How to Stay Safe and Healthy in the Coronavirus Pandemic?


During any pandemic, keeping yourself alive is a challenge. However, thanks to God for we still are alive. But we need to follow a strict healthcare routine to avoid any illness at such a bad time to stay safe and healthy all the time.

Chances are you are a very health-conscious person as you’re reading this, and that’s great. Here you will know about 5 effective ways of how to stay safe and healthy during a pandemic.

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Sounds promising? Well, there’s more. Let’s just jump into it.

5 Effective Ways to Stay Safe and Healthy During a Pandemic

Let’s get to know about 5 effective ways of how you can stay safe and healthy during a pandemic.

#Maintain a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet during a pandemic is like a hefty load of weapons in your arsenal during a war. How? Well, what you eat will directly affect your ability to recover, fight, and prevent infections.

Try to embrace these changes below to maintain a healthy diet to stay safe and healthy.

  • Choose a variety of food to eat including vegetables and fruits. Try to add whole grains to your diet routine (e.g brown rice, wheat, and oats), this will provide you valuable fiber and keep you full for longer. And, eat fresh fruits, raw vegetables, and unsalted nuts for snacks.
  • Reduce salt intake. It is better to have 5 grams or one teaspoon salt a day. Otherwise, an excessive salt diet may lead to hypertension.   
  • Cut back on sugar. Try to avoid consuming too many sugary drinks (e.g fizzy drinks, flavored water, liquid or powder concentrates).
  • Use olive, sunflower oil, or soy as a healthier replacement of ghee, lard, and butter while cooking.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking pure tap water. It is the cheapest but healthiest drink. Consuming tap water instead of sweet beverages will allow you to limit excess calories.

#Get Moving

Seeing the heading, you may say ‘gyms are not opened!’ Well, still, there are several alternatives to keep your body moving at home.

Why is exercising regularly is that important? Because our physical and emotional health is directly related.

So, we should stay fit by working out on a regular basis.

Climbing the stairs at home would be helpful. Or, you can take a walk/run near your home. Moreover, you can check out online workouts (e.g sit-ups, push-ups, and jumping-jacks) that are extremely helpful to cheer you up.

#Take Your Mental Health Seriously

Before the pandemic, I was not so careful about my mental health. But passing more than 7 months at home made me realize that mental health is as important as physical health.

Do you know a lot of people committed suicide during this pandemic? Because life started seeming unbearable to them.

They couldn’t fight more with themselves. For this, mental well-being is not less important than physical.

We’ve rounded up some effective ways to take care of your mental health right here:

  • Staying in touch with your loved ones. Virtual time has made our path easier to stay connected. Talking in a video chat with your best friend is nothing less when he/she is far away from you.
  • Taking a short break from the news. Sometimes, you should just shut you down from the overwhelming news of the Covid-19 outbreak. Keep yourself safe and healthy and that’s enough.
  • Getting busy with stuff you like to do. You would never get this much leisure before, right? Now, it is the time to slake your quench for something you wanted to do but couldn’t for being too busy. It can be dancing, crafting, drawing, or anything else.

These simple tricks will let you stay happy and healthy.  

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#Practice Being Hygienic

From the very beginning of the pandemic, we keep hearing ‘wash your hands!’ thousands of times. Is it for no reason?

No, the key healthcare tip is washing your hands frequently to not let any virus get in your body.

Things you must follow to keep yourself hygienic are:

  • Take at least 20 seconds to wash your hand using soap and water. Or, you also can use an alcohol-based sanitizer that should contain a minimum of 60% alcohol to clean the hands.
  • Clean surfaces (e.g work desks, kitchen seats, phone keypads) regularly using disinfectant.
  • Use only your towel. Also, wash and dry it regularly.
  • Never touch your face until you clean your hands.
  • Must wear gloves and a mask while you are out in public.

#Maintain Social Distance

Avoid any close contact (e.g handshake or hug) with people especially those who are sick. Sometimes, people who are not showing symptoms can also spread the virus, so be extra careful.

Try your best to stay at home. Practice keeping a social distance (minimum of 6 feet) in a public place. Attend the virtual get-togethers instead of getting close to any crowd.

One more thing worth noting is, do not forget to cover your mouth and nose using tissues while you sneeze or cough. In case, the tissue isn’t available, use your elbow to sneeze or cough into it.

Things to Do if You Feel Sick in COVID 19

Despite being extra careful, if you feel unwell during a pandemic, what should you do? Well, do not overthink as you were health-conscious, a normal cold may be caught you.

However, get to know each symptom of Covid-19 and see the similarities with your sickness. For example, the key symptoms of Covid-19 are chest congestion, fever, shortness of breath, cough- but not a runny nose.

So, be sure about the symptoms then call a doctor to know what your next steps should be.    

How to Stay Safe at School, Work, or Travel?

The large number of people at work, school, or travel carry a huge risk of spreading the virus. For this, during an outbreak, it is too challenging to continue schools or offices.

However, if every one of us takes some simple measures, it will be easy to prevent the infection. For instance, we need to keep the work surfaces and the object we continuously use clean. And, frequent hand-washing is a must.

What about travel? Is it impossible to have a trip during a pandemic? The good news is, it’s not impossible but you need to be very careful.

WHO suggests maintaining some basic hygienic rules while traveling. These are:

  • Clean your hands frequently
  • Keep a fair distance from people who are sneezing or coughing
  • Ask your local authority to know about Covid-19 specific travel advisors and follow them thoroughly

These will help you to stay healthy whether you are at work, in class, or on a trip.


Voila! You now know everything about what you should do to keep yourself safe and healthy during a pandemic. It is quite challenging to keep ourselves both physically and mentally healthy during an outbreak but is not impossible.

If we follow the precautions from the very beginning, all of the attempts of Coronavirus will go in vain. So, keep social distance, wear masks and gloves, stay safe and healthy.

Wish you good luck! 

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