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Best 7 Life Changing Books to Change Your Perspective on Life

If you’re one of those who enjoy knowledge and reflection, I invite you to understand and delight yourself with these life changing books to reflect, they’ll allow you to work out life and love in a very different way.

Have you read these?

Books to reflect on Life

Life Changing Books to Read in Your 30s

#1 The Little Prince

Best 7 Life Changing Books to Change Your Perspective on LifeBest 7 Life Changing Books to Change Your Perspective on Life

Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Gender: Infant

This life changing book could be a classic that reflects in an exceedingly very fresh way the values ​​for people’s lives, those self-same values ​​that we learn at our most tender age, but that we forget as we become adults.

Although it’s a children’s work, when an adult enjoys it, they’ll feel in reading how they have acquired certain toxic behaviors that within the eyes of an innocent child are irrelevant.

The work consists of the story of a pilot who falls in the middle of the desert and meets a touch man who came from a weird planet where there’s only 1 flower.

#2 The secret.

Author: Rhonda Byrne. Genre: Self-help and self-improvement

At last, the key to success has been revealed, knowing and mastering the facility of positive thoughts, thus achieving positive results. This is my best choice among the other life changing books.

It is about knowing the law of attraction, a theory that indicates that positive thoughts attract only positive situations for that person, from all points of view: love, health, wealth, and happiness.

The secret has been claimed to be a piece of writing with the facility to alter lives, although some consider it a piece of fiction.

#3 Kites within the sky.

Author: Khaled Hosseini. Genre: Realistic novel

A moving story about two parents and their children, people of various social classes, however, these children show that social differences don’t affect friendship.

But life always tests us, and between these two children, a situation arises that ends in an exceeding betrayal of their invaluable friendship.

And it’s here, as they explain how a baby of just 12 years old, will remember throughout his life how he allowed losing such a precious treasure, like friendship.

Excellent novel, during which it’s shown how parents influence the emotions of their children, and the worth of friendship. A story that explains that risks don’t matter, the important thing is to attain the objectives and be happy.

#4 The four Agreements.

Author: Dr. Miguel Ruíz. Genre: Motivation and self-help

This renowned book reveals some principles that, if applied in various aspects of life, will allow us to attain an excellent level of inner peace and total tranquility.

The four agreements the author refers to are:

  • Be impeccable with words.
  • Avoid taking something personally.
  • Avoid making assumptions.
  • Always give the most effective of you.

The book has been written in a very, very simple way, exposing all its arguments clearly, facilitating the power to practice the 4 agreements and improve the lifestyle.

#5 Books to reflect on love

Love or depend?

Author: Walter Riso. Genre: Self-help and self-improvement

It is a book that studies the affective dependence of some people since many confuse the love of a pair and deform its true meaning. One of the precious points that the author talks about is attachment, which he considers as some way of dying in life.

Another topic that develops is knowledge about tools to market the independence of the person, as a private.

Sometimes, some relationships hurt, and a few people forget self-love thanks to the fear of loneliness, that’s why they tolerate that harmful relationship that lands up being something pathological.

This book shows the limit that exists between feeling lots of affection for somebody and feeling an excessive attachment, considered an effective dependency that in the end generates only suffering.

#6 Good love within the couple.

 Author: Joan Garriga. Genre: Self-help.

This is not the standard book that indicates what’s allowed and what’s prohibited in a very couple, talks about relationships, and explains those issues that facilitate the link as a pair.

It shows a way to build an honest relationship as a pair, and particularly a way to maintain it. It also explains the importance of every couple finding their own formula for happiness.

It is a book that doesn’t indicate the steps to like as if it were a cooking recipe, it explains most parameters.

Every relationship is different, every couple is different, and the actions that make a pair happy won’t necessarily allow another couple to also achieve happiness.

Best of all, in this book you’ll be able to read whether your relationship is on the proper track, it’ll allow you to acknowledge and value the love you enjoy.

It will even allow you to think about taking some actions to attain full happiness with the person you’re keen on. So why not read this life changing book today?

#7 Under the identical star

Author: John Green. Genre: Youth Literature – Romance Novel

Beautiful youth love novel, during which a pair who are victims of cancer commit to making the foremost of the limited time they need together.

And they consider that the simplest way is to venture resolutely to meet their favorite writer, crossing the Atlantic to achieve Amsterdam.

Living along the way, a series of situations show them that they’re still alive and have many things to find.

A fabulous novel, stuffed with hope, showing that even within the most tragic moments and near death, we must value and revel in the journey of living and loving someone.

The books contain plenty of data and inspiration, so I hope these life changing books offer you all the knowledge and peace of mind you wish and deserve.

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