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What to Do If You Lose Your Job and Have No Money in Covid-19?

Don’t get panic when you lose your job. It’s not your fault because not everything is in our control.The world is passing a worst time than before. It can not be described as the emotions people have after laid offs from the jobs. Unemployment has been considered a curse for the family and society.

Already we are in trouble having an instability of life. Coronavirus pandemic still exists and effecting people both mentally and physically.

Millions of people have lost jobs due to Covid-19. Hence, depression, stress takes place. What can we do if we lose our job in the age of pandemic to control ourselves? Here are some steps to follow to manage your emotions:

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1.Taking Self-Care:

It is seen from the past few months that most people become unaware of their health after losing their jobs. You should always remember that you can’t control the situation and the incidences happening to you. But, you can control your way of responding.

So, if you lose your job due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you should not neglect everything for the rest of your life.

Try to keep aside all the negative thinking and depression and take care of your physical and mental health. If you are healthy, you will be more productive and will be able to find alternative jobs easily. 

2.Finding Own Value:

When someone loses his/her job, usually he/she starts to think about worthiness. As soon as you start to think that you are worthless, you step into the first stage of failure.

Instead of thinking this way, you should think about how much contribution you have made to the world.

Try to list out what you are good at, what you know. When you find out the things you can do, start to practice it.

Whether you are working or not, keep practicing and you will definitely feel how amazingly it works. These are so vital things to take care of after you lose your job.

3.Seeking Out Resources:

Start considering this point when you lose your job. If you are facing problems with the basic needs of yourself or your family, you can seek community resources. Getting help for food, health, clothes or other basic needs can decrease the stress of unemployment.

Some local or government resources, like food banks available to meet the basic needs of people. Do not hesitate to get help from those resources, you have the right because you have contributed your hard work and you don’t deserve this situation.

4.Focusing Only To Present Moment:

Try to focus your thoughts on the present. Don’t panic out about the future. Yes, thinking for the future is also important, but sometimes it can make you anxious.

There is no reason to panic for the future and invite depression to your life if you lose your job for any unprecedented events.

5.Initiating Social Contact:

You can initiate new contacts through different social media, communication channels, or social networking profiles. It will help you to find out online jobs, resources, or opportunities.

Nowadays, different online courses and training are available. You can complete those courses and make yourself more productive. 

6. Volunteering And Prosocial Behavior:

You can consider this situation as an opportunity after you lose your job to focus on pro-social behavior.

These can help to make someone feel useful, purposeful, meaningful. But, at frist you should be kind to yourself, then you will be able to be kind to others.

Helping others and behaving kindly can generate more empathy and provides a feeling of security and reduces stress.

When you work as a volunteer instead of a paid job, you will feel something refreshing and it will generate your energy and workability.

Besides seeking a new job, you should invest some time to help other people.

So, what is your current situation, and what is your opinion about it? I believe if you can control yourself and be happy with what you have, you will be able to face any situation, whatever the suffering is.

Though lose your job brings lots of insecurity and hard feelings, you should never stop trying.

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Md. Tota Miah
Md. Tota Miah
Md. Tota Miah is a career counseling expert and a faculty member at Varendra University. He has a master’s degree in Management from the University of Rajshahi and has been teaching academic subjects for more than 7 years. Mr. Tota has a passion for helping others win with their personal development and career and has been writing about self-growth and lifestyle matters for 3 years. Youth Rider is the result of his dream and passion to share the knowledge and information that would ultimately help people around the world.

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