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How to Lose Body Fat: Diet Tips and Exercises

Get Rid of Stubborn Fat- A Balanced Diet Matter Most

Are you worried to lose body fat? Don’t worry now!  Since we will give you a proven diet chart that helps you to overcome this problem. Losing belly fat or body fat not only induce you to feel better but also it helps to avoid severe health issues. Of course, there is no single formula to keep yourself fit within a very short period of time. It can be accomplished by doing regular exercise and taking proper nutrition.

If you have been working to reduce body fat naturally, you should adopt a balanced diet and an effective training or exercise.

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Reasons Why Your Body Fat Is Not Reducing?

One of the key reasons for not reducing body fat is to eat the minimum required protein foods. How much protein to eat throughout the day?  – 2 grams of protein for every 1 kg of body weight.  That means if you weigh 60 kg, you need to eat at least 60 kg × 2 grams = 120 grams of protein.

You can not lose body fat because of these reasons-

  1. When you’re eating extra carbohydrates such as rice, potato, bread, burns, etc.
  2. If you use extra sugar and salt in food.
  3. Additional tension increases the cortisol hormone in the body which gains fat.
  4. When you’re sleeping less than 7/8 hours.
  5. Steroid medicine intake increases the body sugar level, which prevents fat to reduce properly.
  6. Taking saline or glucose except for diarrhea.
  7. Do not exercise for reducing fat or to lose body fat from a specific body. Instead, you should exercise the whole body. Such Belly fats will never decrease if you only workout for the belly or abs.

Diet Plan to Lose Body Fat

After getting up from sleep –

Drink 2 glasses of water. 2-3 boiled eggs without yolk. Green Tea mixing lemon- 1 cup.

During Breakfast –

3/4 bread (good if wholegrain) or oats. Poached Egg / dried fish/chicken/beef. one glass of milk or a banana.

12.00pm – Nuts, Pumpkin seeds, Bean seeds, Chickpeas, Walnuts.

Lunch (between 1.00-2.00pm)-

1 plate rice (good if wholegrain) or oats. Chicken breast / beef or mutton, Dried fish, fish, fish eggs, vegetables as much needed. Mix soya chunks with any curry or vegetables.

The evening (6.00-7.00pm) –

Nuts, fruits, especially apple or guava.

Dinner (9.00-10.00pm)-

chicken soups, soya chunks can be mixed. Chicken breast / beef or mutton lean red meat, dried fish, fish eggs, chicken eggs, vegetables.

Before sleeping-

one glass of milk. yogurt (sugarless).

What to Do to Lose Body Fat or Belly Fat Fast

  • Exercise on an empty stomach for 2 hours (water, green tea, coffee can be drunk without sugar).
  • Protein foods and fruits should be eaten every 2 hours except during sleep (while awake). Not a single meal can be left out.
  •  Sugar intake should be reduced.
  • Do not eat any food with high sugar or carbohydrates after the evening. Such as- rice, bread, potato, turnip, chira, biscuits, etc.
  • Eat only protein and good-fat foods after evening. Such as- fish, meat, eggs, milk, almond soy pills, pumpkin seeds, bean seeds, sour yogurt.
  • You can have a day off the week and enjoy the foods that you like to eat. Basically, it’s called Cheat Mill / Day to avoid monotonous life!  For the rest of the days, you have to maintain a proper diet.
  • Chew food well for good digestion.
  • Drink water at least 20 minutes after eating.
  • Drink enough water throughout the day.

For Professional

Those who desperately want to reduce fat (competition/photoshoot/defense job) for them- (don’t continue this diet for more than 2 months)

The last one month –

Strictly avoid potato, rice, bread, biscuit, sugar & salt. Only eat protein & good fats.

if you are stick to lose body fat, don’t eat any carbohydrates and fats. Such as raw chickpeas, eggs, sugar, salt, oil, rice, potato, bread, biscuit, milk, nuts, etc.

Last one week-

There’s a lot of carbohydrates in chickpeas, and the egg contains sodium, fruits contain sugar which makes your skin thick & prevents to loose skin fats. Try to eat 2 to 3 kg fish and chicken in these last 7 days.

You cannot drink water or take bath for 15 hours before the competition.

Understanding the Differences Between Weight Loss & Fat Loss

Weight Loss= Reducing both muscle + Fat which is an unhealthy way.

Fat Loss= Reducing only fats, not muscle. This is a healthy way. In this case, your goal should be reducing fats from your waist, arms, face, legs instead of reducing weight in scales.

Finally, 95% of people cannot continue exercising for a long time because their purpose is wrong. Being healthy should be the main purpose of exercising.

Weight loss/muscle building / attractive body can be achieved at times. If your purpose is to stay healthy, then exercise will become a practice. Otherwise, it will feel like some kind of forced punishment.

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Abu Sufiyan Taj
Abu Sufiyan Taj
Abu Sufian Taj is the Founder & Chief Trainer - Fit life Gym.

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