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    7 Important Life Lessons That Corona Virus Pandemic Taught Us

    What Life Lessons Covid-19 Have Taught Us About Life?

    These life lessons are truly needed as pandemic forced to do so.

    Congratulations to you for being well in such a terrifying pandemic situation. It is really hard to keep ourselves healthy both physically and mentally in such a challenging time.

    However, we need to wait for some more time to let the coronavirus go away forever. And, some important life lessons we’ve got from this pandemic should never be forgotten.

    There is the term ‘anchoring bias’ which means one remembers the first things one learns about a new subject. But it is psychologically a bit challenging to replace the previous information with new changes. 

    Here I am going to share seven of the most important life lessons that I have learned from pandemic. Let’s have a look!

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    01. Everything Happens For A Reason-

    My beliefs has got stronger than before that there is an absolute cause of happening something. We have to learn the cause and effect relationships.

    This pandemic has taught us that people of this universe might have superpowers but they have to be dependent on nature.

    02. We’re Stronger Than We Think

    This is the most favorite life lessons I’ve learned from the pandemic.

    For the very first days of Covid-19 spreading, I thought I couldn’t be alive when I saw my friend fighting with the coronavirus! I thought either I would get attacked by the virus or I would die of depression. 

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    But see, I’m still alive and sharing my life lessons with you guys!

    So, the thing is, we are not that weak we think. We can beat both physical and mental sickness and keep forward no matter how pathetic the situation is.

    If you haven’t yet thanked yourself for being so strong, do it right now! Do not ever underestimate your self-power.  

    03. The Importance of Being Busy

    Before getting stuck for the pandemic, how eagerly did you wait for a weekend? How eagerly did you want to wake up without the help of an alarm?

    Yes, one thing that I didn’t notice, life seems more enjoyable when I am busy. And, one of the biggest impacts of this pandemic is, I am not that busy and productive as I was before.

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    A busy person gets very few times or no time to combat negative emotions. When your plans progress, you feel motivated and hopeful. You feel excited about something new happening. Also, busyness challenges your brain to think more creatively and come up with new solutions.

    But before the pandemic, I used to hate being busy and keep saying “when will I escape from my busy schedule?”.

    So, one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned from the pandemic is, being busy is a better choice of enjoying life.

    04. The Impact of Doing Nothing

    For the pandemic, now I know the impact of doing nothing at all. In the very first days, I spent my days doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and using gadgets.

    I enjoyed a few days, but then I started realizing that I felt mentally stuck. I was in need of doing something, something productive, something that makes me excited.

    On the other hand, I got a huge time to invest in myself. I found ways to make me busy, I got a huge time to boost my creativity. And, I made things happen that I thought ‘I never can do’!

    The impact of doing nothing let me be more productive. I got an opportunity to improve my qualifications by attending webinars, doing online courses, and a whole lot more productive tasks.    

    05. What Things and Who are Truly Essential

    Have you noticed that you are doing very well without spending a fortune? We can live peacefully only having the basic needs and a healthy physical and mental state.

    Sometimes, we take a party or get together so seriously as if these are the basic needs to survive. But there are bigger things to take seriously in our life (e.g physical and mental well-being).

    I was not that health-conscious before I faced such big death tolls. Now, I know how true the saying ‘health is wealth’ is. I wash hands frequently, I follow a healthy diet plan, and I keep myself in a healthy routine.

    Moreover, this pandemic has shown me who are truly essential for us. Who really matters the most in our life are the health-workers, teachers, and the labor force to whom we never concerned about.

    Yes, we may live without the online influencers but we can never live without the persons we truly need. So, we should show our gratitude towards them that we often overlooked.

    06. Importance of an Emergency Fund

    The harsh reality taught me how important it is to have an emergency fund. Covid-19 pandemic changed our lifestyles. People lost their jobs either permanently or temporarily.

    In such a crisis, an emergency fund is the very first line of defense against financial ruin. It is not that tough to save a little amount every day or week for building an emergency fund.

    And, it helps a lot to protect you from saying ‘alas! I am broke.’ So, if you do not want to face an unwanted financial crisis at the wrong time, build a fund that’ll be useful in an emergency.

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    07. Benefits of Remote Working

    Lazy people like me take full advantage of remote working (chuckle). I, personally, do not love 9 to 5 rat race jobs. I enjoy working from home and for this pandemic instead of spending a lot of time in traffic jam.

    Remote working saves time, energy, and money. You can do all the things sitting in your own room and get your salary at the end of the month. What else do you need!

    I love the concept of remote working for thousands of reasons. And, if you are an introvert, you will love this a hundred times more than me! There is no chaos, no socializing, no traffic, only you and your work!   

    Now, people have understood that remote working is enough to run an office. If they need to call a meeting, all they need is a Zoom link! So, this process may continue going on even if the pandemic is gone.   

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    08. How Important Our Family is

    A 15 years old UNICEF young reporter named Branislav Maksimovski said that this pandemic taught him to love, to listen, to care, and to help.

    We often overlook our family members but at the bad times, we can feel the bonding among us. While the coronavirus is busy taking thousands of lives, we feel the fear of our near and dear one’s death.

    It reminds us every second how important our family members and friends are. Moreover, we are getting much more time to spend with our beloved ones.

    We can watch movies together, we’re taking meals together, and these little things are making us more connected to each other.

    Life lessons that coronavirus taught me

    • Covid 19 has induced me to grow so much. How self-love and compassion plays important role in our personal and professional life was a great lesson for me.
    • Another life lesson was not to trust blindly that we heard from others as humor.
    • We can not control everything happens in our life. This outbreak proved what limitations humans have.
    • How valuable our friendships and family bonding was also a clear message from Covid 19.
    • Overall, The pandemic forced us to be ready for any uncertainties in the future.


    Life always teaches us how to survive. When we pass a challenging time, we can feel the importance of adaptation, acceptance, the well-being of our mental health, and so many more.

    One fine morning, we will wake up and get to know that ‘the pandemic has ended!’. But we need to embrace the learnings we’ve got from the pandemic. We need to stay clean and seal the chances of such a pandemic again.

    Stay healthy and think positive, Let us know in the comment section, what have you learned? Good luck! 

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