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Uncovering the 8 real causes of depression!

Depression is a common word nowadays. We all hear about that. It is considered a common disorder that affects mood. You can also say that it is a mental disorder that creates various causes of depression. 

“Depression, for me, has been a couple of different things – but the first time I felt it, I felt helpless, hopeless, and things I had never felt before. I lost myself and my will to live.”


Depression is not built in one day. It takes time to transform one’s long-time grief or guilt into depression.

Every sad feeling and mood swing are not depression. But if it stays for a long time then it may go to the final step which is called depression. 

Depression is a long time process. It takes time to build in. so, people should take care of it.

If anyone wants, he or she can control this kind of situation. Remember that, it is you who can save you. If you want, you can stop yourself to move ahead to depression.

And also it can be you who can help to come out of depression. So, be strong, and do not lose interest in life. Life is wide and beautiful.

Do not waste your time on some mood disorder. Do not be controlled by emotions. Take it easy. Get this best-selling book to uncover the causes and solutions on how to deal with depression.

Uncovering the 8 real causes of depression!Uncovering the 8 real causes of depression!

What are the main causes of depression?

There are different causes of depression. Here we have mentioned some major causes of depression. We hope that you will acknowledge these causes and take care of yourself and your dear ones.

#Particular incident leads to depression

Life is not a simple journey. It is full of challenges. It gives you different types of experiences.

We all want a smooth life. But life is not as smooth as we think. We have to walk smoothly. 

In life, there will be many types of incidents. You will try, you may fall, you get success, etc.

When we succeed, we feel happy. But when we fail, we get disheartened. 

It’s okay if you do not succeed. You should take it easy. Because it is also part of life.

Learn to accept defeat. It is not a big deal. Just take it easy, and accept the situation. 

Now, most people become emotionally weak after a relationship breakup or any family tension.

Sometimes people lose someone or any person gets separated from them. They cannot accept the fact.

Sometimes some unwanted situations happen in life. People cannot get over that.

They start to think about why this happened to them. Why they did not succeed?

These types of thoughts make people weak. They lose self-confidence. They can’t be sure about themselves. 

Gradually these things lead them to depression.

#When Family is the root cause

Sometimes people get depression by genes. They got it from their family.

In this case, incidents need not be big or serious. People get disheartened easily by some casual thing.

If your parents or elder siblings have suffered from depression, you may go through the same situation.

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It’s a circle, you know. And it continues.

So we cannot change the family history. But we can be careful about ourselves. 

If you notice something like that, try to overcome it. If needed, take help from others.

The situation should get worse.

#Being a woman

Women suffer from depression more than men. They have various reasons for it.

Female sex hormones are responsible for this. Many complex changes occur in a female body.

When they get their period, they experience a change in their hormone. Due to this, they can get depressed. This is the time when they can be depressed easily. 

Then, when they experience menopause, they go through depression. Menopause means the state in which the period gets stopped permanently.

Female hormones get changed during pregnancy. It also changed after giving birth to a child. 

So, changes in the hormones are the major reason to get depressed for the women. 

It can not be stopped. But it can be controlled.

#Not having proper sleep

It is a major cause of depression. And now most people are getting depressed for this reason.

As we all know, sleeping is important. A night of sound sleep makes your body healthy. It also refreshes your mind. 

People need to sleep at least 7-8 hours at night. It is the standard quantity of sleeping.

But now many people do not follow the rule. They hardly sleep 5 hours a day. As a result, the cases of depression are increasing.

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At the same time, oversleeping is not healthy also. It also leads you to depression. 

Sleep is the best time for your whole body. After a busy day, your body deserves this.

But if you do not give the body rest, the nerves become anxious. As a result, they react easily in any situation. Which results in depression.

Because your whole body system is not stable. They are not in places. This is how lack of sleep or oversleeping takes you near depression.


Sometimes, illness leads to depression. Especially long-run illnesses. 

When some diseases last for a long time, the patients lose hope. He becomes emotionally weak.

If anyone suffers from any diseases, he needs help. He needs care. 

Someone takes care of them as the patient cannot do his work alone. This thing can affect the patient mentally.

Not being able to do work gives a negative impact on him. As a result, he doubts his ability, and it leads him to depression.

