How to Stay Active in COVID-19 Pandemic?

How to stay active! Physical and mental well-being is the key thing a person needs. And, exercise is the most important input for staying active and healthy.

What’s more? Physical activity has a direct connection to your immune system as well. It helps to improve immunity, fight stress, vanish the risks of weight gain, and a whole lot more.

But things seem challenging when you need to pass the whole day at your home because of a lockdown.

However, it is challenging but not impossible. There are productive ways to be active in staying at your home.

So, let’s get to know the answers to ‘how does exercise help to stay active in Covid-19?’

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How does exercise help to stay active in Covid-19?

Well, ask me why it is not crucial, because there are thousands of reasons why you should stay active in Covid-19. The pandemic has a huge power to break your mental and physical health.

But exercise has the power to heal that breakdown and stay you active.

The problem arises when you cannot go to the gym, visit a public swimming pool, play your favorite outdoor games, or anything else that is not possible in lockdown.

However, the solutions are not unreachable. You still can stay active by working out regularly at your home. How? Pin it for later! 

Here’s why physical activity is so important during a pandemic:

  • To control weight
  • To reduce anxiety and stress
  • To keep from health conditions like heart disease or stroke
  • To sleep sound

And, so many more…

The Ways How You Can Stay Active In and Around Your Home

Yes, several ways will help you to stay active in Covid-19. Just do not give up, keep patience, and you will see the changes.

1. Make a Routine

Set up a time for around 30-60 minutes a day for physical activity. You can set a reminder on your phone or write it down in your diary lest you should forget about it. Fixing a specific time will help you to be active and make sure you get exercise regularly.

And, try hard to stick with it. Results may not come in one day, just keep doing your work until you see an amazing output of physical activity.

2. Follow Some Specific Physical Activity Rules

You can start with some basic physical activity ideas (e.g walking, running in your backyard, climbing up your stairs, and so on). Moreover, you also will find a lot of YouTube videos for learning from basic to advanced physical activity ideas.

Below are some ideas that will help you and your family members to stay active during this pandemic. We’ve divided things into some parts according to ages.

Under One-Year-Old Infants

Spend some time playing floor-based stuff with babies in a prone position and see the magic of tummy time! It will cheer up your baby all around the day.

Under Five Years of Aged Children

Play such games that require being active with these children. Also, try to play such games that develop posture and balance as well as catching, throwing, and kicking skills. Apart from these, skipping, running around, and jumping are also basic physical activities they should practice.

5-17 Years Old (children & adolescents)

For these ages, setting up some playground games like Hopscotch or Jump rope will keep them active. They also should join in an online exercise routine and physical education classes that are suitable for adolescents.    

Learning a new skill and doing various muscle strength activities (e.g lifting weights like a bottle full of sand or water) will let them stay active for the whole day.


Adults have numerous options to choose from for being active. For instance, you can climb up the stairs, do household chores, join in an online workout class, and do several muscle-strengthening activities.

Also, free-style dancing, walking, or running around the home, and a whole lot more options are there for adults who want to stay active during the pandemic.

How Much Physical Activity is Considered Enough?

WHO recommends a minimum level of physical activity that we all should keep in mind.

  • Under one-year-old infants should be active many times a day. 
  • Under-five years of aged children should spend at least 3 hours a day in physical activities.
  • 5-17 years of children and adolescents should spend at least 1 hour a day in physical activities.
  • And, adults should spend more than 150 minutes in physical activities all over the week. But older people who have poor mobility should be engaged in physical activity for 3 days or more per week.

How Can You Stay Safe During Exercising in the Pandemic?

A few things you must keep in mind to stay safe while you exercise during the pandemic.

  • Avoid exercising in case you have any difficulty in breathing, or if you have a cough or fever.
  • Going out for a walk? Take your gloves and mask!
  • Take time to wash the hands after getting back home.
  • Choose carefully which exercise is perfect for you. It will help you to decrease the risks of having an injury.
  • Go slowly but steadily. On the very first days of your exercise, go for 15-20 minutes of exercising. Over time, increase the time duration and gradually spend more time in physical activities.

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So, that’s all we stored for you. By reading this article, hopefully, now you’ve got your answer to ‘how does exercise help to stay active in Covid-19?’.

Since physical activity plays a major role to boost your immune system as well as make you more resistant to infections, you should never underestimate the power of exercise.

Moreover, when it comes to decreasing inflammation or viral respiratory infections, physical activity is a natural way to make these happen. 

Try your best to keep yourself active during a pandemic, otherwise, either physical or mental illness will catch you easily.

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