How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job in 2021?

How to Use LinkedIn to Get Hired?

The LinkedIn job search has become popular during the coronavirus pandemic. People are losing jobs rapidly and they also seek new ways on how to use LinkedIn to find a suitable job during this COVID-19.

Since time is changing so is our lives. The benediction of technology has changed the definition of many aspects of our life. For example, job searching techniques.

How people used to search for jobs 50 years ago, probably by going through newspapers or visiting door to door of offices. But today people search and apply for jobs in a smarter way.

These smart techniques are not only quick and easy but also more efficient than ever before. Now, it requires only a few clicks to find or apply for a job.

As you have probably read by now that we going to discuss job searching and applying techniques through LinkedIn.

Now, to apply for jobs you must have a professional LinkedIn account.

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Well, don’t worry. We have a separate article on how to open a professional LinkedIn account. You can read that out and create your professional LinkedIn profile if you don’t have any.

Asking for jobs directly might seem like an inappropriate act to do. But not with LinkedIn.

After all, this is the reason why it has been established, so that job seekers could find employment and recruiters could find candidates. So, no need to feel hesitations at all to put your name out there.

We have divided this whole article into several sections.

First of all, we would talk about how to search for job opportunities through LinkedIn. After than how to connect with employers and finally, the application procedure.

We will cover these following sections –

  • How to connect with recruiters?
  • A sample message: How to write a message to a recruiter.
  • How to respond to a recruiter’s offer?

Let’s start step by step to find the answer on how to use LinkedIn to find a suitable job..

1. Sending Connection Request Along With a Short Message.

Through LinkedIn job search, recruiters get hundreds of messages from job seekers every day. So, you need to stand out from the crowd in order to receive attention from employers.

Before hitting that connection button, make sure that you are reaching the right people. One of the most common ways of searching for recruiters is to search by the term “Recruiters” or people who are in the HR department.

After you have found some recruiters, it’s time to send them personalized connection requests. You need to send them a connection request with a message.

Because a request when sending with a personal message increases the chances of acceptance rates.

In your message, you should try to include something that might draw the person’s attention.

2. Sending Resume-

When they have accepted your request, send them your resume. You can do it via the recruiter’s email or through the LinkedIn message.

In the message describe your experience, qualifications, and then what opportunities you are currently looking for and also don’t forget to thanks them for accepting your request.

State these facts in a few concise sentences and attach your resume. Whenever you use the LinkedIn job search, Make sure your professional Resume is ready.

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3. Keep in Touch and Stick to it-

Most of the time, you might not receive favorable feedback or opportunities from the recruiters immediately. Don’t get disheartened.

Because the recruiters have to go through hundreds of messages per day. So, it is quite difficult for them to respond to everyone quickly. But stay in touch and focus on building a good relationship.

This will definitely pay off a lot in the near future. But you will have to maintain certain rules and regulations while trying to build up strong relationships with them. Such as-

Don’t send emails on a regular basis to check if he/she has an opportunity for you or not. You can send mails in a casual and friendly way in every couple of months.

Sometimes you could send a message just by mentioning a particular trending issue that the industry or company is facing at that moment.

4. Well, Now Explore How The Message Should Be.

A sample. [This is just an example of how the message should be written when sending to a recruiter. You can customize according to your preferences]

Hello (recruiters name)

I have recently completed graduation in (your degree). I’m sure you are extremely busy but if there are any (job level) job openings around (Specific roles), I would love the chance to talk about why I might be a good fit.

Thank you and have a great day!

5 Things to avoid while writing messages to recruiters

  • The message should be brief and easy to read. Unnecessary jargon is not allowed.
  • Don’t end up just saying “Hi”, “Hello”, “how are you?”.
  • The message must be error-free. Such as grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • Avoid impolite or too direct phrases. Like “Please give me a job”. Even if you are in badly need of a job, still you should not approach your recruiters like this.

Point to be noted, dear reader –

Don’t take it too personally, if you don’t get any reply from anyone or get rejected. Finding jobs is complicated now than 10 or 20 years ago due to increasing demand and pressure on job sectors.

But keep trying and have faith. Hard work will always show results, sooner or later, today or tomorrow.

5. How to Respond to a Recruiter’s Offer?

ways to find a job on LinkedIn
Photo by inlytics on Unsplash

Suppose, your recruiter has send you an offer through LinkedIn. How should your response at this through LinkedIn job search? Let’s see.

*In case you are interested in the offer-

Hello (Recruiter’s Name),

Thank you for letting me know about this opportunity. This role you mentioned, sounds really interesting. I’m looking forward to finding out more about the (Title) role with (Company). Would you be open to answering a few inquiries? Thanks again and I am eager to hearing back from you.

Thank You,

(Your name)

*In case you are not interested on an offer-

Hello, (Recruiter’s Name).

Thank you for letting me know about the (Title) job opening. The position seems interesting and very challenging. But this is not the kind of role I am looking for to grow my career. If I think about bringing change in my job preferences in the future, I’ll make sure to reach out to you.

Thanks again and good luck filling the position!

(Your name)

Some final statements:

Honestly speaking, approaching recruiters directly is a matter of courage. But if you express your intentions professionally and keep a warm interaction then definitely they will help you.

Once you have finished reading this article, it’s time to act on it.

So, all the best and millions of good wishes to you.

Thank you for staying with Youth rider; our readers are our inspiration. Hope this article helped your to find the effective answer on how to use LinkedIn to get a job in 2021.

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