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8 Effective Ways to Deal With Uncertainty in Life

How to Cope Up With Uncertainty in Life?

Uncertainty is an inescapable part of our life. Especially, at times like the pandemic, everything seems uncertain. You cannot say what will happen 10 minutes later, so why should you try to know everything that will happen tomorrow?

As you cannot avoid this properly, you better know how to deal with uncertainty. We often try to fight with our feelings and emotions hoping that everything will be like what we want.

But this doesn’t help us in any way. Then what does help? Here, we come up with 8 answers to this question. These will surely help you to cope up with uncertainty.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the core of our discussion.

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How to Deal with Uncertainty in Life?

Now, we will walk you through 8 effective ways to deal with uncertainty. Here you go:

1. Practicing Acceptance

We pass a lot of challenging times every day, no doubt. But if you resist the current reality instead of accepting it, you cannot recover, grow from learning, and feel better.

So, what does practicing acceptance mean, and why does it stand first? Well, practicing acceptance is to respect your current situation and acknowledge that everything can be temporary.

Now, if you can accept the fact “uncertainty is a part of our existence”, things will be easier for you. Yes, life is uncertain for all of us, and always has been.

You will find a lot of things in your life that you cannot be certain as well as you cannot control, regardless of how hard you try.

If you attempt many times to control something that is not within your control, it can make you powerless and unmotivated. 

For this, you should learn how to practice acceptance. Research shows that practicing acceptance is the secret to happiness. 

2. Stopping the Journey with Mental Time Travel

Uncertainty is related to the worry about your future. Unwanted things automatically come into our minds and leave us feeling depressed.

But tell me one thing, why should you think too much about the days ahead instead of enjoying your present?

If you can focus on your present the most, you can reduce worrying too much about the future. I know, it’s a bit difficult. But predicting what might happen also needs time and effort, right?

So, try to convert your attention from what might happen to what’s happening right now. Once you’re fully connected to the present, the catastrophic predictions of your mind will start fading away. 

One thing that will help you focus your attention properly on the present is ‘mindfulness’. For the best result, practice it regularly and see the changes you’ve made.

Mindfulness aids one to calm one’s mind and to boost one’s mood by easing stress. So, can you practice mindfulness?

There are many options to choose from, such as you can follow any audio meditation and incorporate this into your exercise program (e.g. walking). It will let you be in the present instead of endless thinking of the future.

3. Using Self-Compassion

The way of dealing with uncertainty differs from one to another. The calmer you can become, the way of dealing with it will be easier.

For example, take a deep breath and sit with your emotions. Whether you feel anxious, worry, stressed or burdened, remind yourself that what you feel is perfectly okay.    

Otherwise, if you fight against your feelings, try to push your emotions away, you’ll end up intensifying the feelings or emotions, nothing good will happen. 

Consequently, you will end up feeling even worse. As an alternative to punish your feelings, be compassionate towards yourself.

But how can you become compassionate towards yourself? Should you grab a glass of wine, buy an extra pan of brownies, or add an extra ‘anything’ in your Amazon cart?

Well, you may embrace these little comfort items, but there are healthier ways you can follow.

Instead of grabbing junk foods or turning into social media, you can get a little nap or simply have a reasonable bedtime. Or, you may grab a pen and paper and write down your emotions, your thoughts.

This is how you can find healthier comfort items as a part of self-care.

4. Challenging Your Need for Uncertainty

Although uncertainty is an inescapable part of our life, we can adopt some effective behaviors that will help us to cope with the discomfort that uncertainty brings.

The most common expressions of this discomfort are:

  • You excessively seek reassurance from our near ones. For example, you ask our friends again and again if we’re making the right decision or search the information online.
  • You micromanage people. You don’t want to delegate tasks to anyone else and even force others to behave more predictable for you.
  • Likewise, you tend to procrastinate. As you cannot make a decision, you start delaying or procrastinating and hope that the bad things will come late or never come.
  • You check things repeatedly. This is an impact of the lack of calmness.

Here are the ways you can challenge these behaviors:

5. Learn to Adapt

Life can be changed within a moment (this pandemic is one of the proofs), it is filled with surprises, unexpected events. However, that’s not bad all the time.

For one or more one unpleasant surprises, good things also happen out of the blue. Sometimes, opportunities arise from uncertainty or unexpected events that let you overcome challenges, enhance your resiliency, and learn to adapt.

6. Stop Overthinking

Neither you nor I have a guarantee of good health or a job for your entire life. But should we overthink these all the time, should we always become uncertain over what exactly tomorrow will bring?

The answers are ‘no’. Because overthinking will not help you a bit, whatever happens, will happen. Life will surely find a way to make you surprised.

So, the behaviors like procrastinating, micromanaging, or worrying too much will result in nothing good.  

7. Do not Underestimate Yourself Power

Did you ever notice you have a huge self-power that still keeps you alive? After fighting with mental stress that seemed unbearable, did you feel how strong you are?

Yes, you are way stronger than how strong you think you are. Respect this self-power you have and try to melt away all uncertainty with your self-power.

8. Managing Anxiety and Stress

If you know how to manage your stress and anxiety, dealing with uncertainty will be easier for you.

Below is a comprehensive guideline-

How you can manage anxiety and stress?

Maintain a healthy diet plan:

To boost up your energy level and prevent unwanted mood swings, maintaining a healthy diet plan is crucial. Try to get more omega-3 fats to boost your overall mood.

Get moving:

Do you want to know about a natural stress-reliever? Exercise is the answer. You may dance, walk, or run and feel the rhythm of your breathing. It helps greatly to manage stress.

Sleep enough:

If you cannot sleep sound, you’ll feel more disturbed and stressed. Try to use the night to sleep better instead of sleeping a lot in the daytime.

Hopefully, these will allow you to reduce stress levels and make you stronger to deal with uncertainty.   


So this is all we gathered for you. Hopefully, standing at the end of the article, you now know how to deal with uncertainty in some effective ways.

Try to be more grateful for what you have, zoom in on the good things in your life. Small good things will let you boost your self-power and make you stronger. Try to stay busy and avoid overthinking. You’ll surely win.

Good luck!   


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  1. Uncertainty is an inescapable part of our life. We have to deal with this uncertainty. This post will us help us to do so.


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