Some patients have to stay separated due to their diseases. We can say about COVID-19.

We know that if anyone is affected by this virus, he or she needs to be stayed separate. Because the virus can be transformed from his or her body. 

So, the patient is kept in a separate room and taken care of. 

There are some other diseases like COVID-19. 

So, in these kinds of diseases, most of the time patients stay alone. They are not allowed to meet with people or seat between people. 

They have to stay alone during that period. These things sometimes lead a patient to depression. 

We know this is just a time that will fly. But still, the patient feels anxious. He or she feels emotional pain for not being able to lead a normal life. 

He or she can not meet the family member. Cannot spend time with them. they have to maintain distance.

So, these things left an impact. And the patient gets depressed. We call it a cause of depression. 


When we hear the term ‘Depression’ the first thing that comes to our mind is loneliness.

“A big part of depression is feeling really lonely, even if you’re in a room full of a million people.”


Loneliness is a situation when people stay alone and do not catch up with people.

In this situation, people do not share anything with anyone. They do not have any good friends to discuss, or they cannot speak to their friends. 

The person spends time alone. Even they cannot share their view with family members. 

Always they stay alone. This all happens when a person becomes alone. 

In loneliness, people cannot express their feelings to dear ones. This hurts most. 

They are always self-centered. They remain alone all day long. and sometimes all night long also. 

They forget to smile, they forget to share joy and sorrow. There is no one beside them.

Gradually these things make a person alone and it ends in depression. 

When people connect with people, surrounded by people there are fewer chances to get depressed for the person. 

But today, people do not have real friends. They do not spend time with family, or with their partners. 

Social media is also responsible for this. People are in their world. 

But the harsh reality is, that they get too attached to a virtual world. So, when they turn off their phone they find themselves alone.

And they cannot live like this which causes depression. 

#Cannot go by choice

This affects a person the most. We have to admit that now the world has become more competitive. But sometimes this competitive world makes men depressed. 

Happiness and satisfaction are not the same for all. It varies from person to person.

Some people are happy running their own business, even if the profit is low. On the other hand, some are happy to be government servants. 

It is their own choice, and they are happy in their own life. So, just let it be. This should have happened.

But the reality is different. People cannot do it by their choices. They are forced to choose the unwanted things. 

This happens with many things in life. People are forced to do unwanted things.

These things may sound logical and small. but these things may be the reason for someone’s depression. 

Sometimes people should go with their choices. Because life does not give chance every time. 

You get life once, do not miss the chance. Live the life. 

Otherwise, not going with choices may be the cause of your depression.


Comparison is always bad. Any person should not be compared, and any person should be compared. 

We see this thing around us. We experience comparison. It started in childhood.

Suppose, a child has siblings or cousins. So they will be compared in many things like results, behavior, habits, etc.

Sometimes children get insulted by all the things. But parents do not care about it, as they do not think about it. 

These comparisons make a negative effect on the child most of the time. This leads to him or major depression. So we can call it a cause of depression. 

No children, elder people are compared sometimes. Who are richer, who buy expensive things, who can afford a luxurious lifestyle etc.?

They compete also. When they hear people talk about them, they get depressed about their present situation.

They feel guilty because they think they cannot afford a good life for themselves and their family. Simply, they are affected by people’s talk. 

But sometimes people are not satisfied with themselves. They compare themselves with others, which is very bad.

People notice others’ wealth, buildings, and luxurious lifestyles. And they get depressed for not having them.

Why he has everything, 

maybe something is wrong with me? Why I have not stood first in the class? Why does he get more marks than me? Why do I not able to shop all the time?

So these thoughts come to their mind. And they get busy with these thoughts.

As a result, they become ashamed of their recent situation and get depressed. 


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Md. Tota Miah
Md. Tota Miah
Md. Tota Miah is a career counseling expert and a faculty member at Varendra University. He has a master’s degree in Management from the University of Rajshahi and has been teaching academic subjects for more than 7 years. Mr. Tota has a passion for helping others win with their personal development and career and has been writing about self-growth and lifestyle matters for 3 years. Youth Rider is the result of his dream and passion to share the knowledge and information that would ultimately help people around the world.

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