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How to Stay Focused and Double Your Productivity?

Have you ever thought about what actually distracts you from being focused and productive? What diverts your mind and brain? Get these answers and complete the reading on how to stay focused and maximize your day.

Let’s figure it out. Maybe it is not having any specific goal in your life or running your life with no destination ahead. Every person needs to concentrate to achieve something they truly desire.

Not all days will be equal for everyone. There will be some days when you cannot be as productive as you expected. But when it comes to acquiring a life goal or career goals, you must find out a way out how to complete that until the end.

Like other muscles in our body parts, the focus is like a mental muscle. The more you work on pumping it up, the bigger and stronger it will be.

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Top 5 ways on how to stay focused and maximize your productivity

Here are my 7 tips to maximize your focus and productivity.

01. Stopped Multitasking

Many of us think that by doing a lot of work together efficiency can be proved.  But this idea is completely wrong according to some experts. Does our brain concentrate on multiple things at a single time?

Maybe not. As this hinders the focus on any task. Sometimes, multitasking may seem to be helping us in saving time or use time wisely. But, analysts have become increasingly concerned about its harmful effects.

Neurologist Daniel J. Levitin spoke about the harmful effects of multitasking on the human brain, noting that long-term multitasking using various electronic devices creates a cycle of chemical addiction to those functions in the brain.

The brain receives these as different signals in order to complete the verification of different tasks that come here simultaneously.

In doing so, our brain loses the focus of these tasks. That reduces the focus ultimately.

02. Apply Pomodoro Technique

This technique was invented by Italian Francesco Cirilo in 1980. Pomodoro Techniques is a popular time-management method that induces people to work with the time they have rather than against it.

How will you apply this technique on how to stay focused and productive? Why this has become so popular? Here is a quick list of actions to do if you want to apply this method:

  • Just pick a single project or task that you want to focus on.
  • Break your workdays into 25 minutes’ junk separated by five minutes breaks.
  • Repeat the process.
  • After four pomodoros, take a longer break of about 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Track every session with a tick mark in your to-do list or notebook.

However, The Pomodoro Technique is useful if you get distracted while working on a project or want to understand how long a task takes. This technique works best for repetitive works.

03. Find Your Peak Hours

So if you really want to increase focus and productivity at the same time, use your peak hours carefully and wisely.

Peak hours are something where you can focus more and do the best than any other time of the day.

Everybody has these peak hours. The most important part is to put your goal in mind and start working more on those peak hours consistently.

These might be two or four hours which must be meaningful.

04. Know What Causing Distraction

Essentially we are indulged in using technology at all times. While working on a particular task, a sudden phone call, text messages or Facebook notifications distract you on your track.

Actually, it forces you to backtrack something. You will surprise to know if distractions happen, it takes your brain 23 minutes and 15 seconds to refocus on that job.

Another study from the McKinsey Global Institute found that people spend around 13 hours or 28% of their work-week managing emails.

That means people with tech phobia spend a lot of valuable time using technology. So try to focus on a single work and create a productive, favorable working environment to increase focus and productivity.

05. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness means being fully present with what you are doing now and aware of your feelings and thought without any distractions. It is the human ability to train your mind through meditation helping you to understand the present situation.

“a moment-to-moment awareness of one’s experience without judgment. In this sense, mindfulness is a state and not a trait. While it might be promoted by certain practices or activities, such as meditation, it is not equivalent to or synonymous with them.”

American Psychological Association (APA.org, 2012)

Basically, it is the combination of meditation and the practice of mindfulness. You can say it is a mental training practice that forces you to become proactive instead of being reactive. 

Not only that mindfulness meditation brings peace in mind and soul. Don, t delay to share and comment if you find this article effective.

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Md. Tota Miah
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Md. Tota Miah is a career counseling expert and a faculty member at Varendra University. He has a master’s degree in Management from the University of Rajshahi and has been teaching academic subjects for more than 7 years. Mr. Tota has a passion for helping others win with their personal development and career and has been writing about self-growth and lifestyle matters for 3 years. Youth Rider is the result of his dream and passion to share the knowledge and information that would ultimately help people around the world.

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