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12 Things a New Team Leader Should Do First!

Why teamwork is really important in today’s world?

How well did your teams work together before the lockdown? How was it when they had to work from a remote place? Finding the right answer to this question will not be easy. Even teamwork is hard to define in many cases.

Having good teamwork skills does not mean being able to interact with others. It is the ability to work well with others. And it’s important in every industry, from financial services to retail. 

Many of us work in new teams but do not know how to fit into the team. After joining a new team, it is a little difficult at first. This is especially true for those who have never worked in a team before, or who have little contact with people.

For many, it takes a little time to adjust to being part of a team at the beginning of their career, which is normal.

After joining a team as a new member, you will see that the current members have already formed a relationship with each other. Naturally, they will not have many relationships with you on the first day.

But there is nothing to be disappointed in. It takes time to understand and build relationships with new people. And everyone needs to pay more attention to their work. Some groups will welcome you as their first. No problem. Again, some teams need some skill and time to adjust.

There are ways to be loyal and loving to a new group. Whether you’re a member of the team or a team leader, these tips will help you get the job done right. 

Let’s find out, 13 tips to adapt yourself to the new team in a beautiful way:

1. Set goals and objectives for your team –

“the ability to work collaboratively to achieve a common goal is teamwork.”


To work in a team, everyone needs to understand the organization’s purpose and work accordingly. Carlos Valdes-Dapena, from the global brand Mars, advises teams to consider joining it, asking, “Why is working together as a team worth more than the sum of your personal efforts?”

It is the responsibility of a leader to set these clear and compelling directions. Without it, a team is less likely to succeed. To succeed, everyone needs to be committed to a common goal.

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If a team does not understand the purpose of their work, their attention and enthusiasm may decrease.

Be clear about why you are doing what you are doing – this is the key to motivation. Simon Sinek, author, and marketing consultant unveiled the game-changing concept in his TED talk.

“Why give you clarity, money, and direction. It’s a filter through which you can make decisions every day. “

So, find out the” why “for your current project or ultimate goal – purpose – and why you are taking every step that takes you there. It’s just inspiring and aligning everyone.

No, it’s a great way to review your process and make sure you’re taking the best steps to get to where you need to be.

2. Clear what needs to be done-

Everyone needs to understand and be confident about the special strength they bring to the team. The size and structure of the team are important, and everyone has to make their decisions realistically.

Remember everything is not good depending on fate. But you have to have the right mix of skills, thinking style, and behavior. If a team is too big, people can be lazy and have a tendency to groupthink.

Moreover, diversity within the team is also vital. So try mixing age, socio-economic background, race, and gender.

The American Psychological Association has found that team members can bring out more innovation and creativity when they work together in a diversified environment.

3. Communicate Effectively-

Thanks to the recent explosion of remote work in the current context of Covid-19. It has become evident that their skills as a team are very important. Everyone’s eyes are open to the challenges and opportunities ahead of us.

There is no substitute for communication, says Mike Schultz, president of Digital Spark Marketing.

4. Avoid Conflicts-

Conflicts with staff are very common when it comes to teamwork. However, if it is too late, it can be a cause for concern again.

Unity, sincerity, tolerance, and good understanding among the members. If necessary, the problems or differences of opinion should be resolved through discussion with everyone.

5. Exercise together-

I’m not talking about aerobics here – I’m not asking your team to complete a set of jumping jacks at your next meeting. I’m talking about team-building practice.

working together as a team
Working together as team

And this exercise can be done in a short time, it will take about 5 to 10 minutes. But before deciding on a team-building practice, it is important to evaluate what specific challenges your team is facing.

For example, do your teams need to get to know each other better or do they need to recover from a conflict?

You can practice different practices for each of these situations. Your team-building practice frequency should also be considered.

Team building exercises are like physical exercises – if you do it often, the benefits are long-lasting.

If you train twice a year, you will not be able to climb Everest. Teamwork is the same. If you want to achieve your teamwork goals, find a way to do exercises in your weekly / monthly communication with your team.

6. Establish team rules-

Rules are everywhere – in sports, in professional life, we have to follow the rules everywhere in daily life.

We can never achieve our goals without knowing where we stand and where we want to go.

So the rules contribute to the success and productivity of a team. If the rules are made and everyone is aware of their responsibilities and duties, then there is no opportunity to evade work.

It should be the same for everyone and everyone should be punished even if they break it. For example, if it is said in an official meeting that cell phone or laptop should be turned off, then everyone should do it because it is important to pay attention in the meeting, not on the phone.

7. Refrain office ‘politics’ –

There are some such problems in all workplaces, but it is important to refrain from such issues or at least stay away as much as possible. The ability to deal with conflict or disagreement cold head will help you a lot in this case.

Think about how you want to present yourself at work. Your presence should be positive and unwavering. If such a co inside the office

8. Reward –

A recent survey found that all employees are satisfied, they have a lot of interest in the job and volunteer their work.

You can call it active. Clearly, the recognition of good work is a responsibility. Encourage them by giving employees personal recognition, thanksgiving, promotions, bonuses, or extra leave or giving them some freedom.

Personal recognition and thanks

9. Allow to speak freely –

how to work in a team?
Team work

Every member has his or her own freedom. As a human being, everyone has the right to express their opinion. The team building should have an environment where a lower-level employee of the organization can proudly participate and share his or her ideas.

As a leader, you must make sure that everyone can speak openly, give opinions and their opinions are respected.

10.Be a good listener –

If you are only a member of a group, you will respectfully consider the other person’s point of view and ideas. This is why different parties have the potential to be so effective.

Active listening is harder than you think. When you hear someone say something you do not agree with at first, refrain from interrupting and do not allow any counter-comments to form in your mind.

Just listen, and consider what they say, why they believe it.

11. Acknowledge the mistake-

Identifying your mistakes is a good quality when working in a team. If you firmly believe that your team is doing something wrong, but the timing is right you can find a way to get back on the issue, but sticking to the mud is not the quality of a good team member.

12. Get rid of blaming attitudes –

If team members try to blame each other for any problems, the team is sure to fail. If there is any mistake, it is better to admit it and gain experience from it.

One of the ways to stay away from this attitude of blaming is to create an environment in the company that will inspire everyone to learn something new and improve their skills.

If there is a problem, plan in person and with the team how the problem has occurred and what steps need to be taken to ensure that this does not happen in the future.


The reality is that there is no such thing as a perfect solution to improve teamwork skills, which will work equally well for everyone.

Experience plays a big role in becoming proficient in this field. The ability to work with a team gradually increases through self-awareness, understanding what you need, and maintaining adequate communication.

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Md. Tota Miah
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