How Does Depression Affect Students’ Academic Performance in Coronavirus?

What are the Causes and Effects of Depression During Covid-19?

I had never experienced the unprecedented home quarantine due to the epidemic of coronavirus pandemic. This has impacted hugely in our living and turned our profession down during covid-19. Students have been suffering from mental stress, trauma, anxiety, and depression from around the world.

Especially students in Bangladesh are going through a bad mental state since the outbreak of COVID-19 began in March 2020. All education institutions are closed initially from march 18, 2020 across the country and still, there is no hope to open the institutions.

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So, coronavirus has led us to a devastating mind which causes poor mental state including the fear of anxiety, depression among the students in this pandemic. For the last 8 months’ students of all ages could not join their classes due to the shutdown of their respective institutions.

Today, in this article we will identify those causes of depression and their ways out.

Top 5 Factors Caused Depression, Stress, Anxiety Among Students

1. The fear of losing life

Most people have the fear of losing life and they think, demise due to coronavirus still high at risk once if someone affected. Since no medicine or vaccine did not yet be invented or produced.

Medical infrastructure has gone down as Covid-19 forced people to gather in hospitals. The major concern is that people get afraid of taking treatments for other diseases because of this infectious virus. This is one of the inherent cause of depression and mental stress.

2. Overthinking of Future Careers

Students are thinking too much about their future careers. They could not complete their graduation on time especially the students of 48 public universities in Bangladesh.

A huge number of are there who don’t possess either a smartphone or a handy internet connection. Even the universities do not have the capacity to reach online or distance learning.

Having mental pressures because of no works at home. They are passing time with families but have few creative of professional works. Depression comes after if you see poor future growth or potentials.

3. Financial Instability or Insecurity

The financial crisis has become a major concern of university students. This covid-19 outbreak has taken many jobs off and causes a high unemployment rate. The earning persons of their family have either lost jobs or got a poor salary.

So, the economic conditions have impacted educations budgets also. Students studying in private universities or institutions cannot bear the tuition fees. They also don’t have the budget to buy internet packages or computer accessories. Therefore, families, children, adults everyone faced depression due to financial insecurity.

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4. Unemployment is at High

Apart from that, the number of job vacancies is decreasing gradually. This is causing a significant amount of stress and anxiety among students. Sometimes reports say that they commit suicide because of unknown future potentials and depression.

The nationwide lockdown in Bangladesh has disrupted immensely our formal education which creates a divergence both in the teaching profession and learning. Teachers are losing jobs also. Another thing is that the existing teachers have not any sufficient digital skills to conduct online classes.

One of the recent reports has depicted that around 45 lack students who graduated from different universities or colleges are still unemployed. This number means a lot to the current students in this pandemic. How would think yourself eligible for creating job opportunities in the covid-19 outbreak?

5. Too Much Social Media Addictions

The psychological impact is at high risk because most of the students are on social media platforms. The valuable time has been spent on using social networks and they think about communicating everything virtually is better now.

Youth and graduates get depression because they live alone or having good friends. Thus the addiction has multifaceted effects on both physical and mental health. Sleep deprivation, fatigue, rude behavior are the effects of social media addictions.

What Research Says About Students Mental Health and Depression

Researchers of Bangladesh have worked on it and found the following covid-19 related stress and depression like many others.

  • University students suffer from short sleep which causes high temper and reactive behaviors.
  • The fear of losing family members and unusual scenarios has to impede the study gap, career planning.
  • Daily needs including food crisis, economic instability create stress in an effective career plan.


To sum up, having difficulties and challenges are common in the world. People must face and overcome these sorts of unprecedented experiences over time. We must be patient at this moment. Think about life which is the most precious gift. To live is to earn and to move forward.

Students need to be aware of upcoming future potentials. We should look for opportunities rather than just focusing on problems only.

This pandemic has taught us that the internet and digital technologies are going to be giant factors for personal and professional growth. The world is moving toward a new world so dow we.

Adapting and granting changes should be the choice of youth and the graduates as they are being considered the future leaders of the country.

So, overcoming depression can be a great challenge for students but no way, Take the challenges and live your own life.

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Thank you for reading.

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Md. Tota Miah
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