Career4 Useful Online Interview Tips for Acing Your Next Job

    4 Useful Online Interview Tips for Acing Your Next Job

    Why do you need to stand out in an online interview?

    Despite decreasing the number of job opportunities in huge number, employers are moving their hiring process through virtual sessions. Most of the offices, especially the multinational corporation, have completely or partially moved to work from home.

    These happened because of the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic in almost every part of the world. Job seekers and employers both are connecting with each other by using online platforms.

    So there is a huge demand for nailing an online interview or video interview to fill up the current vacancies of the companies.

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    The COVID-19 has forced people to become habituated to digital technologies, which may be considered the future tools for conducting offices. Job interviews have shifted online as the coronavirus has not been ended up.

    The question is that are you ready to accept the changes? Are you comfortable with this new normal life?

    Throughout this article, we will discover some important factors to take into consideration in online job interviews in a pandemic situation.

    Effects of Pandemic in Job Markets in Bangladesh

    According to a recent survey in BID’s, Bangladesh, the Youth unemployment rate might be doubled this year. Around 1. 7 million youth may lose jobs because of the adverse impact of COVID-19.  

    Already, 13% have lost their jobs. The vulnerable groups of the consequences are especially youth and women working in the garments sector. The rate of unemployment has become fierce in SMEs and Industry sectors.

    Exerts have already indicated that sophisticated skills, training, focusing on digital technologies will be the top priority for further hired to manage other jobs.

    How to Be Prepared for an Online Interview?

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    To help you out in this outbreak for an online interview, Youth Rider has gathered some significant tips and ways to grab your next job interview.

    So you are jumping to interview on skype or zoom or any other platform rather than the physical visit of interviewers. Please be alert to the following things-

    1. Get ready for a demo test before the big day, I mean the interviewing day. Organize your necessary tools and types of equipment including computer/laptop, stable internet connections, web camera, and microphone. You should also take back up of your CV/Resume, both hard copy and soft copy. Now the time to run a test before the day and of course the time of happening interview at least 20 minutes earlier.
    2. Take a close look at your attire. It must be professional so that employers or hiring managers perceive you as the right person. So dress up properly that you are comfortable with. Being a virtual interview, make sure you look nice on camera.
    3. Keep plan B if you lose the Wi-Fi connection. Ensuring a stable internet connection is necessary. If the connection lost because of unknown errors, be ready to connect again with the alternative option you have.

    4 Tips and Ways to Ace online Interview

    01. Research Your Company/Organization

    It’s not shocking that the hiring managers and employers preferably become digitized. Their appearance on online platforms is common.

    Almost all services, products, the company’s goal, and overview of its activities might be known easily than before. Before landing to a pandemic online interview, make sure you have deeply researched the following important things-

    • Google the organization’s website and take notes of the basic information about its history, mission, vision. How do they work, their partners, with the home they have a partnership with? What I meant to say, you must think of yourself as an integral part of the company. So learning about the company’s operations make you more confident. Because employer or hiring managers will have started thinking you have really an interest in us.
    • Apart from that, every organization nowadays has a social appearance. Your duty is to look for whether they share every piece of information regarding the company either on LinkedIn or Facebook or anywhere else?
    • Be focused on future trends and projects for the interviewing company. This will push you to believe that you know everything about the organization.

    02. Focus on Mock Online Interview

    After you have studied and gathered knowledge on interviewer company, practice frequently.

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    Take help from your friends or relatives. Arrange a mock interview session online, have a video chat, and get comfortable.

    If you are on the job and planning to switch, ask your colleagues to practice. We suggest repeatedly practice, and practice. Learn by doing.

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    03. Communications Skills

    The biggest myth I am highlighting here right now about acing an online job interview. Employers rank graduates in job interviews based on their communications skills.

    Job candidates are ranked higher, which is more than 70%. How will you do that in this epidemic?

    The whole world is under lockdown, stopping physical movement also. Social distancing and virtual meetings can be the solution. Take this as an opportunity and build the networks surrounding yourself.

    In a pandemic or online interview, you have fewer chances in interviews, but strong communication skills might ahead of you than others.

    Master your introduction during an interview, including giving an impression, telling your passions, goals, and skills. Reach out to these messages at the very beginning of the Interview.

    04. Be Familiar With Updated Technology-

    You cannot live without technology now. Probably you have heard about Zoom cloud meetings or Microsoft Teams.

    The ongoing situation has made these virtual meeting technologies more popular than in normal times.

    Even these companies are in trouble to provide services to all the people. As a student and prospective job candidate, you could not survive in the upcoming job markets if you are not adaptable to communication technologies.

    So learn smarter and faster about these digital products and nail your online interview.

    Good luck!

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    Md. Tota Miah
    The author is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Business Administration at Varendra University, Rajshahi. Besides, he is a researcher, blogger and has extensive knowledge of fitness, higher studies as well as personal development. Mr. Tota wants the youth to make themselves worth it for the country.

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