good thing for the person whom you are helping.

But it is also good for you. After helping someone, you will feel great. You will be happy by thinking that you have helped someone in their need.

You will feel delighted by the smile of the other person. When you will see gratitude in the eyes of another person, you will feel proud of yourself. Remember, your small help may be a great help to others. So never miss this opportunity.

7. Do your favorite work

We all have some favorite work. These works we love to do. But in this busy life, we all are in a rush. We all are just running as if we are in the race. In this race, we forget about our favorite things. We ignore our hobbies.
Maybe some of us like painting, but on hectic days, we or she could not continue it. Some of us may love writing. But these busy days have made them this hobby.

Some people love cooking. Some love singing or dancing. On the other hand, some people like to listen to the song.

But for completing everyday work, they can not get time to fulfill their wish.
I know, it is not easy to make time for these. But in the week there are seven days. At least one day, we can choose for ourselves?

Why don’t you cook this weekend for yourself or for your family? You can paint something on the weekend morning. Or you can listen to your favorite music in the afternoon.

You have to make time for yourself. If you do not want to be happy, no one can make you happy, always remember that. Only you can save yourself. So, do not forget your hobbies. Live with them.

8. Smile, please

A smile can change many things. Most of us forget to smile in our life. Difficulties will come in our life. No one’s life is perfect. There are ups and downs in life. But we have to keep moving.

Life will move. Sometimes you have to struggle. Sometimes you may feel weak. But never leave your smile. A smile can make you brave. Do not forget to because of the toughest situation in life.

Your smile will make it easier to win the challenges of your life. So, always keep smiling. Being happy is up to you. It is your choice whether you want to be happy or not.

Many people think that “I am not happy because I don’t have enough money”. No, this is not correct. You can be happy with less money. Always be grateful to the Almighty that he has blessed you with so many good things.

Think big and positive. Do not lose hope. You have to be strong to go ahead in life. You have to keep standing still during the storm.

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