LinkedIn Profile: 13 Powerful Tips for Job Seekers

Why is having a LinkedIn Profile so Important?

Do You spend much time building a powerful LinkedIn Profile? Let us know in the comment section.

You may be a giant figure on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Likee, or in any other social media, but your corporate career has very little to be benefited from your fame.

So, becoming a little bit picky in terms of online appearance will pay a lot to your career. Online presence matters. In this modern civilization, how you expose yourself online, has a profound effect on your career.

If you want to stand out from the crowd of non-professional-folks around you and step into a professional world then LinkedIn would be the best platform for you.

For those who don’t have the ABC of what LinkedIn is, we are putting a succinct description.

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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is concerned with professional networking. Like Facebook, here you can add friends, (known as “Connections” in LinkedIn) upload, share, like content, etc.

Through building LinkedIn Profile, you can reflect your professional appearance, build your resume, search for jobs, build your network.

Initially, its services are free but you can purchase a premium version of it which will give you some additional benefits.

Currently, this platform has almost 575+ million users and more than 259 million active users.

Top 13 Benefits of LinkedIn Profile for students—

Finding jobs is becoming quite ticklish more than ever before. So, leaving a strong footmark as a “Professional Personality” is on fire for job seekers.

As a student, it is the right time for you to act accordingly. In this case, LinkedIn will provide you a plethora of benefits. Let’s look at why you should build a LinkedIn account –

standout from the crowd and presence on LinkedIn
Image credit: Nikita Kachanovsky on Unsplash.

#1 Creating network –

Network building is a pivotal personal branding strategy (Check out our “Importance of Personal Branding” blog to get more ideas).

According to a survey, nowadays 85% of prestigious jobs are offered through networking. A powerful account on LinkedIn will help you to expand your networking to a long extent.

#2 Quick connections –

Connections building is both convenient and easy on LinkedIn profiles. There will be some favorite corporate personalities of yours whom you adore a lot, you will find almost every one of them on LinkedIn.

You can follow them and remain in touch very easily, unlike some other social media platforms.

#3 Observing career map-

By following your seniors or other professionals on LinkedIn, you will get an idea about their career movement. How people are sorting through job opportunities and how they are expressing themselves professionally will help you to draw your career map as well.

#4 Networking with professionals –

A long chain of networks can be established through this platform, as we stated earlier. But hardly any platform except LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to grow your network with professionals. This site has been build on professionalism for the professionals.

#5 Interview preparation –

Before setting for an interview, you can check out the background of interviewers and get some ideas about them which will eventually help you to get mentally prepared.

#6 Internship opportunities – 

Apart from jobs, internships circulars are also posted on LinkedIn. So, if you want to get internship opportunities in a reputed company then join and build a LinkedIn Profile today and grab your respected avail.

#7 Professionally social –

Well, it is time to be a  little bit “Professionally Social”. Professional people are also social, they have a common, normal life as yours.

But have you noticed a slight difference in their public appearance? Probably yes, this is because they know very well how to keep a balance between personal and professional life, how to maintain public exposure. By following professionals on LinkedIn will give you transparent ideas on how do they handle these situations.

#8 Group creating –

Like Facebook and other social media platforms, you can create or add with some groups. People of these groups share common career goals. Groups in LinkedIn can be very helpful when it comes to finding opportunities.

#9 Job email alerts –

There is a special feature in LinkedIn where you can submit your mail address and regular job updates or new job offers will be delivered to your Email address.

So, even if you are not active at LinkedIn but still you will get notifications of jobs directly on your mailbox.

#10 Insights of companies –

Before applying for a job or internship, it is vital part to do some research on the company itself.

On a LinkedIn profile, you can get ideas about the company, what services they offer, their followers, and also the employees working for that company.

#11 Getting found –

Companies are changing their recruitment procedures. These procedures are becoming very competitive and technology-driven.

From your online presence, companies can assume a lot of things about yourself. So, a killer LinkedIn ID will not only help you to get found when companies are looking for personals but also to leave a good impression.

#12 Global presence – 

As the LinkedIn profile is a global platform. An account on this platform helps you to appear in the global market. Some of you might aspire for getting international lucrative job opportunities, then this is the best place to stay with.

#13 Recommendations –

Unlike some other social media sites, LinkedIn profile offers another special feature known as “Recommendations”.

This option adds credibility and authenticity to your account. Professionals ask for recommendations from their bosses, their colleagues.

But as a student, if you have no working experience you can simply ask for recommendations from your teachers or your classmates.

Things to keep in mind while opening a LinkedIn Profile –

#1 A perfect profile picture –

Very few people put utmost importance in terms of choosing pictures for their profile on LinkedIn.

You must remember, it is a formal platform so, your picture should have a professional dimension with high resolution and quality. You can go to a professional photographer to get a nice image for your account.

#2 An eye-catching headline –

This is a section that helps to grab people’s attention easily. As a fresher/undergraduate you don’t have much to say. So, you can keep it simple just depicting your area of study. But make sure to present your word in a meaningful way.

#3 A Killer summary –

Now, this is something you can’t skip even if you haven’t stepped into professionalism yet. This summary is all about who you actually are, what you are currently doing, what are you pursuing for the future.

So, keep it precise but appealing. You can start with a beautiful quote that might describe how your perception is towards life.

Then, the description of your field of study and what do you do apart from study, make sure to add some branding flavors here.

Finally, where do you see yourself in the future, what is it that you want to accomplish through your life. See, the name already suggests it’s a summary so keep it short, simple, and easy to read.

#4 Education –

Both your current and previous institutions should be placed, and keep updating your educational information.

#5 Volunteering experience –

Nowadays participating in any volunteering activities helps to create a positive perception among recruiters. So, make sure to add your volunteering experience along with the name of the organization, if you have any.

#6 Courses, skills: 

Include the name of the courses you have completed. In terms of skills, add only those skills in which you are undoubtedly adroit. Avoid giving spurious information, it can destroy your image.

#7 Contact information:

Keep your contact information jargon-free so that you can be found easily.

In Conclusion-

We have provided some basic information and guidelines about LinkedIn which will help you to step into this professional world.

Then once you step in, gradually you will discover the advanced features of this platform. So, go now, start your LinkedIn ID today.

And stay with us, stay with “Youth Rider”; your personal guide towards excellence.

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