Tuesday, April 23, 2024
5 ways on how to set boundaries and stop pleasing everyone

How to Set Boundaries and Stop Pleasing Everyone?

Before we discuss how to set boundaries, let's answer these questions first. Are you a people pleaser? Do you put other people’s wants and...
Top career advice of Elon musk for students

Elon Musk Career Advice: Success Story, Tips for Students

Have you ever thought a man who bullied in school, a divorced parent would become the world's, second-richest man? Probably not. He is a...
জীবনকে সহজ করার উপায় কি?

How to Improve Yourself in Personal Life Consistently?

How to Improve Yourself Everyday? Is it not extremely difficult to live the life that we wish we had? Yeah, it is but possible. To...
top skills employers look for in future

Top 7 Employability Skills Employers Look for in Future

What are employability skills, and why are they needed? Employability skills imply skills employers look for in a job candidate to convert you into a...
what are the top time management tips for students?

Best 5 Time Management Tips for College Students

Why Time Management is Important for Students? Time management tips for students are about being purposeful with your day. How many of you out there...
Bill Gates advice for young entrepreneurs

Top 10 Bill Gates’ Advice to Young Entrepreneurs

What makes Bill Gates a successful entrepreneur? Bill Gates is one of the world's most well-known and admired billionaires. He is one of the most...
How to be the best version of yourself?

6 Powerful Tips to Become The Best Version of Yourself

Unleash the True Potentials: Be the Best Version of Yourself Spider-Man/ Bat-Man/Ant-Man. Whose fan are you? Have you noticed that all of these men have...
How to improve mental health for young people?

5 Ways Young People Can Improve Mental Health

Why Mental Health Is Important? The level of psychological well-being is known as mental health. But the concern is how to improve mental health and...
মনোযোগ ধরে রাখার ৫টি উপায়

How to Stay Focused and Double Your Productivity?

Have you ever thought about what actually distracts you from being focused and productive? What diverts your mind and brain? Get these answers and...
How do you make the best use of university life

6 Secrets in the University Life That No One Tells You...

Campus Life: From a Student to a Future Employee! University life or campus life is one of the most interesting, challenging, and empowering times for...