Best Way to Write a Cover Letter for a Job in 2022

How to write a convincing cover letter that gets you the job you want?

Bravo, after days of hard work you have created a noteworthy CV for yourself. And then, suddenly, you came to know about the cover letter and got panicked. You started searching for how to write a job cover letter and ended up clicking on our site. This must be your story.

Now, let us assure you that writing a cover letter is easier than writing a CV. We will help you in every step on how to create a convincing cover letter that actually works. 

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These topics are going to be covered – 

  1. What a cover letter is? 
  2. Why do you need to send a cover letter along with your CV? 
  3. How to write a simple but remarkable cover letter? 
  4. A sample cover letter.

So, let’s begin. 

#What a cover letter is? 

A cover letter is a one-page document that you need to attach to your CV. This document represents your introduction, your suitability for the position, and also your professional background.

The word limit of this application letter should be from 250 to 300 words. You should organize the words in 3 to 4 short paragraphs. 

#Why do you need to send a cover letter with your CV? 

A well-written cover letter might arouse the interest of the HR manager to pay attention to your resume. On the contrary, a poor cover letter will kill your impression in the first place.

And it increases the probability of your cv to get dumped. This is why you must know how to write a convincing job cover letter.

Well, above all, it adds a little human touch in the midst of a formal cv. That’s a good thing, isn’t it? 

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#How to write a simple but remarkable cover letter? 

Best way to write a job cover letter
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While writing a cover letter, sometimes people repeat the statements they put on their CVs. It’s a grave mistake.

You should always remember that this will act as a supplement to your resume, not a replacement or alternative. 

Step 1- Choose an attractive format

A format of a job cover letter is something that catches the eye first. By format, we mean the structure of the application letter.

The structure of your cover letter represents how you have organized information within it.

So, pay some serious attention to how you are selecting your format. You can definitely search on Google for templates of cover letters.

Choose one from them; a format that will be appropriate in the context of your country.

The first impression is the last impression. Here, an organized, well-written cover letter will help you to leave a charming first impression. 

Step 2 – Creating the header. 

Once you have chosen a format for your cover letter now, it’s time to make a header. What information should you put on your header section? 

Starting with contact information is the unique and widely used norm of a cover letter. So, you can start by writing the date,  your full name, email address, phone number, LinkedIn account address.

This is just one way of starting. You can put your name, contact address even at the ending also. 

Then, write the name of the person to whom you are sending your job application. In the context of our country, most of the time, the name of the authorized person is not included.

So, in that case, you can simply start your header section by addressing it as, “Human Resource Manager”. Okay, then write the name of the company, its location address properly. Check again and don’t make any spelling mistakes. 

Things that you shouldn’t include in the header section-
Address –

Your present or permanent address shouldn’t be included here. These should be included in your CV. You can add a mailing address to your job cover letter or application letter.

Unprofessional email address-

You might have a lot of emails out there. But use the one which is formal and professional. A professional email address should always carry your first name.

By unprofessional we mean, emails such as “[email protected]”, “[email protected]” and fancy addresses like these.

Check out our “How to write a professional email” article to find out more regarding this issue. You will find different tactics for creating professional emails in that article. 

Step 3 – Organizing the body. 

The header is done. Now, let’s talk about the body section. You need to arrange your writings within 3 or a maximum of 4 paragraphs. But not more than that. 

Paragraph 1:

You need to write the answers to the following points in the first paragraph of the body. 

  • Who you are? 
  • The position you are applying to 
  • Where or how did you find the job opening information? 
  • Title of the job or job id (if there is any) 
  • A brief summary of why you are interested in the post. 

Paragraph 2: Points to be answered – 

  • Your qualifications and achievements. 
  • Why do you think that you are eligible for this job or position? 

Now, while writing these answers make sure to use appealing words. Use words that are attractive and can easily generate interest in the reader’s mind. Use such words that will add life to your cv. 

Paragraph 3:

Mention a call to action for your reader. And don’t forget to show some gratitude at the end as they opened and perused your letter. 

A sample cover letter – 

April 14, 2018

Human Resource Manager

Dynamic Creation Company. 


Subject: Application for the post of “Assistant Human Resource Manager ”

Dear Sir,

In response to your job advertisement published in dated 13 March 2020. I have come to know that you are going to recruit Assistant Human Resources Manager. I believe I have the required skills, qualifications, and experiences which are the foremost to make a significant contribution to your organization.

I have just completed my MBA degree from the Department of Business Administration of Varendra University. My keen interest was in Human Resource Management which has enabled me to develop a sound knowledge of managing human resources, employee training, reward, compensation, etc.

I strongly believe working in a reputed organization like yours will furnish me with an excellent opportunity for my vocation. If I get chosen for that position, I will show myself to be an important asset to your company through my loyalty, sincerity, and highest grade of professionalism.


Md. Karim Khan

Phone: 0123456789

Email: [email protected]

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