Tuesday, April 23, 2024
5 steps to reinvent yourself in your 30s?

Reinvent Yourself: 5 Must Do’s For a Stunning Personal Transformation

What Does It Mean to Reinvent Yourself? Are you flexible? Can you adapt to changes easily? I am sure, this article is going to help...
12 ways to earn money online in Bangladesh

How to Earn Money Online in Bangladesh as a Student?

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don't follow the majority, follow yourself.

Why You Should Not Follow The Majority?

Does the Majority Really matter? Mark Twain once said, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and...
best life changing books to read in your 30s

Best 7 Life Changing Books to Change Your Perspective on Life

If you're one of those who enjoy knowledge and reflection, I invite you to understand and delight yourself with these life changing books to...
what are the best new year's resolutions ideas?

Top 22 New Year’s Resolution Ideas in 2022

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Top career advice of Elon musk for students

Elon Musk Career Advice: Success Story, Tips for Students

Have you ever thought a man who bullied in school, a divorced parent would become the world's, second-richest man? Probably not. He is a...
my own life changing habits to improve life

These 3 Life Changing Habits Will Bloom Your Day

Why Life Changing Habits Are Necessary? Let's not get this wrong. I am just sharing my life changing habits that bloomed my progress. I'm not...
What are the life skills for students?

7 Essential Life Skills For Students to Become More Productive

Importance of Life Skill for Students Are you restricted to only reading books during your university life? Have you ever focused on learning some...
what to do if your lose your job in pandemic?

What to Do If You Lose Your Job and Have No...

Don't get panic when you lose your job. It's not your fault because not everything is in our control.The world is passing a worst...
Take care of mental health and wellbeing during covid-19

Mental Health and Wellbeing During Covid 19

Mental health and wellbeing are significant for our overall wellbeing in the COVID-19. Also, it is as essential as our physical health. When we...