Mental Health and Wellbeing During Covid 19

Mental health and wellbeing are significant for our overall wellbeing in the COVID-19. Also, it is as essential as our physical health. When we mentally feel good, we can contribute to the community actively. Our productivity increases and we can enjoy our free time if our mind remains fresh.

Though our mental health and wellbeing are significant, we are not aware of it. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, our mental situation is getting worse day by day. This is high time we should become concerned about this matter.

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Effect Of COVID-19 On Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

The worst effect of the COVID-19 situation is—it is retarding the mental development of the children which is the most significant thing for the growing children and adolescents. Also, it is an alarming situation for their soft mind.

I’ve faced a really bad time like most of the people in this lockdown, but the situation was getting worse when my younger brother has created an issue.

He is a growing up smiling child, as well as a good student, good basketball player.

After two months of the lockdown, we started to notice some behavioral changes in him.

I started to do some research and came to know how badly this lock-into-home period can affect the children’s mental health and wellbeing.

Most of the symptoms matched with my younger brother. They are—

  • The children slowly start to become anxious,
  • They become bored and annoyed
  • After a few days, they start using different electronic devices to get rid of anxiety.
  • Slowly they become addicted to mobile games and online games.
  • Some children became violent to their parents and other family members.
  • After a few months, most of the children had a mental breakdown.

We can clearly visualize how horrible the effects are. The pandemic has made our children mentally and emotionally retarded, and also it helps to develop different types of physical inability and diseases.

How To Overcome This Conditions:

All problems come with their own solution. I tried some research-based ways to make my brother back to normal.

Here I am sharing it with you as these methods are proved to have a positive effect on the children’s overall improvement which can ensure proper mental health and wellbeing.

  • The children and adolescents are not allowed to go to school or playground during this lockdown and that is the main reason for their physical and mental breakdown.

So, we should take care of them properly. Just some quality family time can give them relief. Every day you should spend some time with your children and try to make them feel healthy and good, it will help a lot.

  • Also, you can use a small indoor space as a playground and play with your children different types of indoor games, like an indoor treasure hunt, paper airplane launcher, indoor campaign, plastic bottle bowling, cardboard tube marble run, tornado in a jar, bean bag toss, homemade sensory bin, etc.
  • Now, most of the schools and colleges are conducting online classes and exams, so students need to use different electronic devices, like smartphones, laptops, or desktops. But do not let them into these devices.

Try not to let them use those devices all day long, it will addict the children and later it will help to develop much mental illness. 

  • Encourage your child to do some freehand exercise and workout every day. There are many videos on YouTube showing how to do workouts at home to keep your body fit, so it is not a hard task to learn. Burning some calories every day will not only keep you healthy but also help to refresh your mind.

If you give some guidelines to your child, they will easily pick them up and make it their habit and healthy habits will help to make their life normal.

Effect Of COVID-19 On Adult’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

The adults are mentally mature so you may think that they don’t suffer as much as the children and adolescents do. But the truth is, adults have more mental pressure than children.

The pressure of study, the pressure of the job, the pressure of a relationship, and many other sides they have to handle.

Many people lost their job and many businesses are bankrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic that has made them more stressed.

As a result, many people underwent mental breakdowns.

Also, many of them have developed a criminal mentality and committed many crimes to earn money in an illegal way. The incidence of murder, snatching, persecution, suicide is increasing day by day.   

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How To Overcome This Conditions

  • Mental strength is the most significant thing to overcome this problem. You can practice yoga regularly in the morning to keep all the bad and negative thinking away. Also, you can practice prayer regularly as religious practice can keep you far away from crime.
  • All the stresses are generated from the financial problem, so always try to save some cash or deposits for the future. We don’t know when we need the money and thus we don’t care. But it is proven that the savings can reduce your stress a lot.
  • Meditation is considered a medicine for anxiety and stress. Doing meditation regularly can improve mental health. You can cultivate this habit to get rid of all problems related to any mental condition.
  • If the previous methods do not work for you or you are severely distressed, you should definitely take counseling. This is the last step to recover the damages to your mind. Go to your doctor, speak with him and you will surely find a solution.

No one should neglect their body and mind until It’s too late. Otherwise, the situation will become normal ultimately but the damage to your body and mind may be unrecoverable.

Effect Of COVID-19 On Older People’s Mental Health and Wellbeing

The senior citizens also face much mental illness along with physical illness. With the increase of age, the senior citizens develop different physical and mental health including fatigue, insecurity, anxiety, etc., so we should always take proper care of them.

Also, the mortality rate of older people is much higher so it is natural to get panicked and become stressed. So proper care is important for sound mental health and wellbeing.

How To Overcome This Conditions

  • Older people also should practice meditation, yoga, and prayer regularly as these activities can keep their minds fresh.
  • Also, they should go for morning and evening walks regularly. This habit will improve their health condition. If they don’t have enough space for walking, at least they should walk on the rooftop. Playing with their grandchildren will also help to keep them happy.
  • As they usually don’t have any job, they have plenty of time. They can spend their free time doing productive things like gardening. So they can forget about the pandemic and spend some quality time without anxiety.

Mental health and wellbeing are always ignored by people but it is one of the most important issues in our life. So be careful when you see someone stressed and emotionally retarded.

Also, if you feel that way, you should talk with someone close to you. Take proper precautions before it kills you internally.

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