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Top 5 Outstanding Self Branding Ideas in 2021

What Is Self Branding and Why Is It Important?

Self branding, you can also say personal branding is always considered a form of marketing that creates an individual public image, values, and overall reputation. The power of self branding is enormous. It highlights the good qualities of a person or a business.

Though it was very much popular among entrepreneurs and celebrities time has changed, you as an individual can brand yourself using your business logo or your name. This going trend has become a successful marketing strategy now a day.

So the way you create your public identity for your target group is called self branding or personal branding.

In another way, how do you market yourself conveying your values, beliefs, goals, etc?

People often talk about the branding of successful people like Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and so on.

At the end of the day, we the people are like a brand. Do we know that? Our name could be the brand name. The logo will be the face of you and people are getting value from you.

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The Ultimate Guide to Brand Yourself

So the burning question is that how can we brand ourselves? Here are the top 5 self branding ideas for you.

1. Build a Personal Website:

As personal branding is all about representing yourself offline and online, building a personal website could be a great choice to present your story online.

So it’s better to have a domain in your name or business name. It is like your home. Let’s have a look at how a personal website helps you in creating self branding:

  • A personal website talks about your personal story.
  • Your target audience can easily connect and get to know who you are, what you do?
  • They can learn about your core values, life journey, recognition, achievement, and failures also.

2. Social media Appearance

Consider a company, how do they start branding themselves. How do they promote in different places or events? Definitely, they give everyone some ideas about their products, services, values, and other information.

Since the evolution of globalization, the universe has become so much smaller. Literally, there is no border, boundaries, time barriers, and geographical barriers as well.  

Can you imagine it? The whole world has become a single village. How does it happen? It causes the rapid advancement of technology and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

Even you can spread your skills by using YouTube channels and can earn money also. What are you good at? Find those key potentials, posts about your inner interests.

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3. Importance of CV, LinkedIn, Interview –

Do you have any dream jobs in mind? I believe everyone does. Why do people learn so many skills, get degrees? Well, a dream job will be a great choice.

CV and the proper use of LinkedIn profile can help you to reach your goal since they speak for us. So organize your CV, so that employers get to know about you.

On the other hand, a LinkedIn profile as social media site will also help you to get connected with the recruiters easily. What do you need to do to update the profile professionally?

This is how you can reduce the gap between your dream job and you by emphasizing CV, Linked Profile.

4. Expanding Networking-

Being an integral part of society, many of us cannot communicate with others properly. Few people out there are comfortable face-to-face conversations.

Branding yourself can be easy if you can socialize yourself fast. Start writing to guest blog, hit up the and meet up event, conferences, meeting unknown people, this way interaction with people creates a strong community and the networking process becomes larger

Don’t forget to put the first impression while meeting these communities.

A little salute, a little smile, a little attention, and a little warm friendship, these personal attributes will help you win everyone’s heart.

To change everyone’s perception of you. Especially when it came to be familiar with someone new.

5. Be Authentic

The most commonly used phrase in some motivational speakers or in life coaches is “just be yourself”. Your audience will not trust you unless they perceive you as a real person or an honest man.

Audiences want to follow real people who mean what they say. Successful personal branding requires a true representation of who you are and how you stand out from the crowd?

The audience always wants the true core values, potentials, qualities within you.

However, To sum up, when it comes to personal branding, being authentic is crucial. Just be yourself while representing yourself online and offline. It means a lot.

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Md. Tota Miah
Md. Tota Miah
Md. Tota Miah is a career counseling expert and a faculty member at Varendra University. He has a master’s degree in Management from the University of Rajshahi and has been teaching academic subjects for more than 7 years. Mr. Tota has a passion for helping others win with their personal development and career and has been writing about self-growth and lifestyle matters for 3 years. Youth Rider is the result of his dream and passion to share the knowledge and information that would ultimately help people around the world.

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