How to Write an Effective Professional Email? (8 Pro Guidelines)

Why is it important to know the purpose of professional email?

You shouldn’t have clicked on this article. Because effective professional email writing is so hard and it’s not everybody’s cup of tea. Just kidding!!! It is very facile, especially then, when you are learning it from us; Youth Rider.

As communication media, emails are omnipresent. You might have to use it (God knows how many times throughout your entire life) irrespective of the industry you will work for. Because of the ease of use and speed of communication, its user numbers are rising drastically.

So, effective email writing skills can be an asset for you if you start learning now. We have presented from the basics to advanced techniques to give you complete ideas on how to write a professional email effectively.

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How to Start a Professional Email Account:

Professional email structures and guidelines
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My first email was [email protected] Then my second email was [email protected] Please don’t laugh at me because I know many of you might still have email id like those.

Do you think an HRM manager will ever open a mail from a sender called “Serial Killer”? well, no chance (if he cares for his life). So, the immutable fact of a professional email account is to use your own name.

Then, the second rule is to avoid numbers that don’t make sense and are too long. Numbers like 00008,5566788 should be avoided. You can put 123,5656 or those numbers which are easy to read and comprehensible.

For example –

  1. Right one- [email protected] or [email protected]
  2. Wrong one- [email protected] or [email protected]

What Are The 4 Basics Professional Email Format?

01. From

This is the sender’s address. By default, your PC or your cell phone might show your email address already present there. If you have more than one email account, you can choose among them through this option.

02. To

This is the receiver’s address, the address where you want to send your message. It might be a personal or organizational address that you can put here.

03. Cc and Bcc

Consider a scenario, you have been told to send an email to 100 people. What will you do; type those 100 mails one by one and send them to 100 people one by one? Scary, isn’t it? Of course, it’s cumbersome.

This is where you need to use “cc” and “bcc”. The full form of cc stands for “Carbon Copy” whereas Bcc implies “Blind Carbon Copy”. Through both of those functions, you can send a single email to hundreds of people out there.

The only difference between them is, the recipients of cc will be able to see the other recipients of your email. Whereas the recipients of bcc will not be able to see each other. These functions are very useful when sending greetings of festivals, invitations, calling for meetings and etc.

04. Attachments

Through the attachment option, you can attach Word, Docx, Pdf, PowerPoint, images (maintaining a limited memory).

8 Things to load your mind with while writing a professional email :

01. Objective of writing the email.

Hold on a second. Before jumping into writing an email, you must give it a thought. Whether you should send this information through email or not. I am saying this because some information might require different media to get shared.

Sometimes a phone call, a simple text on social media would be preferable to an email. So, you must find the appropriateness of the purpose before sending the email.

02. Your recipient.

You can send emails to a variety of recipients. Your recipients can be your employer, colleagues, friends, or even an organization.

The way you send an email to a friend and an email to your boss is quite different in their nature.

Keep in mind what sort of relationship you hold with the recipient. If you are sending an email to your boss/employer, present it directly to the point and in a succinct manner.

 03. Subject line.

Sorry, I should have talked about it at the very beginning. Because it is the most important part of an email. Most of the time, it is the subject line for which an email gets opened or ignored.

Now, how do you chose the correct subject line? Quite simple. Ask yourself why are you writing this email for. Then summarize your purpose within 4 to a maximum of 7 words. It’s the best way to write the subject line of a professional email.

04. Email’s prestige.

Email is a communication media but it is quite formal compared to other social media sites. So, treat it that way. You must keep your message precise, brief, and simple.

05. Greetings.

Who doesn’t like a well-mannered person? Everybody. Using greetings at the beginning is a reflection of your etiquette.

If your recipient is well known to you, you should start with “Dear Mr. /Dear Mrs.”. In the case of a very little acquaintance, it should start with  “Hello”.

But you can use “Hello” with the well-acquainted people as well. When writing an informal email to a friend or family member, you can start with “Hi” or simply the name of the person.

06. Self-introduction.

Self-introduction is a must if you are sending a professional formal email the first time. Include your first name properly and along with the work you are in.

07. Ending part.

A professional email should end with an ending statement. Ending statements can be – sincerely, best regards, your most faithful, etc. It depends on the person to whom you are sending your mail.

Then don’t forget to include your name. To some, it might seem necessary if you have already written once in the beginning. But it is considered a polite thing to always add a name before the ending.

08. Proofreading.

Check and recheck before pressing that send button. Grammatical mistakes, spelling mistakes are like poison that kills your impressions immediately, sometimes even brutally. So, be careful in terms of that.

Professional email writing skills come from continuous practices. For practice, you can start communicating with your friends through emails.

Send them emails in a formal manner, answer them back maintaining a formal manner. This will help you a lot to adopt the skills easily.

Good luck.

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