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what are the main causes of depression?

Uncovering the 8 real causes of depression!

Depression is a common word nowadays. We all hear about that. It is considered a common disorder that affects mood. You can also say...
how to be happy in life?

How to be happy when you are sad? (8 Tips)

In our childhood, being happy was not a difficult thing. If we get a  favorite toy, we became happy.If we get to eat our...
What should you do everyday to build healthy morning habits?

9 healthy morning habits to follow every day

Do you want a healthy life? You want to own a healthy lifestyle. So, start in the morning. Start the day with some healthy morning...
টিমে নিজেকে মানিয়ে নেয়ার ১২ টি টিপস

12 Things a New Team Leader Should Do First!

Why teamwork is really important in today's world? How well did your teams work together before the lockdown? How was it when they had to...
What is the secret to successful multitasking?

Multitasking: 6 Effective Ways to Boost Your Skills!

What is Multitasking? To most people, multitasking refers to coordinating two or more things or activities at the same time. However, that definition is technically...
how do I stop wasting time?

7 Insightful Tips to Stop Wasting Time!

You are already late in the morning and started scrolling on social media feeds. That's how it all begins the day. You are still...
What are the best morning routine for success in 2021?

Thinking About Best Morning Routine for Success? Read These 10 Tips!

Why the best morning routine is important? The best morning routine is driven by how you plan your days. Almost everyone's morning routine has been...
these morning routine apps will change your life

Best 7 Effective Morning Routine Apps to Set Your Day

People are embracing the morning routine apps to become more productive in the age of technology. Even if we aren't all-natural morning people, many...
Are you emotionally strong?

How to be Emotionally Strong and Independent?

How to be emotionally strong? This is a complex and layered question, I guess. Lots of people outburst their emotions in a crisis moment...
do money buy happiness?

Can Money Buy Happiness? Why or Why Not?

A common lesson taught to children early in their life is that money can't buy happiness. But the scenario in the United States and...