Answer Like a Pro: Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years?

How do you answer, where do you see yourself in 10 years in the job interview? Well, do not panic. “When seating in the hot seat of an interview, how your response is more important than what you are.

I heard this one a long time ago. It seems to be amply true, doesn’t it? I mean, look at the duration of an interview.

From 5 to 10, 20, or probably 30 minutes at best. Within this span, is it possible to show the bigger picture of who you are and what skills you possessed?

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No, not at all. And for that reason, the candidates who can make the best of their wits within this shorter period, change the game.

We have already presented a blog on common interview questions and answers before. But especially for this question, we had to dedicate an entire blog.

Because its gravity and magnitude are quite high. Your response to this question has a rooted effect on whether you will be hired or not. Where do you see yourself in 10 years, is the most common question that an interviewer always asks.

Give a Stricken Answer- Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years From Now?

You might be the owner of a BMW/ a parent of 3 children/ an owner of a beautiful cottage in the upcoming 10 years.

There is nothing wrong with these answers, and they appear to be correct. And this is where most people make a grave mistake.

As a matter of fact, your interviewers are hardly interested in knowing about your personal possessions.

On the other hand, they don’t want to know precisely what you will be doing in the forthcoming 3650 days.

The only thing they care about is your contribution to the company. So, choose your words carefully.

Speak in their tone. Employees are an investment for any company. A company’s growth, success, sustainability, and profitability highly depend on its employees.

So, finding a qualified employee is ultimately a clever investment for companies.

 There are a couple of things that they try to figure out by asking where do you see yourself in 10 years. Such as-

1. Perfect Match:

They want to know specifically about your career goals. And will this position be a good fit to accomplish those goals or not?

2. Committed Personnel:

 If the job becomes an important part of your own career goals, you are more likely to stick around it. And in that case, you are hardly going to switch your job.

3. Right Investment:

Where do you see yourself in 10 years, Through this question, they want to find out whether you are the right investment for them or not? “10 years” is a future prospect. You must have a plan for your upcoming lifetime.

They want to see whether your long-term goals perfectly align with those of the company or not. And can you ensure the growth of the company or not.

Growth means, as time will go by, you will be able to handle more responsibilities within that organization.

You should try to cleverly utter those words that can impress them. So, be prepared to show your interviewers a stunning visualization.

A visualization of the bounds where you will find yourself in the next 10 years.

How to answer – Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

It is assumed that when the interviewer is asking where do you see yourself in 10 years, that means your initial impression was good. Through this question, they want to know more about you.

how do you see yourself in next 10 years?
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You have already left an optimal cachet, and now it is time to make it stronger.

Your employers do not want someone who is not excited about the job at all. They yearn to see the enthusiasm, motivation, power in a candidate.

There are a number of phenomena that you should store in your mind for presenting a stricken answer. Such as-

#Do Your Homework:

Do your research. Conduct an in-depth analysis of the company. Find out details of the position you have applied for.

And also about the company, what their business is, who their clients are. Having a strong insight into the company will help you to prepare a solid answer.

Interviewers feel positive towards those candidates who are already fully armed with information.

For example- You are applying for a position in a management consulting firm. Go through their websites, Facebook pages, and additional links. Find to whom they serve, their market position, major competitors, etc.

#Envision the Future:

Think, exactly what type of job you want to be in by the next 10 years. You must have some inner desires. So, put it out from your imagination and draw a design that will fulfill those desires.

For example – You aspire to build a virtual company based on online service. Then, this would be your dream of the future.

#Connect Your Dreams With The Job:

Now, make sure to relate your dreams to the job you have applied for. Your interviewers will get impressed.

For example – You have applied for a management trainee in Company X. State them how this job will help you to reach your ultimate career goals.

#Never Lie:

You don’t have to be 100% accurate in what you say. But make sure that you are not adopting falsification.

#Be Practically Ambitious:

Express yourself as if you are a goal-oriented person. Show them that you are someone who will leave no stone unturned to fulfill his mission.

Being ambitious about your goals is important. But at the same time, your goals must be practical, achievable.

For example – I am going to be the wealthiest person on earth in the next 10 years. Avoid this type of statement.

#Don’t be too Specific:

Neither too ambiguous nor too obvious answer is appropriate. Make a balance between the two.

For example – In the next 10 years, I am going to be head of the management department. Don’t answer this. Instead, you can say in the next 10 years, I want to see myself achieving a higher leadership position.

#Lack of Splurge:

It will definitely destroy your impression. Your words, your expression should imply your exertion.

#A Twisted Ending:

Interviews are a two-way interactive session. But we think only the recruiters will ask questions during the interview.

That isn’t the case.  If you show your interest in finding more about the company, it will add some plus points.

Your interviewers will think you are genuinely interested in that job. So, end your answer with a question.

You can through a question like this,

What should be the long term goals for someone in this job according to you?

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A sample answer-

Here is a sample answer for where do you see yourself in 10 years.

In 10 years, I want to see myself as a dexterous one in my field. I want to grow, advance my role and responsibilities. When I found this job position in your company, I got excited.

The company reputation along with the job requirements made me feel as if it’s the ideal position for me to start my career. I hope, it will help me to utilize my full potential. And also to make significant contributions towards this company by helping it to reach its optimum potential.

Our Last Piece of Advice-

Follow the steps we mentioned and prepare your answers beforehand. But don’t memorize it.

Even if you do, add some natural flavors of tone while speaking. Practice your answers at home. On the spot, narrate your answer like a pro and show them why you are the best fit for that position.

Good luck. And don’t forget to read the ‘Common interview questions and answers to find out more about interview techniques.

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