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    8 Time Management Strategies to Make Life More Effective

    What is Time Management?

    Time Management is all about managing your time effectively and efficiently. Effective time management makes people smarter to think, work, and good decision-makers.

    It allows you to divide your works so that you can complete all your important tasks within the designated time frame.

    Why it is Important?

    The time we spent on social media especially on Facebook has no bounds. People used to check notifications after just waking up in the morning.

    Our most valuable time actually spent checking news feeds on YouTube, Snapchat. These obviously kill our most precious time in life.

    Of course, I am not telling you that these are useless. We can not skip using social media but should be used effectively.

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    5 Effective Techniques of Time Management

    Let’s dive into these 8 time management strategies to measure how you can boost your productivity in your personal and professional life without wasting time.

    1. Get Out of Social Media Addictions

    Well, Digital services have made our life so easy but at the same time, they are causing distraction from our primary goal.

    Everyone has friends, relatives who are online using either Facebook, messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp, or other platforms. Once it becomes an addiction to someone, now the time to think about intimidation.

    You are obsessed with social media. These are taking away from your original works and wasting valuable time. If you use it effectively and efficiently, the results could be mined-blowing.

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    Therefore, taking a break from social media can help to be more focused on regular work.

    2. Use the Productive App for Time Management

    The world is moving fast, gradually. It does not like to look back. You must be adaptive to these rapid advancements which are happening globally. So, effective time management will get you on that track.

    In order to be more productive, why aren’t you using productive apps like Wunderlist, Evernote? Evernote, personally my favorite productive app. This app will help to record your daily tasks,

    • The productive app helps to record daily tasks, and it reminds you when to do.
    • You will be amazed to keep a detailed plan for this app.
    • Evernote will allow taking instant meeting notes in audio or video format.
    • It has all customized services to manage your precious time.

    3. Use Google Calendar

    Just imagine you have an upcoming schedule or meeting one week later, and you forgot.  In regard to time management, it’s not possible to make plans and important events without a calendar. So this can be an effective tool for managing time efficiently.

    Let me tell you one thing. I used to work out every day at 6 PM after the regular jobs are done. Before that, work pressure forces me to disorder my day’s activities.

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    Once I set the schedule on Google Calendar, it reminds me of 15 minutes before the workout.

    This is how I get back to track and eventually don’t miss my gym. Therefore, I would say this is up to you, how do you schedule your day. But this allows proper distribution of time and makes you more productive at the end of the day.

    4. Make a list of all Activities Before Starting Your Day

    The understanding priority of setting works is very important. You might have different types of tasks all day long.

    But the big question is how to start, when to do, which one be done now. Don’t puzzle yourself. Most people overcome this situation by making a to-do list in the morning or before going to bed.

    Using sticky notes can be very effective on your computer screen also for time management.

    Along with listing all due jobs, make sure you set priorities for your works. Keep your most valuable task top of the list.

    Or you can kill your most difficult task first. Once you practice these in a week, you will get results assisting you to become more focused.

    5. Be Focused on Prioritized Works

    Structuring your day and works could be best for time management. Procrastination kills our efforts, thoughts, merits, and diverts us from the primary goal.

    All works required to be done on time. Don’t keep your work lists heavy. The best way is to make a list of all works in a day or for a week. Set a priority and think about which one should be solved fast.

    This will reduce your mental pressure, and you will have started thinking calmly. Here, distractions can block your progress, but try to manage work pressures.

    6. Be Organized

    Discipline, sincerity, and purposeful life are must attributes if you want to master the time management hacks. Be cautious about your duties, responsibilities, and accountabilities.

    Start your day with a purpose. These simple time management tricks will induce you to be more structured. Schedule your classes, reading times, eating habits, and sleeping hours.  So prepare for everything you are involved with.

    7. Avoid Multitasking

    Your time management strategies might not work because of multitasking.

    Have you ever consider that multitasking reduces your performance? Even it decrease your general intelligence by over 11%.

    Attempting to do many activities at the same time might have disastrous consequences for you and those around you. Multitasking not only lowers your cognitive level but also lowers your productivity by 40%.

    Keep in mind that activities like listening to soft music, calming music don’t usually count as multitasking, even though they can boost productivity.

    8. Delegate Your Works

    If you are a professional, there is a good chance that someone at your organization has the expertise and time to assist you. In that case, delegate some of your duties that trouble you, or literally you have little time.

    There is no such thing as an island. There’s a good chance that someone at your company has the skills and time to assist you with some of the duties you’re having trouble with or simply don’t have time for.

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    Delegating duties and responsibilities sometimes increase the value to others. While doing this, allow them to make decisions and, if necessary, restrict your supervision by maintaining professionalism.

    Remember, successful people have the best time management strategy. This is why they remain rich in life.

    Md. Tota Miah
    The author is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration at Varendra University, Rajshahi. Besides, he is a researcher, blogger and has extensive knowledge of fitness, higher studies as well as personal development. Mr. Tota wants the youth to make themselves worth it for the country.

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