Mental Health: 6 Important Things You Can Do In The 21st Century

The antidote for Your Soul: Some Life-Saving Guidelines to Live a Peaceful Life.

Taking care of mental health is as important as living with sound physical health.

Do you know?

In every 40 seconds, one person somewhere in this world commits suicide(WHO) because of poor mental health. Trying hard to keep up your body?

Well, that’s great. But, now you know that caring for your soul comes first. Our physical and mental health are like twin brothers. If one gets upset the other one gets too. 

Being healthy both physically and mentally is what makes you a strong, successful person. So, being painstaking towards physical health isn’t enough if you want to live a prosperous life.

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We have mentioned some guidelines here that will help you to maintain your mental health. More than 264 million people worldwide are suffering from mental disorders or depression(WHO). If you don’t want your name to be counted among those then start to follow these guidelines from today.

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6 life-saving tips and techniques for mental health

1. Prayer

Every single religion on this earth has some specific prayers, isn’t it? Muslims pray salat 5 times a day, Hindus perform veneration, Christians visit the church and etc.

You will be surprised to know, research proved this fact that no matter what religion you belong to, performing your daily prayers regularly has a significant impact on your mental health and well-being.

Prayers help to control stress, anger, fear, and also to gain self-control. Besides, a firm belief in our lord gives us immense confidence and the strength to fight with any obstacles that come in the way.

So, start building the habit of praying today and explore the magic of peace tomorrow.

2. Social Media Usage

Who hasn’t got a Facebook ID today? Almost everyone. Honestly speaking, it will be hard to find anybody who hasn’t got any.

We are not just talking about FB only, this includes all of the social media through which you can connect yourself with the rest of the world. There is no doubt that these wonderful innovations of this era have brought people closer.

But now questions are raising in terms of their negative consequences on human life. According to some studies, in these media, people are showing only that part of their lives that they want to show, which posing doubts about the authenticity of these media.

Mental Health: 6 Important Things You Can Do In The 21st Century
(Take a Break From Social Media) Image credit: Unsplash

On the other hand, people are constantly getting exposed to a virtual world where everyone is hankering after attention, fame, and public recognition. People are shaping their life according to other people’s preferences. This practice has outrageous effects on a person’s life.

Constantly seeking attention from others leads to the paucity of self-esteem, confidence, and ultimately results in depression. So, be conscious and limit your time on social media, this will give you some good return in the future.

You should set up a fixed schedule in a day to scroll through social media. You can check out our most informative blog “Top – 5 most essential app for students “, here you will get some life-saving tips on how to keep down social media usage and to make the best use of time. This is one of the best pro tips for caring for mental health.

3. Reading Habit

It might seem a banal advice to you. But listen fella, there wasn’t any, there isn’t any and there will not be any alternative to reading books for turning out smart in the near future.

Reading books are like exercising the mind. In this 21st epoch, mobile phones, social media, mobile games, platforms like Netflix have occupied the place of reading books in our life but still, nothing can replace this beneficial habit. So, you better start constructing the reading habit as it soothes your mental health.

  1. If you are new to this habit, read at least one page a day at a specific time and slowly increase the quantity.
  2. A little step at a time will not be a burden on your shoulder and gradually will become a part of your life.

4. Selfish Time

Ups and downs moments are inherent to human beings. People with a strong mentality can overcome those hurdles in their life and rise to the summit of success. A conspicuous relation with oneself leads to a strong and positive perception of any uncertainty.

Heard about selfish time? Probably not. Well, This is the specialty of “Youth Rider”, from campus to corporate, from education to enlightenment, here you will receive those extraordinary notional facts that very few platforms would dare to talk about.

Mental Health: 6 Important Things You Can Do In The 21st Century
  • “Selfish time” refers to reserving a certain amount of time in a day only for yourself.
  • At least for 5 minutes in a day just try to get deluged inside you.
  • In that period, engage yourself with those kinds of work that you are totally passionate about, this might be singing, painting, writing, or anything else.
  • This manner will introduce yourself to your “Inner You”. But nowadays, the ability to spend quality time alone is considered to be an unwelcome concept among youths.

They have time for everyone in their daily routine but not for themselves. The absence of a transparent relationship of one with himself is a sign of a disorganized psyche, so try hard to get rid of that vicious cycle.

5. Personality development

You might have a dream personality like whom you want to shape your life. Then, you should follow them regularly. We had a copycat classmate back in school.

He was very determined to become “Salman Khan” when he grows up. He left no stone unturned to look or behave like him. All the time, he used to walk stretching this arm the way the actor does, although it was very uncomfortable for him to hold arms for so long like that.

We are not suggesting to follow someone like that. You must try to follow their values, moralities, and try to adopt similar qualities like them. In this matter, it is best for you to follow the religious leader of your religion as they are immaculate, pure.

This process will generate self-respect within yourself. The more you will transform like them, the more you will start loving yourself and self-love is key to mental well-being.

6. Law of gratitude

Human wants are unlimited in nature that’s what economics says and it is absolutely true. If one wants to get satisfied, another one pops out and this is the reason behind most of our unhappy feelings.

We want this, we want that, we are surrounded by wants all the time. With this type of idiosyncrasy , we forget to see the blessings that have been bestowed upon us.

We forget to show gratitude towards our Lord for His blessings. Ask yourself, when was the last time you felt gratefulness towards your Lord?. You don’t remember, do you?. Trust me, the law of gratitude can change your life.

Gratitude is a proven way to build good relationships with people. Be grateful towards everyone including your Lord, your parents, your siblings, neighbors, friends, everybody, and see how the atmosphere of your surroundings gets positively changed.

Every day before going to bed try to think about any positive incidents that had occurred to you. This habit can change your life along with your perception forever.

So, Let’s take a small step together to take care of your mental health. Let’s change our attitude towards a healthy mind.

Wishing you a very happy, successful, and prosperous life on behalf of “”.

Stay blessed, stay happy.

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