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How to set a smart goal with five easy steps?

5 Effective Smart Goal Setting Rules For Personal Life

How Do You Set Smart Goals for Yourself? A smart goal setting needs a systematic approach. Youth nowadays has a superficial idea about setting a...
Bill Gates advice for young entrepreneurs

Top 10 Bill Gates’ Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

What makes Bill Gates a successful entrepreneur? Bill Gates is one of the world's most well-known and admired billionaires. He is one of the most...
Self-improvement tips for improving yourself

Self Improvement: 5 Practical Ways You Can Do in Your Daily...

Why Is Self Improvement Important? Self improvement is a lifelong process and the idea of 'complete' self-development is a scam. Every moment we spend, every...
why personal branding in important for career?

Personal Branding: Top 5 Valid Reasons Why You Must Focus

Why is personal branding important for building a career? In this article, We are going to learn about personal branding and its importance in...
effective leadership and managerial skills

Managerial Skills: Be a Mastermind Manager

Some Secrets Formula Behind Effective Managerial Skills. Let's get it straight. There are very few management books in this world that help you to boost...
কিভাবে লিঙ্কডইন প্রোফাইল তৈরি করবেন?

LinkedIn Profile: 13 Powerful Tips for Job Seekers

Why is having a LinkedIn Profile so Important? Do You spend much time building a powerful LinkedIn Profile? Let us know in the comment section. You...
Ways to overcome the fear of public speaking

5 Useful Tips to Overcome The Fear of Public Speaking Anxiety

What Causes The Fear of Public Speaking? Public speaking anxiety is a common phenomenon. Even 1 in 5 people being worried about presenting in...
প্রফেশনাল ইমেইল লেখার আদব কায়দা

How to Write an Effective Professional Email? (8 Pro Guidelines)

Why is it important to know the purpose of professional email? You shouldn’t have clicked on this article. Because effective professional email writing is so...
do money buy happiness?

Can Money Buy Happiness? Why or Why Not?

A common lesson taught to children early in their life is that money can't buy happiness. But the scenario in the United States and...
What are the life skills for students?

7 Essential Life Skills For Students to Become More Productive

Importance of Life Skill for Students Are you restricted to only reading books during your university life? Have you ever focused on learning some...