How to Choose a Career That is Best For You?

Let’s jump into a story that will teach you how to choose a career. A true story. It’s about an MBA corporate official who used to work in a prestigious company with a handsome salary. It seemed like the right career path for him.

One day, during lunch hour he offered some dishes to his colleagues that he prepared at home. His colleagues were totally bewildered when they tasted the food.

All of them commented that he could be a successful chef with such amazing cooking skills.

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Suddenly, the man realized, he has always loved cooking since childhood. And he has been receiving this same comment for his cooking skills throughout the years.

A few weeks later, he quit his job, bought a food stall, and started selling food on the roadside area. His family members thought he has gone insane. But within a short time, he started making huge profits from his business.

Now, he is the owner of several fast-food chain restaurants in the city. Presently, earning 7 times as much he was earning from his job.

Recently, he said in a business journal, if he had understood his real passion a bit earlier, he would have been more successful by now.

Lesson From The Story

Dear reader, we have an assessment for you. Think about the job you are currently in. Did it bring sprinkles of smiles to your face? Do you feel proud of the role you are playing?

If you murmur “No”? Then, dearest, I will have to say, you have chosen the wrong career path for yourself. Jobs are like a both-side razor, it can work for you or against you.

Before moving on, let’s see what Steve Jobs has to say on this matter.

Once he said that your work is going to occupy a large portion of your life. And the only way to be truly satisfied is to exercise what you believe is great work.

He also suggested the great work that you enjoy doing. If you haven’t found it yet, continue looking. Don’t settle for now. As with all issues of the heart, you’ll recognize when you obtain it.

The Ugly Side of Choosing A Wrong Job

See!!! The choice is definitely yours, but it has to be a clever choice when it comes to choosing the right career.

Hundreds of people out there choosing their career path without realizing if it is the right career for them or not.

  • Lack of attraction towards work can lead to frustration
  • Unnecessary work pressure
  • Unsatisfactory performance, slow career growth and etc.

We don’t want the same to happen with you as well.

What are the Important Factors to be Considered While Choosing a Career?

So, go through the article carefully as it will guide you to find your right career. Even if you are not in employment yet, these tips will help you to get mentally prepared beforehand.

1. What Do You Love to Do?

I know it’s hard to choose a career. It’s very hard to find out the things you are really passionate about. But this is the only key that will help you to discover the work you love to do.

Ask yourself this question constantly, what is it that makes me happy? What is it that doesn’t seem to work for me at all?

Think deeply before answering these questions. We hope these will definitely reveal the expected answer to you.

2. What are Your Innate Skills?

The second way through which you can identify your most wanted profession is, by assessing your innate skills. In order to choose a career path, you have no option except to find out your key potentials.

Everyone is blessed with some kind of skill. I have heard people saying about themselves, “I am not good at anything, I don’t even have any skill and etc.

What to say to these? I say that they are simply crazy even they don’t want to identify their inner potentials. Look carefully.

There must be something out there that you could do better than others. There must be one. Sometimes it may take a while to find the answers, but if you stay determined, you are sure to get the answers.

3. What Professions are Trending?

As a Bangladeshi, you have definitely heard about Ayman Sadik (Founder of 10 minutes’ school).
He shared his thoughts on national television about the formation of his business. Once he noticed he can teach others very easily and make lessons interesting for them.

On the other side, he was fond of public speaking. As a result, he pursued a career where he can speak, interact with people, and also teach them useful educational things.

So, he is a successful business person who made a great combination of his skills; public speaking along with teaching.

Interesting, isn’t it? Okay, I guess by now, you must have found out the types of work you want to do and also the skills you have.

Next, look for the profession available based on your skills. Find out the best combination of the work you love and the skills you have.

4. Will You Follow the Achievers of Your Desired


The field where you want to reach, some people have already reached there. So, it is your duty to follow them.

By following we don’t mean that, you should just simply follow them on social media or give a thumbs up to all of their posts.

Follow their strategies, their tactics, follow the way that leads them towards success. Consult them, remain in touch.

Don’t waste any opportunity to meet some of them face to face. You will receive fruitful guidelines from them which might help you to choose the right career at ease.

5. When it Comes to the Salary-

It is an important aspect of evaluating a profession. But you shouldn’t accept a certain profession just because of an attractive financial gain.

On the other hand, there are people who remain stubborn toward following their passion. Although, they are receiving unsatisfactory financial returns.
It is now a proven fact that preferring passion over money produces an unimaginable outcome in a career.

Consider the precedent of the MBA official that we used earlier. At the end of the day, it just requires the right decision for the right career.

6. Will You Consider a Totally Different Career Path?

This world has seen people switching their most beloved, successful careers. And there is nothing wrong with it. Passion sometimes gets changed with time.

Besides, variations in careers can be highly useful to learn different skills and gather knowledge. According to the author, James Clear, changing career paths after a while keeps people energetic. And revives people with the ability to keep going and to never get tired of achieving.

Talking about wealth-giant Bill Gates. On February 4, 2014, Gates stepped down as president of Microsoft.

Currently, he is focused on his philanthropic work through his philanthropy organization, “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. He is focusing on eradicating diseases such as smallpox from the world.

Look at the change in work dimensions, from a Tech- guru to a philanthropist. You should consider changing your career goals when it gets saturated. But make sure to choose the right career for you just like the previous one.

When you have identified your preferred career along with goals, you should start preparing for your dream.

We have an extraordinary arrangement of useful information in this blog. Find out your required one and be ready to dazzle the world.

Good luck…

How to Choose a Career That is Best For You?
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